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Tuesday, January 2nd

Our guest is Fox News' Rachel Sutherland, live from Washington D.C.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just caused a number. One news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Like this is the case dismissed sporting news was even dead IP packets on. A frigid start of the new year across the US we've got the story until the brand. The man accused of making me swatting called a look at Wichita man dead by police gunfire is expected to appear in the California court this week. Demonstrations turned deadly in Iran and take a look blurred those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday the frigid pattern we have from Christmas through New Year's was one of the coldest in the history. What we can expect today is coming out. Bone chilling occur. Cold grip the middle of the USS 2018 began its. Breaking low temperature records are seeing some New Year's celebrations and leading to at least two deaths attributed to exposure to the elements. The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories for Monday covering a vast area from south Texas all the way to Canada. And from Montana and Wyoming in the west. Through New England in the east dangerously low temperature is enveloped eight midwest states including. Parts of Kansas Missouri and Nebraska along with nearly all of Iowa Minnesota South Dakota and North Dakota. A frosty call for firefighters this morning in Westwood to taunt about 1:40 in the morning. Firefighters called the 4400 block of west eighth street. Finding a garage fully involved in smoke and flames firefighters working to protect nearby structures from the flames no injuries reported. Tyler barracks. The man accused of making a swatting Colin Wichita that up to 28 year old band. Dead by police gunfire. Is expected to appear in the California courtroom sometime this week in connection with a case. So the court appearance will be the first step in bringing barrister Kansas to face criminal charges. Los Angeles Police arrested Paris on a felony war on Friday afternoon and he is being held in jail without bond. When Burress arrives at court he will be served a copy of the arrest warrant issued by the Sedgwick county district attorney's office and given the chance to apply for a court appointed attorney. He can then be extradited to Kansas or contested. Contesting extradition would mean that his arrival in Wichita could take several weeks. The Sedgwick county district attorney's office on Sunday said that they are reviewing all possible charging options forbearance while the investigation continues. It is unknown if Paris will face any kind of homicide charge fill all the grand KM SS news. A man has been arrested in the shooting death of a woman and a Lawrence apartment. The Lawrence journal world reports the man had been sought since the death Wednesday night of thirty year old lay a lot turner. The suspect booked into jail early yesterday on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Fox News is learning more about the deadly New Year's Eve crash in Khost a Rican that killed twelve people. One family of five from New York to Philly for from Florida were among the victims Bruce and Irene Steinberg of Scarsdale New York told friends they were looking forward to taking their sons William Zachary and Matthew on an adventure through Costa Rica. The camera was also known for being very involved in philanthropy and the local Jewish community a family of four from Florida Leisle and Mitchell Weis and their two children Hannah and Ari were also killed we've been looking into the records of nature or the private airline which operates these charter flights around Costa Rica. And it turns out this is the second fatal crash in the last few months for the company in September 2017 an American and another passenger died on a nature air flight the plane crashed minutes after taking off as well the investigation into the cause of the New Year's Eve crash continues in New York Laura Ingle Fox News. At least twenty people have been killed in protests since Saturday in Iran. Starting learn more about how the Iran in leaders are reacting to those demonstrations Fox News has obtained a leaked memo from inside the country period show panic at the highest levels of the Iranian government. Any key passage from the report government leaders are quoted as saying. God help us this is a very complex situation is different from previous occasions while protesters are said to be chanting the leader lives like god all the people live like. Vendors Iranian people were promised that they have the sanctions relief could make an economic difference in their lives. He just simply hasn't the mullahs aren't honest with their own. People Utah Republican congressman Chris Stewart speaking to Fox News shuttling Angel Fox News pay Unisys news time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. Top twenty matchup tonight in college men's basketball in Lawrence Lovett preview of the jayhawks coming up in sports Tony seventeen overall a very safe year for air travel. That story coming up on McCain is this morning news is Steven says. This is their kids are sporting news Pristina dead now. 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. And Missouri based foundation is proposing that the Kansas legislature. Have an independent outside attorney reduced sexual harassment complaints and bars secret settlements. We get more from Kansas information networks Daniel Laura wood. The women's foundation also said Friday that the legislature needs to create what the group calls a non fraternization policy. Covering and turns legislative staff lawmakers and lobbyists. And ban gifts to and turns. The foundation released its proposals ahead of the Statehouse news conference on Friday with senate president Susan waigel. The foundation promotes gender equity. The legislature sexual harassment policy has not been updated since 1994. It says that legislative employees complaints about harassment can be brought to supervisors or to legislative administrative services. The foundation also proposes that elected officials legislative staff interns and lobbyist receive annual training. Recommendations also call for more female legislative leaders. Ortiz say of vandal or vandals knocked over dozens of head stones and or emblems off veterans markers in a night of destruction