What’s Happening Around Wichita

The Good Life
Saturday, December 30th

Guy goes over some of the many events and products going on in and around Wichita.


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Yeah. Well good afternoon welcome back congratulations there. Returner but it was close for women Bill Bennett regulations. To get a copy of simple real. I you're you're gonna love this book to got a millennial that's just got married or you know one abuse report to give them. And or get. Pounded cooking Burton would be eager. Okay an hour working on getting my next guest on the program Jonathan glass to talk about and over. Issues but then while waiting for that. I should pay you about a couple of other things. First off. You know I teach one appreciation Debbie has used since the 2002001. And we've expanded and changed and added I mean the first class that I did. I had to bring my own overhead projector and use plastic clear slides. We've come a long one. More sophisticated network. Open a quality dip projection and blah blah blah. Anyway. This session and we do to one in the fall. Late summer early fall and then. This winter session and it's that typically it's router on the corner of the first class starts the last Monday in January. January 29. And it's only three classes three weeks in a row on Monday's. Seven to 9 PM. It's. It's food mongering but that really is. Two simple way to put it. Yes sure going to get food class one is the cause and effect of one imprudent. I'm pretty fond of telling people that the idea of brutal month periods. Eat and drink what you like what you would like to avoid foods that damaged the line. You could say vice Versa but it's more often. You have some kind of food product. It really makes the one here having less than it should be. Cause and effect and how we do that and play with. Things that work and don't work too subtle little sense and taste of food products. And and and we explore the sweet sour salty bitter and how that interacts and it's so much more than just the primary things that are now can proceed. And class to its all about pairing. White lines with food and class three it's all about wearing red ones and him and both classes. You view plate with an array of small bites of food product. That. In some cases will be a perfect match and and others it will not be perfect match and I think that's really. The fun of the class not only for me but for those two. It would take the classes three weeks in a row again starts Monday January to June 9 for the next. Three Mondays and grow up to the last class from February 12. Seven to 9 PM. If you. The the web address is really weird. Go to good left got dot com at the top. Menu the very top menu. Underneath my logo three in from the left of says wine tasting. There it's got the description of the classes and a link to take your right to the page to rupture. That's only 84 dollars. For three to our pluses. And casual environment where you'll learn more than you can imagine about. The basics of putting food and one together and make your mouth happy. The second section of classes is just two Mondays in a row it starts march 5 pick a little break to go to someone judging him California. March 5 and march 12 again seven and 9 PM on Monday it's. It's America and exploration of the two primary California. American that a cultural areas. You know it as Napa and Sonoma what you may not note that in both of those. Massive. Growing region filled with some of the best. Vineyards and all the world. That there is about relations and the differences between notes about relations. It's huge. And nap there's there's mountain top hillside. Valley floor there cooler climate closed to them problem today. There's warmer stuff on the other side of the mountains to the west towards Sacramento. That still fit into the Napa ABA and will take some months ago with all of those about the idea about the geographic formation of these values. Both Napa and Sonoma. The different regions and will and testament to him. That my friends is only 69 dollars for both classes and get robbed Amano is money on them because. Buying single. AVA. Lines like it. Think of any of this single ABA's stuff from from California and spurring mound for you gotta pay along warm. It will be worth it will be fun and I think that will be too interesting classes food and wine pairing again at starts January 29 the last Monday of the month. Three weeks in a rose seven and 9 PM Monday us. The second class with a couple of weeks off striking go to someone work. And then it's American agricultural areas too in depth study of Napa and Sonoma and then it's about relations. Again historic march and ends up on March 12. You can learn more got a good life got dot com top of the page of the home page three buttons and from the left. Wine tasting and there's links on how to get there. You wanna learn more room to register by phone you can call 316978. 649. Theory all of that information again is equipment. Okay. Self promotion of that you never did find a they will that would get through it also I just I love writing about line and Putin's. And I got asked to write. Hopefully repetitive Lee. In the future here for brand new magazine coming out. This is. Well it's an interesting idea I think it's. It's a magazine that is a high end lifestyle magazine. That will be mailed. Furry. To. Targeted audience here in Wichita and surrounding areas. You don't get the pick it's it's gonna show up and I hope it works as Gaza but a lot of work in the bring in this. To operation it. Mailed directed it's it's not going to be sit and relax anywhere. And it is a high end lifestyle magazine that whoever finds it in there. And their mailboxes that have been like. It's going to be on the show in the future will forget the first publication now. It's a high end magazine in the first article I wrote with great wind values for the new year. A poem next item now write something about really high ones that are worth that Brittany. Okay as of other things let's talk about New Year's Eve there's so many fun things going on. We were at the casino this week by the way donated. It would part grow magnificent food stated and been great note though you stay there you know the drive home. Then not to be confused with wood par growth fire side at the merry god. And those of you who are. Want to watch this game Wichita State UConn that the 440 non which stars and by the way. You know women have home games if you don't have Cox usually you're Cadillac OK as long as you're in the top and it's going to be probably on Monday is theater major network. Well no matter what if you wanna watch it in style and be able to hear the games see it close up. Going to the great group which America is a cool deal. That being said they have put together a really pioneered the package. Two and a nine dollars per couple. And yet live entertainment with. Just so many great things. Going on the whole night. Champagne toast live music order if you can eat dinner next door and at our site grow. Just gotta see it. The big you go to which Tom Merritt dot com and and and take a look in. You know of this and you don't have to do to earn a nine deal that they have other ways you can attend and they have a special menu. Throughout this past week or two and up through New Year's Eve in fireside. Which is a gorgeous peaceful. Relaxing place to enjoy a quality food and great service. Under. Finally one more thing for a title on hangers don't get it. And then he tells you don't forget New Year's Day one soldier at a liquor change. 30% off of your one purchase. This is a lot. It's hard to beat. So if you were gonna buy someone by the case. This will be a time to do that and guess what it also includes. The one in the easiest top one underground. When their make a mixed case. You know the top twelve and up twelve lines in it and have a big deal. And gentler version Northrop growth drive over it east and west can't go wrong. Airgas had a lot of food as an event coming up that if you like line. It. These are so much fun and I know the ones to be really well selected in an and a and a vast array. Of cabernet solving no from around the world tasted blind. No you don't drink them until you get there in a bag you'll know which there are you go through you have a note achieved that. Maybe give you a little description of what the winemaker says his one is like you taste all these you assign numbers it's just kind of fun. And believe me. I have done this I've seen guys with much more. Credit and credibility than me. Mess it all there is oh. Answer I've also seen. People with no one knowledge at all but they like some and no gas and again at 75% of the corporate. Still a lot of fun so you should know what it is it's Tuesday January 16. If the beautiful walls are automotive body client line and if you haven't been to see audio Wichita. Up there north of thirteen. On Greenwich. Man you are missing out there's. There's a Cheesecake Factory outlet there ups there. There is a beautiful theater with like twenty foresees. There's an outdoor patio to dive for probably won't use that January 16 in Evernote. So it is and not have fun blind tasting cabernet from our on the world. Great appetizers. Are good friend Jamie Stratton for objectively Eckerd chains will be here he's the one that. Selected the ones who will proctor of the event as it were. It's 630 to 9 PM Tuesday January 16 forty dollar for Ed W members. Fifty per non. AIW up which taught dot or Jeep. If you need more information you want immigrant provisions by opponents 316. 6825. Two with a quick break we come back up to you about the line of the week and how to avoid hangovers. That's also. Contradictory but I don't drink a lot. The spirit back they'll go.