WATCH: 95 year old Wichita film discovered

July 12, 2019 - 3:10 pm

The Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum has added a recently discovered 5-minute film to its permanent collection. 

Boys' Loyalty Parade through downtown Wichita – filmed on May 1st 1924

The film footage shows the 100 block of East Douglas looking west towards the Broadview Hotel and East to the Eaton Hotel and beyond. Street Cars operate, passing many of the long-lost buildings, as a group of local officials observe the parade from a viewing platform in front of the Kansas Theater and Taylor's Cafeteria in the 200 block of East Douglas. Groups in the parade include the American Indian Institute, the Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, YMCA, Boy Scouts, local schools including Allison, Roosevelt, Hamilton, Harry Street, Ingalls, Horace Mann, and Cathedral. The parade also includes an unidentified group of African American young men, and an unidentified girls and boys band. The film ends with the group pledging allegiance to the flag in a park setting. The parade was sponsored by the Wichita Rotary Club.

An article from "The Rotarian" April, 1924, states:

"Boys' Loyalty Day - Boys' Loyalty Parade. The purpose is - to develop loyalty on the part of the potential manhood of the nations; to turn May Day into a loyalty demonstration of youth; to give the public an opportunity to review its potential citizenship; to awaken an interest on the part of the public in organizations engaged in work for boys; to focus the attention of the public upon the boys as the medium through which all problems of society can eventually find a solution; to create a healthier attitude toward the boy; to develop in the boy himself a respect for the ideals of his country and the opportunities which await him in the community; to provide an opportunity for the schools and the organizations working with boys to demonstrate their programs of work; to cultivate in the mind of the citizenship-at-large the idea that the boy is the foundation stone, either strong or weak, upon which a nation is built. The plan: On this day, emphasis should be placed on the importance of having boys in industry who are of paradable age given a holiday in order that they may participate in the parade. Let the employed boys feel that they have an important part in the community. Arrange to have the parade on the leading street, avenue, or boulevard of the city; interest merchants along the line of march in decorating their buildings and stores appropriately; emphasize variety in display, in uniforms, in decorations, in floats throughout the parade."

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