Study: Students' math skills to suffer the most because of shutdown

May 16, 2020 - 10:39 am

    Students will have spent five months out of the classroom, closed because of the pandemic, when they return in August.  

    The Kansas News Service reports that researchers at NWEA, or Northwest Evaluation Association, a non-profit that works on education assessments, used summer learning loss to model a "COVID slide." 

    Under the worst-case scenario, students would come back in the fall with roughly 70 percent of the learning gains they would have received during a full school year.

    Math had the worst results, with some grades losing nearly a full year of learning. Compared to other subjects like reading, math gets much less attention outside of school. That worst-case scenario, however, assumes no teaching happens between the March shutdown and when schools reopen.

    Another factor is the lack of internet or computers at home makes remote learning more difficult for some low-income students.

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