Tips For Easing Your New Year Day Hangover

The Good Life
Saturday, December 30th

Guy wraps up this week’s adventure in food wine & fun for your ears with his selection for this week’s “wine of the week.” & tips for easing your New Year hangover.


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Yeah. Guess they'll welcome back the program if you hung with us thanks for that if you just joined us well and go to that I've got dot com. Follow the link to listen and as you can again podcast. They're listed kind of weird in reverse. Chronological order if you will by date so the first segment will be at the bottom of the segment with the same dates. More importantly just such alarm every Saturday April and chart with that left guy. Now while the week got a new bubbly it's New Year's Eve almost right here's how it sounds when you hope and all the debt that's too much of a pop. It's not a Grand Prix you didn't win you don't spray people with it it should sound like a small cute. Baby expelling gas. Flat to a debate. Or maybe an. This is from Shandong it to or new label. But the winds just as good as always well I hope I haven't had his version it is their California group. It's their entry level stuff that's around you know with the call at seventeen to 23 in that regime depending on where you shop. And when you shop at the bella Jacob lakers chant on north for a pro am on the west side. And why and there's this 89 a wine spectator ninety's. We don't care with the almanac does. Asserted it would incorporating could really care where your lips things and then. Hasn't even gotten to my lips shipment beautiful effervescent. And in the nose you can smell. You know. Happily green apple air and slight citrus fifth not Jews nuts not. I don't know soft this is from also pretty a man. Well. Could be breakfast line. Oh my goodness such a pretty in this needs to be cold okay. Keep it nice make it really cold ice and water spin the bottle every once a while and it. Well good it smells better and part of this is because my noses French and I'm drinking in the middle today and we don't do that but. It's just so Chris been lied in repression and this is made traditional method meaning. The wind is harvested grapes harvested and use. Chardonnay pinot noir pinot ammonia a Yugo and more than two Redgrave and of them Nikolay. At the very uses clear militants have spends time with lesbians. So it separated from the skin early it's fermented into a dry line. And if you ever have the opportunity at one of the champagne producers and our country. To taste. The still one report goes through secondary fermentation in the bottom up. You should do that Ugoh yeah rocket doesn't expect good it's picked early. It's low now call its high and acidity. But this is what makes great bubbly. And it goes in the bottle it's inoculated with a special use. And some. Some form of sugar a accord that has Hampshire so that the east has somebody. And it makes bubbles and that after that period and this and usually it's sitting their for quite some time. And the spin off from that secondary fermentation gets down on the neck of Obama bop bop. Go visit somebody marched on to produce fuel you'll love it. But when it really gives use. Just had to pick corporate concern the snow was killing me begging me to drink more great bubbly. Great for celebrations. This is such a food friendly one and I mean. You could do this with anything but a corset kind of screamed for. Overtures or or or seafood. Chick in Bob Bob waving a white wine kind of a deal but the reality of it is that goes with the any it was great with spicy food. A bubbly with a hint of sweetness. Even better with spicy food. The weapon whimpering Klaus a short while. Elation no California bird it's their classic addition it is really cool. Now and if you drink too much in them have another step. Then. Sorry for drinking in front of view or prior year. OK so. Jonathan glass as a web site it's called healing essence center dot com. A holistic kind of guy and he put together some facts that you've probably seen these in some form or another elsewhere but the rally revenues. There's three things you can do before you can pre talks before you detox right and what do you do it's vitamins it's hydration. He recommend B vitamin milk thistle vitamin C and magnesium. You know you don't have them doing and probably maybe. Pick on your multi vitamins and have some of those. And then the practical side this is a subset of guys saying don't drink too much. Stay hydrated eat before and during. Maybe before you go to bed drink a little Gatorade at the electric lights back up. He has a suggested here that I don't know if I agree with or not but it might work stick with clear out copies of oxygen or white wine. Verses whiskey or bring India okay. Maybe you can children that you can stoke anger over. A stop drinking when your buzz you've seen the drinking and driving commercials. Buzz kitchen noted in its. So that's a good deal and about a month or drink too much. Discounting that hang over aspect. Calling get a ride there from free ride option opportunities on new unity of the demand to after you wake up New Year's Day and you wanna watch the parade and you just feel O kind of like dog poop in the backyard. When you can you can do some things of course when I do is not some of these that says exercise get acupuncture. And program and exercise yet that that worked that much on an award. Ginger like ginger rail network. Or get a big cheese burger. I'm surprised individuals died. What it. The main thing is whatever you choose to do to celebrate the incoming. 48 team and outgoing and seventeenth. I hope it's fun and successful. Try Shandong California Brit the group classic at the beauty you can get all this objectively from chasing back. You can taste it this afternoon from four and six for free. On that note that what they Wichita State 68. UConn sixty with a minute ago I think they've got that bad. Have a great weekend happy knew there was fear next year right here on him.