Wichita stadium construction slightly ahead of schedule

Steve McIntosh
September 23, 2019 - 9:59 am

Contsruction is going well on Wichita's new multi-use stadium ... says Mayor Jeff Longwell. He says construcion is "slightly ahead of schedule", and grass should be laid with "3 to 4 weeks". The stadium is scheduled to be open for business in the spring of next year.

Longwell also says people are making use of the new electric scooters in central Wichita, and learning the rules of the road.  Longwell tells KNSS News he expects an "easy" City Council meeting Tuesday ... and then he hits the road for a meetging in Topeka. He is serving on a special committee studying Kansas' transportation needs.

Longwell commented during Mondays with the Mayor ... on the Steve and Ted in the Morning Show ... on KNSS.


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