Wichita Officially Unveils New Police Motorcycles

Ted Woodward
February 01, 2018 - 1:56 pm



After a 16-year absence, motorcycles are once again officially a part of the Wichita Police Department's transportation fleet.

Deputy Chief Gavin Seiler says the officers on motorcycles will be dedicated to traffic issues: "Target high-accident locations, and stop those that speed on our roadways. This is an effort to decrease the vehicle crashes and fatalities within our city, and make our streets safer."

Seiler says back in the 1990s, the motorcycle officers were parceled out to the different patrol bureaus as part of Community Policing, losing some of their effectiveness in traffic enforcement, and they were disbanded in the early 2000s: "We've seen an increase in traffic crashes and things throughout the city; we needed to bring them (the motorcycles) back and re-centralize them, so that they had specific duties of enforcement and traffic in the city."

Mayor Jeff Longwell says police chief Gordon Ramsay has been a proponent of bringing back the motorcycles from 'Day One', saying, "Chief Ramsay shared with me a comment about bringing the motorcycles back, and he says if you truly want to keep our streets safe, you can't do it with patrol cars, you have to do it with motorcycles. So he believes firmly in the motorcycle unit helping keep our streets safer.

"This is an innovative solution to public safety, and I'm proud of our Department and what they've been able to do to find funds, and so we're looking forward to setting the priorities for this community to ensure that our community (members are) as safe as they can be, and this is a big step towards that."

The unit currently consists of seven motorcycles; a $300,000 federal grant and some funding from the Kansas Department of Transportation helped pay for the new unit.

The officers on the new motorcycles will be targeting their duties at high-accident locations in the city.


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