Obituary blames a win-less Browns season for a fan's death

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Tuesday, January 2nd

Man’s tongue-in-cheek obituary blames win-less Cleveland Browns for his death.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which talks number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 6 o'clock Pacific in his reporting news he's content to ninety actions on. Innocence breaking news firefighters responded to report the house fire in southeast Wichita this morning just after 5 AM. Firefighters were called report of the vehicle on fire was extension to a structure. This is your quality and. Belmont. Bone chilling cold grip the middle of the US is 2018 began breaking low temperature records are facing some New Year's celebrations. And leading to at least two deaths attributed to exposure to the elements. The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories for Monday covering a vast area from south Texas all the way to Canada. And from Montana and Wyoming in the west through New England in the east. Dangerously low temperatures enveloped eight midwest states including parts of Kansas. Missouri and Nebraska. Along with nearly all of Iowa Minnesota South Dakota and North Dakota. A frosty call for firefighters this morning in west Wichita around 140. Firefighters were called the 4400 block of west eighth street they found a garage fully involved in smoke and flames. Firefighters worked to protect nearby structures from the flames. No injuries reported. Tyler bearish demand accused of making a swatting call in Wichita about a 28 year old man dead by police gunfire. Is expected to appear in a California courtroom sometime this week in connection with a case. Court appearance will be the first step in bringing barrister Kansas to face criminal charges. Los Angeles Police arrested Paris on a phony war on Friday afternoon and he is being held in jail without bond. When Burress arrives at court she will be served a copy of the arrest warrant issued by the Sedgwick county district attorney's office and given the chance to apply for a court appointed attorney. He can then be extradited to Kansas or contested. Contesting extradition would mean that his arrival in Wichita could take several weeks. The Sedgwick county district attorney's office on Sunday said that they are reviewing all possible charging options for barest while the investigation continues. It is unknown if parents will face any kind of homicide charge Phil told a grand KM SS news. Amanda's been arrested in the shooting death of a woman at a Lawrence apartment. Lawrence journal world reports the man had been sought since the death Wednesday night a thirty year old Lee Allen turner. So it was booked into jail early Monday on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter. And being a felon in possession of a fire. Fox News is learning more about the deadly New Year's Eve crash in Costa Rica that killed twelve people. One family of five from New York to Philly for from Florida were among the victims Bruce and Irene Steinberg of Scarsdale New York told friends they were looking forward to taking their sons William Zachary and Matthew on an adventure through Costa Rica. The family was also known for being very involved in philanthropy and the local Jewish community a family of four from Florida Leisle and Mitchell Weis and their two children Hannah and Ari were also killed we've been looking into the records of nature or the private airline which operates these charter flights around Costa Rica. And it turns out this is the second fatal crash in the last few months for the company in September 2017 an American and another passenger died on nature air flight the plane crashed minutes after taking off as well the investigation into the cause of the New Year's Eve crash continues in New York Laura Ingle Fox News. So at least twenty people have been killed in protests since Saturday in Iran in the and we're starting to learn more about how Iranian leaders are reacting to those demonstrations Fox News has obtained a leaked memo from inside the country Carey show panic at the highest levels of the Iranian government. Any key passage from the report government leaders are quoted as saying. God help us this is a very complex situation is different from previous occasions while protesters are said to be chanting the leader lives like god all the people live like beggars. Iranian people were promised that they have the sanctions relief could make an economic difference in their lives. He just simply hasn't the mullahs aren't honest with their own people. Utah Republican congressman Chris Stewart speaking to Fox News some financial sponsor needs and an assist used on now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. 9713. 