Suspects Steal Woman's Wedding Ring in NE Wichita

Victim also robbed of an $8,000 withdrawl from her bank account

Ted Woodward
June 13, 2018 - 1:47 pm

Wichita Police Department


A 65-year-old woman was abducted and robbed Tuesday afternoon in the northeast part of Wichita, by a couple working together.

At about noon, the victim was in the parking lot of the Walmart at 29th & Rock, when a woman approached asking for a ride to the Walgreens at 37th & Woodlawn. The victim did give the woman a ride, and they were followed by a man drivng a silver Cadillac STS.

Arriving at the Walgreens, the man got out of his car, and into the victim's car with the two women. The victim says she was robbed at gunpoint by the woman of her wedding ring, and cash from her purse. She says the suspects then forced her to drive to a nearby bank, where she made a withdrawal of $8,000 from her bank account. The suspects then drove away with the cash in the Cadillac. The robbery was reported more than four hours after the woman was originally approached by the suspect.

Video surveillance at the Walmart shows the suspects in the parking lot contacting multiple individuals beginning at about 10:00 a.m., looking for a potential victim.

The black female suspect was described as wearing dark khaki pants, a light-colored shirt, and a tan hat; the black male suspect was described as wearing a tan hat, dark pants and a gold necklace.

Anyone with information about these suspects is asked to call Wichita police robbery detectives at 268-4518; Crimestoppers 267-2111; or, 911.

photo of the suspects' car: Wichita Police Department
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