Smoke from Kansas range fires impact Wichita

April 02, 2019 - 11:10 pm

Smoke from range burning in the Flint Hills was felt in Wichita on Tuesday.  In Butler County nearly 16,000 acres were burned, with winds blowing the smoke into the Wichita area, prompting an air quality advisory.

KSN News reports that while the smoke is not harmful, it can cause problems for anyone with asthma, or C.O.P.D.

"If we know we're going to see higher levels of Ozone, or air quality impacts, we try and send out air quality advisory earlier in the day so people can plan and prepare," said, Wichita Senior Management Analyst Baylee Cunningham.

The Flint Hills burning will continue through April.  Sixteen Counties in Kansas, including Sedgwick, have been placed on a burn ban for the month.  The only people who can burn, are ranchers, who get prior approval.

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