Wichita's Clapp Golf Course to close

June 18, 2019 - 11:28 am

The fate of one of Wichita's public golf courses was settled Tuesday.

Clapp Golf Course at Harry and Oliver in southeast Wichita has lost over $888,000 since 2011 and currently operates at 45 percent capacity.  Last year, the Golf Advisory Committee and the Wichita Park Board supported closing the course, but the city council voted to temporarily keep Clapp open, to allow for community input.

Ultimately, the council didn't want the course to close but the decline in revenue was too much to bear and the motion to close it passed unanimously.

The city will close the course August 2 and put together a redevelopment plan, which could include amenities such as an educational or community center, climbing wall and bike paths.

In related news, the city will restructure the golf pass system, by consolidating the current 10 categories of passes into five.  The changes will take place August 1.

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