What a meth! El Dorado landlord gets more than she bargained for with new tenant

August 25, 2018 - 6:32 pm

A man who made meth in a studio apartment has left quite the cleanup for the landlord.

Angela McKnight rented a studio apartment to a man just thirty days' ago. As is customary for a landlord, she took pictures of the inside of the apartment before the tenant moved in. The pictures taken after the man left aren't nearly the same.  

She thought she had researched her new renter properly, but the background check turned out to be a phony website. From the organic chemistry book and pipes the tenant left behind, it appeares that he was busy making methamphetamine.

After contacting the sheriff, she discovered that they knew the man, saying that he was a drug addict who has done this many places.

El Dorado's building inspector says that tenants damaging homes, even refusing to leave when given an eviction notice, is a growing problem, and, because it's a civil matter, there isn't much law enforcement can do.

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