WPD tracks increase in stolen guns

December 05, 2019 - 5:24 am
WPD tracks increase in stolen guns

Investigators with Wichita Police Department say guns being stolen from cars is on the rise, and they are calling it a disturbing trend. 

Wichita Police Lt. Scott Brunow tells KSN News in October, there were 21 guns stolen from cars. And in November the number was 23. The number of guns stolen from cars this year is currently at 195.

"Cars are just being broken into for wallets, purses, cell phones," said Lt. Brunow, "and guns are being found just because of the number of guns that are being left in there."

Lt. Brunow says people need to lock up their guns, even in a car.  He says if you have to take it with you, get a small lock box and secure that to the metal under the car seat.

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