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Saturday, December 30th

Guy & Amanda talk about the various recipes in Amanda’s book and how And why they ended up in her book.


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Yeah. That's their welcome back to the good life or better yet just joining us I'm glad to stop by Kenneth that's every Saturday it's about food quantum fund for your ears. Much fun with your list. Hopefully you'll get corner Hugo. Do your own handiwork rather be in the kitchen or. In front of your counter with some wine glasses and speaking of one has got a great bubbly coming up for the one that we get you should drink sparkling one year round but. If you're one of those issues of this celebratory beverage well let them continue. Wichita State 33 UConn 312 half the eighteen point ago. Amanda Cushman is a culinary educator. She's cooked professionally for over thirty years yes she started when she was twelve. She tees and a wide range of cooking classes in North Carolina as well of private in room collapses. And Amanda you cook for a lot of interesting people in your course of the year who journey. I have some famous people on them to eight. Families that maybe nobody heard it but. I don't may hurt and I think people would have was that deal American spirit that I cook for him acquire life is quite. In their home and then whenever it in LA is alive liberty. Which Ehrlich on. It's fun to cook and somebody else's kitchen if you have helps slapping all the ingredients. And pray you know I Mario output current yep okay so we talk a bit about the book in. To. Sao residents need dressings and things up on the front appetizers appetizers are filled fund. And elect perfect this time of year you're going to watch a football game like common to do tomorrow or note tonight are from our act may have to fix them out of there but let's talk about. I'm as I was summoned through. Beyond Trace. That's where I first saw a bunch of things that that I like to make you have a post a skirt steak recipe. And your marinade is like. One of the top dogs and its discount all the ingredients that make. A little hint of an Asian touch but more importantly it's tender rising and it's Liverpool the only difference I do and I'm make that is. Usually is that a rare month I'll use a little bit birdman and leave out winners and our. House to fund of play. Tell us about when you when you did this. Are these recipes stuff that you had great success in both cooking classes or doing demos. Yet. I do a lot of our active and growing in the summer. That he he really popular and bad. That they would came from that. One and growing crop it and right. Basically now he's been on everything that their earnings at carpet at a parody. Because it and put on spam and or are sick and aid program that's struggled with just earlier that I can multi purpose. Scott you can kind of change it up right how you like to eat highly of people to let it is. Like you know yeah they're just an idea in new interior armed bank. And that's the fund it and I can't wait you don't are you read ones on comments that suburban because. Steak and urban networks but if you're gonna use it right on boneless skinless chicken breasts that's too much. I'm. And this kind of touches on a number of different things Tuscan meat though praised him white wine and people go to you braised meatloaf. This is totally different tell me about that I mean it is. You know what's great about it but make the great spot it very I mean our pipeline which I'm like you let me. Can be a little draw I have time and I don't like it that plain old tomato product that China's one I think all of our interest banks now are. I came up with it depends typical white wine is not the master of fourteen mushrooms Bennett. So that it becomes kind of a elevated meet up at actively up their act as bluntly. Ingredient at the Christian ago I met her panties with a little more. Packet act like your opposite a little more via. It that white line and made up is because our big thing that the great morning. And it gets some of the meat Jews. At very that meat it is well I do a meatloaf on the grill and a Spanish cause royal. And and I based of a lot with the meat yeah. You know the way it has and figure out. Well my wife and I both took a lot and I'm. Like cooking outside. So I see a trend and they're there seems to be. A good bit of Asian influence. Whenever it is. Why did you do that. I just like of the flavor I loved ginger garlic gather which is. Mentioned is pretty much our Asian wrecked it and I love the labor. While he and the Wii which is a typical you know Asian combinations. Out. And I like the preparation is they've early quick cooking food that back. Not lie in parades things are arrogant I like at cook because. The idea here during the week and just try to get there quick there's the a lot of flavor but doesn't take much time. Couldn't agree more about talk about ice crusted lamb chops with balls summit glasses. Is it just me or do you think that some people steer away from lamb because they owns two gaming nobody like slam yet. Yeah. I just got back I in the united Italy and his arm in a class. Different ones that they were accurate in saying and I think what it was but people are over a plan. And I think when you're over cook anything it of course is not a lovely but Graham is technically has. A convert it when you cook it well and I it'd