residents discovered the vandalism Friday in Richland township cemetery which is a Butler county. Craig's have been urinated upon and memorial flowers had been shredded. And the cemeteries US flag had been stolen some of the tombstones date back to the eighteen hundreds. No arrests have been reported runny prize KN OSS news Tony seventeen overall a very safe here in the air zero. That's the number of accident deaths there are to report for the commercial passenger jet industry in 2017. That's the safest year on record. The Dutch aviation consulting firm to seventy says the fatal accident rate for large commercial passenger flights adds up to one fatal accident for every sixteen million flights. There were however ten accidents that did result in fatalities both in the air and on the ground involving cargo aircraft and commercial turboprop planes. That includes a New Year's Eve crash of a commercial Cessna aircraft in Costa Rica they killed twelve. Overall aviation deaths worldwide have been in decline for the past two decades Karen McHugh Fox News. K and assist you Sino 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. The very very cold out there this morning. Is yet in that as the conditions that we have been so that's something to that be aware of when you go out there very. Very cold this morning the gasoline prices in the Wichita area. Not seen much of the change still to 29 on average. Here in which saw traffic update from cape and as this radio. And gas chambers and now the forecast we've king and assist staff people just Dan holidays good morning Dan Miller Chris. Warning we have cloud cover across south central Kansas in the gradual clearing skies sunny this afternoon upper teens by noontime or height 23. The wind chill between zero and five below you'll be clear cold again tonight down to fifteen. Tomorrow's high 31 that we could be above freezing by Friday and Kayla says meteorologist Dan holidays. Now mostly cloudy ten degrees and east wind at three miles per hour. Kagan assess whether brought you by the monarch voted for the best suburban bars in America by the fervent review located at 579 west Douglas in historic delay you know the monarch. 811 now 11 minutes past 8 o'clock in many of us that have had little time off here for the holidays congress they'd do it. In a big damage a lot of time off but they're into account and backed in on back to Washington and back to work and with us this morning news. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland to talk about what their priorities are coming up in funny 18 good morning ritualized anyway this is morning. Having me yet again to kick off tomorrow with the beating. Does get to Alabama. In the US and it. Also that gallery place and Al Franken will be swearing in the attendant journal made the intensity is. Governor. Of Minnesota. Dare take that we have a lot ahead of them in the format. Stuck and need it done. I'd January 19 that the new spending debt buying eighty come out of the spending bill by a panel we've heard it before. It ever make it. He shut down only partially. In there's very hike is that Democrats will try to attack the extra dock. In children who brought here illegally. To the spending bill that Republicans have more likely to want standalone bill and they're gonna work out and return their don't want. Border security of funding for the wall that's despite the BJP. As it is we going to this new year how much. Will these lawmakers be thinking about. The next election and what could happen there because of ballots that's that's the big I had it. Any thinking about and certainly this tax reform bill Republicans and now operating Nat and it will be part of there. Reelection campaign Democrats used it against them beta. And that is really the tax breaks for the rich but. Among Republicans hospitals very popular and their base loves that. They'll be in campaign mode and certainly. It Eglseder among. Borrowers that houses and it will be campaign there it looked for them to be trying to grab headlines he didn't. More than usual. And it would current state knockdown drag out fight like dot you'll see both sides positioning themselves on on that music news platforms. But also add there's there's other issues these states are 81 billion dollars in. Disaster relief it's been happier for disasters wildfires and hurricanes in the Gulf Coast tech in Puerto Ricans still suffering. There's got to get that done as well and in the president also want to trillion dollars in infrastructure spending bill on. I would imagine that would be that would have a lot by partisan support but the intent is fiscal conservative like Rand Paul outbreak of pocket picked me when and where is that money coming. Hasn't tennis upping I was thinking about just your saying that. Conservatives. Fiscal conservatives. Are probably not real excited about what's been going on that. Aid in the global on the money that it state yeah it wanted to actually formed to and in the end they got it but did not not about the objection that fiscal conservatives are wondering. About that one point passed by two million dollars and the attitude deficit. We have her how to's Republican senator from Kansas both expressing. The little concern over the last few days about NAFTA. And they say it all they don't think they. We ought to distraught out and they take nafta's it has been a good thing for at least for Kansas. Right and you know that'll be another thing that can be taken out there so much. On the table to do and don't forget all. They need to decide but I not to extend. Infections Kevin entities buying this program that made government spying program and the yen student. Little off. An eight bit delicate at it they did temporarily and it. With this spending bill which is an odd but. Out of the way to extend it briefly at that very controversial and that most certainly. Not just be excellent at bat. Sounds like you're going to be very busy Rachel. Yeah well listen thanks for spending some time where this this point we appreciate it. Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland talked about congress going back in session and a they got a lap on the plate as resale a lot of their plight of to deal with. It's 815 now with Stephen dead and a critic cold New Year's Day across Kansas which does high yesterday sixteen. Normal high is Ortiz one net. 41 Ted lieu I was sixteen. I see some video of people going out there and a new year and taking with those polar bear plunge is around the country. People and swimming suit some. Men in Speedo is a women in bikinis splashing in lake water in the ocean. I can do that but why. I mean I could stand it I'm now. But on the people. That's despondency. Surge of adrenaline yeah it's their body awake. I guess I'll went quick wit people kayaking on the river bank here in Wichita on now yesterday I haven't been I've missiles last two days. And aren't since Saturday. And finish my year off met my goal this year this past year of its 300 runs and one year which is my usual goal. Got that done on Saturday and Sunday and Monday well it was just I just turned into big weapons and no. Nine candidates net gonna do it. You know about. Generally very weaker too I get someone to look to me and asked me if you missed really ran. It's. Not about which is not a bit he's doing he really knows. And I'm not sure that I'm I'm trying to postpone my demise news. But I'll tell you this it just worked for me to odds Andy's. When you when you feel good most of the time and you don't get sick. And those who their dose of the things that they exercise does for right and it's I mean I'm not trying to. Impress anybody but I do talk about it because I just it's something that I do part of my life. My wife when she gets her knees back in shape will probably walk the other. Because Shelly loves to walk she likes to get out that in. And all kinds of weather go for a walk and by the way that's more my speed I like to walk we'll find of its people can do over Lotta good didn't and delta air. She's getting better every day with those two had ray and users. He says in the cold weather to feel like there's cold steel underneath well I guess that's that's what it's all about. But she's doing Elena and in the folks of that good here folks who have encouraged her and have said nice things about Shealy then get both knees replaced. Thank you thank you for that's 9817. Now as a base of support out here 817 was Stephen Ted and it is a time for look at sports again with mr. Jin. We're talking about that went to bowl games going on yesterday d'antoni meters you know including a couple of the two national semi final games Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. Sugar Bowl wasn't that great Alabama easily to the care clintons and when he for six Alabama moves on the national title game boy the other semi final was a massive classic between Georgia and Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl yesterday afternoon that was it game was fantastic. Back and forth high scoring exciting. Two very high quality teams going at it. It went overtime first time ever the Rose Bowl on over time it went double overtime. Oklahoma had the ball first in the second overtime and had a chance to kick a field goal. Take the lead you heard the game yesterday on KF eight. We give Oklahoma the only. You're the second overtime. Yeah. The junior. Career. Her time off their lows being. And we studied. I think I was thinking about this weekend watching football I would see many blocked kicks in here but it's a field goal try aero whatever. He thinks almost a wall starting on special teams are all pretty efficient in Georgia got in there and got the block well and at Georgia then. Rattle off touchdown run on their possession in the second overtime beat Oklahoma 5448. Double overtime. Denying Oklahoma a chance to get the national title game beat Georgia and Alabama. In the national championship rate Rose Bowl game yesterday. College men's basketball tonight up in Lawrence to stop when he match up tenth ranked Kansas eighteenth ranked Texas Tech tech is twelve and one. Jayhawks are eleven and sue. Jayhawks have won their home opener in conference play eleven years in a row they'll try to extend that mark tonight. Jayhawks have beaten the red raiders sixteen. Times in a row they aren't Kansas is a seven point favorite going into this game tonight. In Texas Tech has never had a happy bus trip back from Lawrence. Tech is oh and seventy. All time in Lawrence. Never won a road game man they can stop it that feel greening of this Mac maybe or vetoed I don't think it. You kgo in Texas Tech tonight. A lot of the pregame coverage begins at 630 to gable tip off at 8 o'clock. And that's why on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Kansas State played yesterday it's conference home opener in Manhattan. Posting sixth ranked West Virginia under. It Coach Bob Huggins the former K state coach. Too much West Virginia they're pretty did they beat K state 7769. A state falls to 113. West Virginia lost its opener this year. Back in early November now they've reeled off thirteen wins in a row wow why they're ranked sixth in the nation. West Virginia keeps rolling right along speaking of those rankings it came out yesterday. KU and Wichita State are both now on the top ten. And right next to each other in the rankings Kate you moving up the spots tenth. Shocker didn't lose but they've moved down a spot down to ninth they got leapfrogged by Virginia. In the polls. The talkers are the highest ranked team has two losses everybody else has them has just one loss on the season. For the first time since 1948. I think Steve there are no undefeated teams in college basketball going into the new year old while gap averaged at least one lawsuit. And we've the shocker women's basketball team has its conference road opener tonight at Houston. Soccer ladies Steve strain we'll have live coverage at 7 o'clock tonight that's right here live on 97 and thirteen 33 and SS. And we go to the NBA yesterday on New Year's Day where the Toronto Raptors were home. They got to win over the Milwaukee Bucks 131 to 127 in overtime. Coming off the bench the raptors as their sixth man and a former Wichita State point guard Fred van bleak with the eleven points in fact Fred hit. A three pointer in overtime that gave Toronto the lead for good. Toronto is the number 2 team in the Eastern Conference right now they are the best NBA team on their home court fourteen and one that. They've won twelve home games in Europe plow. Almost no one goes and drawn on beach the raptors Fred mentally I certainly love helping out the raptors to a great season so far. Sports with Stephen Ted KNS. I'd give it here for the Hannity morning minute looking at the politics of leaks. That's coming up Stephen did the morning on tape and a sense.