Playground equipment ban: Wichita city leaders come together to help prevent COVID-19

April 01, 2020 - 6:57 pm

The impact of COVID-19 keeps spreading, playground equipment in the city of Wichita is off limits and public restrooms are closed. The city says it’s another way to keep the community safe. Park and Rec leaders tell KSN News this ban will last 20 to 30 days but hope people continue to be active. City Council Member Brandon Johnson says they made this decision to help prevent the spread COVID-19.

He also say people are still able to run, jog and exercise around the park, but the playground equipment and public restrooms are closed. Signs will be placed around the parks to remind people the park equipment is closed. Officials hope residents will use common sense and obey the rules.

“Because the park equipment can hold you know COVID-19 a number of hours,” said City Council Member, Brandon Johnson.

“We are just not able to disinfect all of our playgrounds,” added Director of Parks and Rec for the City of Wichita, Troy Houtman.

They would also like to remind the public to wash their hands after visiting the public parks.

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