Wichita City Council looks at police report on clubs

August 29, 2018 - 5:06 am

During a workshop Tuesday the Wichita City Council heard from police about Wichita's "after-hours clubs." Currently Wichita Police can't go inside the unlicensed after-hours establishment without a warrant. Police Chief Gordon Ramsay says many are locations that have caused problems in Wichita for several years.

"They have no rules, no licenses, they can pretty much do whatever they want inside," said Chief Ramsay. "The lack of regulations are dangerous for the people that go there, for the neighbors."

In June police responded to a shooting at one of the after-hours locations in town, Daiquiri's, where they say a man died from multiple gunshot wounds inside. Just a month later, police say a man and woman were injured outside of Lion's Den, another after-hours bar. KSN news spoke with council member James Clendenin.

"I think its unacceptable when you have places that are operating outside the rules and causing people to be hurt," said Clendenin.  "And that's what these places are doing."

These after hours clubs generally operate from midnight to around four or five in the morning. Police say they sell alcohol as well as run unregulated restaurants. 

Without a warrant, police can't enter unless the business agrees. Chief Ramsay is trying to change that with an ordinance that would require many of them to obtain a license. Tuesday's council meeting was only a workshop, so no vote was taken.

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