Wichita roads: slushy Wednesday into flash-freeze Thursday?

Ted Woodward
February 12, 2020 - 1:20 pm
slush street

Kateryna Kukota / Getty Images Plus


Most of south-central Kansas has been affected by a Winter Weather Advisory on Wednesday. City of Wichita officials and road crews are concerned about a possible "flash-freeze" overnight. A slushy snow and rain on Wednesday will give way to frigid temperatures overnight into Thursday morning, with an expected low temperature of 12 degrees, with wind chills below zero.

When temperatures are that cold, the normal sodium chloride road salt loses much of its effectiveness, and officials will then start using a different kind of salt, calcium chloride, which has a limited but somewhat better potential for melting ice than does the regular road salt.

Since midnight Wednesday, Wichita has had five dozen trucks operating on city streets as plows, and will spread a sand/salt mix until driving conditions improve after the storm.


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