Wichita city crews pretreat roads ahead of storm

December 13, 2019 - 1:57 pm
Snow plow truck

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Wichita Public Works & Utilities said Friday that they began treating roads ahead of winter precipitation this weekend.

The Wichita area could see a wintry mix before it all becomes snow. The snow will begin to develop in western Kansas Sunday morning. It will spread east during the afternoon.

“Knowing the forecast was changing, we had our crews begin to apply brine to our arterial routes and paying particular attention areas that tend to ice over more frequently or traveled intersections, curves, hills, bridges,” said Ben Nelson, Wichita Public Works & Utilities.

Brine is a saline solution that adheres to a roadway in advance of winter precipitation and minimizes the amount of snow and ice that sticks to the roadways.

Public works said they are placing personnel on standby for the weekend. They said they may need to initiate a full response.

A full response is 60 plow trucks with salt and sand spreaders. Salt provides melting and sand provides traction. The plows will cover over 1,500 lane miles and school routes. Crews work in 12 hours shifts.

Salt and sand supplies are fully stocked.

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