Terrified Rescue Dog Runs Away From Home And Spends 4 Months Roaming On His Own Til He’s Found

November 16, 2017 - 2:42 pm


Henry, the rescue dog, can’t speak English, but he has quite the story to tell.


Henry was rescued from a hoarding situation in Florida and moved up to Pennsylvania, where the Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania took him in.

Eventually, Henry — who was named Odin at the time — made his way to a loving foster family. But he was too nervous to stick around.

Henry didn’t want to go inside the house, so his new foster family slept outside with him. But when they went inside in the morning to get a cup of coffee, Henry hopped over the fence and ran away.

Henry’s distraught rescue family was desperate to find him. They stuck up flyers and reached out on Facebook — and got lots of calls. Henry had been spotted all over Western Pennsylvania.

Henry ran away on June 28, 2017. From then on, his foster family were bombarded with updates about his whereabouts. It seemed like the nervous pup was taking a walking tour of the state.

Then, on November 1, about four months after he ran away, Henry was found again. A man called in to say the pup had been sleeping next to his house, so a group of volunteers mobilized and were able to bring the sleeping dog back to safety.

Now, Henry is doing well with a new foster family. He’s still nervous, but seems to be appreciating all the love and care he’s finally getting.

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