Vehicle thefts on the rise in Wichita

Rodney Price
December 14, 2019 - 7:03 am
Car thief opening stolen car doors

Getty Images


Wichita Police are reminding drivers again: don’t leave your cars running unattended.

Lt. Scott Brunow with the WPD Auto Theft and Larceny Investigation unit says that since Wednesday, a total of 4 cars have been stolen in the city.  The most recent theft was Friday morning.

That brings the total of stolen cars in Wichita this month up to nine.  There were a total of ten in November.

In one theft case in the city earlier this month, a suspect took about 10 seconds to steal a vehicle that was warming up in a driveway. That vehicle was eventually recovered. 

Police say if you must warm up your vehicle in the cold weather, stay inside it with your doors locked.  It's not against the law in Wichita to leave your car running unattended but it could lead to a rather unpleasant start to your day if your car is taken.

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