Wichita City Council approves new aquatics plan

June 04, 2019 - 11:20 am

It was a long journey but the city of Wichita will move forward with a new aquatics plan.

The city will update 6 neighborhood pools at Aley, College Hill, Harvest, McAdams, Minisa, and Orchard.  Boston, Edgemoor, Evergreen and Linwood pools will be converted to splashpads, along with the addition of new splash pads at Harrison and Planeview.

The pools would operate longer hours, from 30 hours, to 52 hours each per week. The pools would also have a longer season, from Memorial Day to the start of school and then weekends only until Labor Day.

Council member James Clendenin applauded the city staff for all their work and urged the city to spend a little extra money to ensure the project is a home run.

"It's responsible to save money when we can but it's irresponsible not to do it right," he said.

Phase 1 work would start at the end of the current swim season. Aley, McAdams and Orchard Pools, along with the converted splash pads at Boston, Evergreen and Edgemoor would be completed in this first phase with the rest of the pools and playgrounds done in Phase 2.

The master plan will cost around $20 million, with the exact final total to be determined at a later date.

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