Washburn University adds to collection of ads

Washburn increases their collection of political advertisements

July 30, 2018 - 5:23 am

The political science department at Washburn University is once again compiling the political ads in the 2018 Kansas election cycle. In a Kansas Information Network interview Bob Beatty with Washburn says the collection of ads now includes ads made on behalf of candidates by PACs.

“Political action committees often have a little more controversial ads,” said Beatty. “That gives us also an idea if we’re able to look at those ads, the groups that are out there supporting a candidate as well. That’s relatively new in American campaigns the influence of these massive political action committees.”

Beatty says the repository of political ads stretches back for a half-century.

"The number of candidates, from Bob Dole to every living Kansas Governor, Senator and Governor Sam Brownback have all donated all their ads to our archive. A lot of scholars have a lot of fun going back and comparing the approaches over the last 50 years in Kansas.”

The latest batch is available on YouTube channel kansaspolitics.

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