Wichita's new Community Service officers

Steve Boyer
April 25, 2019 - 1:23 pm

The Wichita Police Department unveiled the new Community Service Officer program at city hall Thursday morning.

The 6 new officers and 3 BAT van officers will make up the initial 9 CSO's. 

They will assist officers and the public with traffic accidents, parking issues, animal control duties, and making reports.

They have police badges, but no firearms. They will be used in crime reporting where no suspect or other danger is present. They will also assist in DUI enforcement.

The department has 3 vehicles, Ford crew cab pickups. They will be used for traffic control at accidents, as well as hauling debris and transporting evidence.

The vehicles are marked with "City of Wichta Public Safety" and "Community Service Officer" markings.

The light bars are orange and white on the front, and traditional red and blue in the back.

Chief Gordon Ramsey says this is the first phase of the program. Plans are to hire and train more officers in the future.

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