Topeka man bound over for trial in fatal shooting

August 22, 2018 - 9:33 pm

A judge has rejected a Topeka man's claim of self-defense in the fatal shooting of another man.

Zachary Buck-Schrag, 21, was seeking immunity from prosecution, claiming he shot Travis Larsen, 37, in self-defense in January.

Shawnee County District Judge Mark Braun rejected the motion Wednesday and bound Buck-Schrag over for trial on four counts, including first-degree murder.

Buck-Schrag contended Larsen and another man threatened him and a friend by flashing an ammunition clip and making unfriendly remarks. Buck-Schrag said he showed the people in the other car a gun as Larsen's car pursued his. Eventually, Larsen's car hit Buck-Schrag's vehicle and Buck-Schrag fired four times, hitting Larsen in the head.

Buck-Schrag pleaded not guilty. Wednesday's ruling doesn't prevent Buck-Schrag from claiming self-defense in his trial.

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