Wichita mother wants more arrests made in connection with son's death

Lisa Finch hopes that the prank caller faces "substantial" charges

December 31, 2017 - 4:31 am

All Lisa Finch has are the memories of her son, Andrew, and for that reason, she wants more arrests made in connection with the Thursday evening "swatting" prank that resulted in a police presence at his home and, ultimately, his death.

Ms. Finch says that she believes the cops are trying to, quote, "Make this go away," and she believes that people aren't going to let the situation go away.

Investigators said body camera video of the shooting shows Finch dropping his hand to his waist, and that is why the Wichita police officer took fire.

In a press release on Friday, Deputy Chief Troy Livingston said, in part, that due to the actions of a prankster, the police would not have been at Andrew Finch's address.

Those words do little to comfort Andrew's mother. 

The officer who shot Finch is on routine leave as the investigation continues.

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