What are the penalties of false calls in Kansas?

Some false calls can be punishable by up to 13 months in prison

December 30, 2017 - 2:03 am

Kansas law makes some false calls to police a felony that can be punished up to 13 months in prison for a first-time offender.

In light of the tragic shooting of an unarmed man due to "swatting," many people wonder what the laws in Kansas have to say about the consequences of making false calls. In Kansas, it is a misdemeanor to make a false call for emergency, fire or police services. It's a felony to use an electronic device or software to conceal the caller's identity.

It's a more severe felony if the call falsely claims to be about violent crime or an immediate danger to a person. While a 13-month prison sentence is possible, the presumed sentence is probation.

"Swatting" stems from someone making up a false report to get a SWAT team to descend upon an address.  

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