WPD finds crime trend involving burglary from storage units

April 02, 2020 - 4:54 am
WPD finds crime trend involving burglary from storage units

Wichita Police Department


The Wichita Police Department is seeing a crime trend involving burglaries to Wichita storage unit facilities.

One such crime happened on Monday, March 23.  An individual reported multiple burglaries to  storage units in the 1700 block of North Rock Rd. The locks were cut off with bolt cutters and items were taken from the units.  An investigation revealed a silver Hyundai and two male suspects being involved.

Through the investigations of these burglaries, WPD believes multiple suspects are involved.  Also, the suspects will generally break into a storage unit, take items, and then replace the lock, making it appear no burglary had occurred.  In some of these situations, a theft has not been noticed for several weeks, which can hinder the investigation.

The WPD says Wichitans should check on their storage units more frequently, install security locks that are difficult to cut with bolt cutters, and inventory their items in storage by taking pictures and documenting serial numbers of the items.

Anyone who finds they have items that have been stolen needs to call 911 to file a police report.  

“We are in desperate times for some, due to this unfortunate pandemic,” Captain Clay Germany said.  “Suspects are looking for easy crimes of opportunity, and we want to make sure you take steps to keep yourself and your property safe.”

If anyone has any information about storage unit burglaries, they can call WPD detectives at (316) 268-4407 or Crime Stoppers at (316) 267-2111.

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