Water and sewer rates set to rise in Wichita next year

Rodney Price
October 27, 2020 - 2:45 pm
Close up of man pouring water from kitchen sink

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The city of Wichita plans to raise water and sewer rates in 2021.

Public works officials will return to the council on November 17 to present their recommended rate increases for next year, expected to be around 5%. For a residential customer that uses around 7500 gallons of water a month, they would see a $3.66 increase in their bill.

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The council also heard a report on diversity, inclusion and civil rights. The project could lead to forming a board within the city.

Finally, during the Fourth of July holiday, the city wrote 75 citations for fireworks violations, each costing $250, plus court costs. Wichita Fire Chief Tammy Snow says complaints are down since 2018, when the new ordinance and added enforcement went into effect.

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