Wichita to allow enforcement of County Health Orders

November 19, 2020 - 7:55 pm

The Wichita City Council has passed a resolution that allows enforcement of Sedgwick County’s latest health order due to COVID-19.

The motion passed 5-2 with council members James Clendenin and Jeff Blubaugh voting no.

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Under the agreement, the city agrees to provide assistance for the prosecution of violations by assisting with reporting, investigating, and testifying as to any noncompliance of the order within the city’s corporate city limits. 

All fines and costs collected as a result of the prosecution of health order violations are to be retained by Sedgwick County. The city agrees that violations of the health are to be prosecuted in Sedgwick County Court. The city also agrees to hold the county harmless for any damages caused by Sedgwick County employees in the enforcement of the order.

CLICH HERE for more on the Sedgwick County Health Order.

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