Upset parent shoves referee at youth basketball game

Parent is a member of the Wichita Police Department

January 14, 2018 - 12:44 am

A video circulating online shows a member of The Wichita Police Department at a local basketball game shoving a student referee who was working the game
The incident happened at a league game between Andover and Augusta on Saturday. 

The video shows a man rushing the court after a player was hurt. When the referee gets in his way, he pushes her and goes on to take the injured player from the game. 

The Wichita Police Department issued the following statement that said, in part, that they had been made aware of the incident and would determine if any department policies had been violated. 

Amber Stillwell, president of the Augusta Youth Basketball League said that the man's behavior toward the referee was unacceptable and that the family of the referee was planning on pressing charges.

She added that the parent has been banned from the building and likely will be banned from all of the other league games as well.

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