Woman & Man Shot in NW Wichita

Pre-planned drug deal turned violent

Ted Woodward
July 13, 2018 - 1:16 pm



Two people were shot late Thursday afternoon in the northwest part of Wichita near Evergreen Park; police found shell casings and blood in a parking lot north of 25th & Arkansas.

A woman and man arrived at a parking lot in the 2700 block of N. Arkansas in a red SUV, where they had agreed to purchase methamphetamine. A silver SUV arrived for this pre-planned drug transaction; there was a disturbance, and multiple shots were fired by someone in the silver vehicle.

The shooting victims were found by police a couple blocks away in the 2600 block of N. Jackson. A 30-year-old woman suffered bullet-graze wounds to both of her legs, and a 28-year-old man had bullet-fragment injuries to his face.

Upon release from the hospital, the man who had been shot was arrested and booked into jail on an illegal weapons charge, because he was in possession of brass knuckles.


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