Wichita Police create position to handle animal abuse and cruelty issues

Officer will also work to educate pet owners

July 11, 2018 - 11:59 pm

The Wichita Police Department is taking steps to help prevent animal abuse and cruelty.  A new position has been created in the Animal Control Division to specifically handle those situations.  

Officer Heather Frazier will head up animal cruelty and abuse investigations.  With her new role, she and the department hope they can prosecute more animal cases to the greatest extent.

KSN News reports that leaders at Animal Control have been talking about how to better investigate felony animal abuse cases.  Police Lt. Brian Sigman says they're working on a standard operating procedure that would incorporate Officer Frazier into these investigations. He says her training on animal abuse and her love of animals made her the perfect fit.

Officer Frazier says along with investigating cases to prosecute, she also wants to educate pet owners on how to evacuate you and your pet in a disaster situation, and also how to spot and report abuse.

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