medium rare. I don't I don't kinda. This is a lovely way to Kuwait really should be armed and I think panicked a bit different that land and it gave Papa had. Lamb that you're you know what you grow up maybe you've had been very right. Lamb that you know maybe somebody mommy can take it. That be could be kind of as I'm flavor yet. Yeah well. I'm. In the back in the side dishes. And I was looking sea of you know the Asian team have kept recurring at least in subtle manner and have a little bit of that with a spicy ginger dressing for steamed spinach. But I as a kid we always put vinegar on top of spinach and award at the same thing. Tom and then and then you have something that I just I just nearly eleven Max mine. Co own producer technician duty here in the studio. I said man do you like cauliflower and goes no way it should be banned and he's rattled a few other vegetables all of which I love acting and so interesting. Your colleague Faris BC does something bit. Man it's like such a new flavor for so many people when you put a hint of Currie and and use slow roast anything in the oven. Yet the great way to look at. We have caught fire is temporary now that the vote and be very plan but I think it you Rhode did it act but it really. Changes like you know anything because can you haven't Polytechnic analyzing it happened at of people are without. But it brought the brought her at the cards are aiming for a big red B. It a whole thing becomes differ and I think that caught our need an opera becomes very. It is our our oil on the Currie and it it hasn't completely different textures that intact that. And I think we use our oven for vegetables today more than we did. Even two years ago about the and if you're one of the things that might technician maxim mentioned that he doesn't like is Pete's. And I think we all probably have a a beats you up storeroom we are little kids and moms and you know dessert theory your brains. Gray. And and you couldn't. Really upshot of these people held a lot of other ways to what could be there another bit that we knew wrote them. They changed dramatically they become caramelized and quite concentrated and they had this wonder well. Sugar from the them and then they become a little bit. Different maker text or not but Hopkins. Not that it would you like they can be when you boil them and I think our. With amateur. Jar where you can it meant that. When you wrote them. There are two best of the eat it really has our people about it it's earth. Well an end you know there's so many things like that there are rescission have a lot of color. And goodness knows yet we just had beats so. Personal last week after Christmas. And she found some really good ones Khatami years to do that you know a couple of you know a little bunch of yellow little bunch of of red beads and it just plain you know I think she. She put a minutes apart every little bit of olive oil and shook around implement a plan and that was that. The focus the book is just that it is simple. Real food and my kid is that the peace in the peace corps and Ukraine. We're gonna have. That are on and and he's learning the unique food by the way. And at that I'm gonna send in my copy of simple real food he'll let you know at the work at finding some of the ingredients but. And he he never like beets. Now he's pretty much a big fan because in the first few months that make you live with a host family. And he lived in a day older widowed woman and she made borscht all the it is like their biggest part of his diet now she's still makes some of bats every a couple of weeks and Andy loves it so. This is something that it. You did a book that I think should be on the millennial top ten. Books period not just cook books. It's it's it's just a great content and I really appreciate it let me interrupt day before. New Year's leave. What are you gonna do you are you going out or you I. And I don't party if it is ugly are it and not airing out the that I asked. Very act is our. And some day I would love to run across you in North Carolina or somewhere and and take you up to their picture dinner in and we have so much fun on the kids and just like my wife ideas and as a settlement seafood chowder was excellent. And I think everyone you know what you might wanna make for your party are your game is great at it in their ballot that they. With tropical fruit salad. Act that's the ginger techno nevermind I'd like to indicate the Democrat that crap about. It probably. Are very Booth. And cost an appetite here really good crab well this. There's been so much fun Amanda thanks so much happy new year I hope you had a greater Aniston and then one final question. Your when's the wins the next book at what the going to be about. That I look at India appetizers and probably anybody here. I hope that whoever gets to be the publicist that you make sure they get in touch with me sort of have you back highway now. I have a great night great weekend and happy new year thank you YouTube. Amanda Cushman shaft cookbook author now and more importantly. The author of simple real food and guess what. Now it's time to give you a copy of this book. You know how this works. Caller number five yeah we could do later but. Caller number five give or but it shifted the island area code 31686913. Thirty. 31686913. Thirty color number five calm now get a copy of super roof food movie rights act. Talk about and over and how to avoid or ethic.