Some Sedgwick County residents still waiting for flood relief

July 10, 2019 - 1:55 pm

At Wednesday's Sedgwick County Commission meeting, Commissioner Michael O'Donnell requested the City of Derby turn on a groundwater pump for 2 months to help residents of Hancock Acres that have been plagued by flooding.

A substitute motion followed, and was passed, that rescinded a motion made in June requesting that two pumps be activated. O'Donnell then changed his original motion to limit the cost of operating the pump to $10,000.

This led to a lengthy discussion about doing more than just short-term fixes.  Chairman David Dennis said "I want a long-term solution, that's the bottom line.  And I want it based on empirical data, not emotions."

The interim County Counselor then recommended that the motion be amended, to include a contract that would limit the county's liability to $10,000. But that motion failed meaning no resolution for now.

The county has a public meeting scheduled in August.

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