38 and as. Six and a 10 minutes past 6 o'clock on a Tuesday morning. And this morning yes let's get serie a hole where this morning that's right. And remember it's been happening. Kind of recently as this we've been going through this cold snap that. Sometimes a car that is left for running. Unattended with the keys and it has been stolen. By somebody. Walking up and jump in and drowning cars taking off so it's always good idea remembers it. Do day not supposed to leave. Cars running unattended making them very easy targets stepped out there. No matter how cold it is just it. Once again a reminder that trend update for gay and SS radio and did chambers to turn warmer doesn't make much sense. Of atlas cold. Let's find out now what forecasting an assist at meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dana. And this morning we have cloud cover across south central Kansas in with a gradual clearing sky sunny this afternoon upper teens by noontime or height 23. Who wind chill between zero and five below you'll be clear cold again tonight the other fifteen. Tomorrow's high 31 if we could be above freezing by Friday and KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now part. It's not be any splendid only three miles per hour and a four degrees percent absence of wind makes it feel a whole lot warmer part. They've yet to six victory. Today is senate Tuesday January seconds 2018. Gold New Year's Day across Kansas Wichita as high temperature yesterday was. Sixteen degrees the normal high. 41 for the date the normal high 41 yesterday were at sixteenth. And gonna go on here for a day or two wars so just be ready. As a lot of people had back to work this morning. I think schools are not quite back in session but to a lot of people back to work this morning disputed Aristide and general warming up in some some interesting facts. To me interesting news sports and whole lot of other stuff start off your new year the right way. And Ohio man's tongue in cheek obituary has blamed the winless Cleveland Browns football team. Or contributing to his demise use the obituary published in the send ASCII registered. Said Paul start died last Wednesday at a hospice facility after a brief illness exacerbated by the hopeless condition of the Cleveland Browns. The team won one game and lost fifteen last season and lost all fifteen this year. Ahead of Sunday's finale in Pittsburgh which they also lost. Even so starts obituary included a nugget. On the optimism voiced by some long suffering fans. It's at the eighty year old Mansfield native passed just before the browns were prepared to turn the corner. I didn't realize how bad they were on watchable. TV football over the weekend nice. I saw them some of the dangers of you know some video of them playing in the bottoms and Owen fifty is a dealer paid good news or band. They're awful hopefully macro. Stuff to do any NFL go fifteen games no when he O'Hare but of course that gentleman was. Has been a fan of two different Cleveland teams in the original Cleveland Browns to Baltimore rape so he was he was around back in the oldies he knows that and I think the football at times been very very good. Sometimes yes yeah. A New Hampshire man did not look extreme cold get in the way of a heart warming proposal Josh. Darnell dropped to his knee and popped the question after climbing tuchman ravine. As it hit minus 34 degrees on mount Washington and New Hampshire her and happy ending Rachel raschke said yes. She says her intended had hiked Ackerman ravine last summer with his father in have been planning to pop the question there ever since. Herman the ravine at 34 below. My wife wouldn't even breather. Something I've always wondered if we were engaged or whatever. She wouldn't you ask drew you look up there at the something I always wondered about those really extra end to. Marriage proposals is. How many of those happen and are hugely planned out very very expensive where someone says no gifts you never hear the nose and again yeah. Mean imagine your hide him with somebody out in the very cold in the middle of nowhere. It almost seems a little predatory. You say so yes 'cause you wanna get down off the mount exactly saying know what's gonna happen they just get out you get there. Interest out. All right today is as I said. Tuesday January 2 2018 this happens to be. My son's birthday. Why little's Scott. Turns 4747. Today. While. He's already retired and found a new a new line of work after spending. Several that'll. A career in the air force out career nice start and it would start over again at the age of 47 which it did. About. Twenty years ago this week as stated over the age of 48. In March 2 broadcast career right here so he's got to follow a pattern there I hope he does well I think he will in this second career. I think you'll do really well and I think I'm doing pretty well in mind so you have Hebert deuce got. He's and his 47 birthday today. And quick mention of last Friday. When and then. Ten deny and jazz and our good friend Don grant got together for lunch. As Rubin worked together all these years I'm not sure we've never gone to lunch for Don. And the four of us not all of us know of course Don Graham as the money tracker here coming up in about thirty minutes from now. He's all this every morning at 6 o'clock he says the lunch. We went to stretch out. I don't know we started out talking about this net and I thought I think it was a deluge me. He's in Abbott's got maybe it was somebody else that I jumped in yes let's go to Strauss. And we didn't and we went there present and Kevin was there Kevin's a big Stephen Tim Lister. And he has done to catering here first thing today. At the radio station it was good to see him and I. At a had a waitress who is this suitably. Smaller reality did take care of us GAAP now yeah we tried a couple of things that are anti just basically verbally restless to the floor and and it took a Wallace after you get good waitress and yes. Even just putting up with this oh yeah and a green beans dictators and gravy course. The three of us kids and G and Donna and I had the chicken fried chicken which have been act like it chicken fried chicken. The great beyond it mutated units are you would you hit the wings or something