Wichita area students are encouraged to speak-up in the new school year

August 13, 2019 - 8:09 pm

Students in the Wichita, Derby, Maize and Goddard school districts have the ability to speak up when it comes to reporting bullying, serious threats or other problems anonymity.  

The Speak-Up Program is designed to help students who may be experiencing a wide range of problems, and may be uncomfortable reporting them to school authorities.

Police Officer Kevin Wheeler says students are able to have the same anonymity as with the Crime Stoppers program.

"We encourage the students to download the P3 app," said Wheeler.  The information that comes in is monitored 24/7, and there is also the ability to have a two-way dialogue to get additional information if needed.  

That information is then given to the school district, and they are responsible for the information being investigated.

CLICK HERE For more information about the Speak-Up Program.


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