Wichita holds first public hearing for 2021 city budget

Rodney Price
August 04, 2020 - 10:52 am
City hall in downtown Wichita


The Wichita City Council held their first public hearing on the projected $629.7 million 2021 city budget.

The city projects a loss of nearly $17 million thanks to impacts from COVID-19. The mill levy will stay unchanged.

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Public safety remains a high priority, as police and fire services total 60% of the general fund expenditures. $11 million will go toward street maintenance and Century II operations will be privatized.

The plan to cut roughly $400 thousand from animal control services brought considerable public comment, including Mark Eby, the director of the Kansas Humane Society.

"Now is not the time to take our city back to where we were in 2010. Back to thousands of animals being euthanized due to space or lack of resources," Eby said.

The final public hearing, along with budget adoption, is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 11th.

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