Wichita city council considers lower fines, jail time, for pot possession 

May 02, 2017 - 10:33 pm

Wichita, Kan. (KNSS) – Wichita city council members may soon vote to change the law in Wichita for first-time pot possession.

Council members are considering moving forward with an amended ordinance to drop the maximum fine for first-time pot possession to $1,000, down from $2,500.  

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay told council members that he agreed with the change.  "I am supportive of what was brought forward today," said Ramsay.

KSN News reports that the city ordinance applies to anyone over the age of 21. And, the fees would go up for second time offenders, or those convicted of a felony.

Mayor Jeff Longwell clarified that the council is not working to legalize marijuana in the city.  “That’s not the direction we’re going," Longwell said.

Council member Janet Miller says the proposed changes would bring the city into compliance with state statute, where maximum fines for first-time possession have changed.

The council could vote on the measure in the next two weeks.

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