I had not points and hauling and it was fantastic. Yeah we're back in or starting a new year I don't know for you out there are listing had any New Year's celebrations I'd myself. Several years ago abandoned those. My wife and I used to that we as tradition going for several years was another couple here in town. Now that we would go to their home and usually that yet there we go to deep and go to their home and just bring in the new year and drinking glass of wine and all. And a couple of years that had happened. Shelley and I noticed on the drive across town from their house over two hours. It just dangers. I mean people aboard a fried eggs sold poorly there yet all over the place. And we just decided several years it and now it's our right wonder wonder you're pretty much looks like the next. And the last one of lawyers don't get to some drunk driver and our ism like that I'd like this year it didn't seem quite so bad news for a couple of for I wasn't there I don't know. It wasn't. There wasn't any like. Precipitation Sarah doesn't slip slippery out August and it was it was very cold so we just weren't very many people to hear the the the at midnight we heard some some fireworks and whatnot that Ali Al several years ago shelling never gone on some naked guy is running down the street in. And there may need this this is crazy. And it just to yeah I was talking to Don hall down in case you want him before Rainier it's a donkey you mentioned. What this week in and weekend would've been like we and you moisture goal. And all those temperatures holy macro. And everybody you know I guess everybody would just stayed off the streets completely. As it is I didn't showing I need up much and after Saturday noon. He just as she's not handling the cold well on either myself. And you get something that I noticed the course pat I am living in a new place now I'd just minute. It's something I've found out about the new place in which I'm living is that for summaries and still have yet to go around and that figure out exactly what it is even though it's been very very cold to. And very very dry. There is a large glob of ice just outside of my front door and noble Paula. I'm gonna have to try and figure out exactly why that's happening the letter. Big big glob ice there 618 now seated yet here on 8 Tuesday morning it feels like a Monday. Martin is a Tuesday morning. Second day of January 2 day of the new year. Lead of sports now Ted. Delivered and develop football talked about. Ted I guess this morning is we've got to keep up on we know who's gonna play for the national championship and in in college football right they've got that the two teams. Besides that yeah did you watch the Rose Bowl yesterday I did not my guys that are good games on. Yeah off. A double overtime game first overtime Rose Bowl ever. Number three Georgia beat number two Oklahoma fifty or 58. And Georgia will play Alabama for the national championship. Those with two those two winners yesterday joy. Alabama ended up winning Sugar Bowl pretty easily over clams and who beat Georgia Alabama the national championship you've heard the national semi final games yesterday. Over on KFH. We got hoops tonight for Kansas. Jayhawks are now ranked number ten in the nation moving up one spot in the Associated Press poll this week K you don't. Hosting eighteenth ranked Texas Tech top twenty matchup in Lawrence tonight. These teams have met 37 times KUS won 33 of those 33 and four all timing in Texas Tech the EU has beaten the red raiders sixteen at times in a row dating back eight years. And Texas Tech has never won in Lawrence O and seventeen all time. In Allen fieldhouse so we'll see how that one matches up to ninety you is. A seven point favorite going into this one live coverage of the jayhawks the red raiders begins at 630 tonight. The game will tip off at 8 o'clock missile on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. K you looked at it on top but Texas Tech. Both teams are one and on the conference both teams are winning their games by an average of 120 point two games so the Elvis matches up tonight seated good matchup. Or one team gets the upper hand. Kansas State played yesterday on New Year's Day in men's basketball could not quite keep up with the sixth ranked team in the nation. Teddy Allen scored 22 points sixth ranked West Virginia beat Kansas State in Manhattan yesterday 7769. As the mountaineers. Under former K state Coach Bob Huggins have now won thirteen games and are OK state falls to one and one. On the season with that loss. We do have soccer women's basketball tonight shocker ladies played their first road game of their in their new conference the American at Houston tonight. Soccer ladies at Houston Steve strain we'll have the live call at 7 o'clock tonight or shocker women's basketball. And that's right here on. 987 at thirteen thirty KMS yes. Or some ladies hoops tonight and then you look college basketball men's rankings come out yesterday in the Associated Press poll we mentioned K you moving up one spot to tenth. The shocker is despite not losing did drop a spot got drop down to ninth in the AP poll of Virginia jumped over but soccer's are the highest ranked team has two losses are but he had them only as one loss on the season so. The eight people has the soccer's ranked ninth K you ranked tenth this week in men's basketball. Sports with Stephen Ted KNS Essex 22 now he's there for Fox News commentator Tavis Dunn irons. Stevens has the morning on KI NS NS. Some of these guys are.