Wichita City Council approves funding to replace aging water pipes

Rodney Price
October 08, 2019 - 12:02 pm
close up water running from faucet

The Wichita City Council approves funding to replace aging pipes in the city's water system.

The spurlines connect from water wells in the Eqqus Beds Aquifer northwest of the city, to the city's main transmission pipeline. A number of the cast iron pipes are at the end of their expected life, in some cases around 80 years old, and experience reoccurring leaks.  

Council member Cindy Claycomb thanked the water department for keeping the water flowing for city residents.

"I know they are old and need replaced but I also know you guys take great pride in taking care of our current water system and making sure that it's functioning well for the city, so thank you," she said.

The city approved $600 thousand to replace the worst spurlines now. Additional funding is expected to be available in future years to replace the remaining lines.

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