Controlling your estate from beyond the grave

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 2nd

Moneytracker Don Grant talks about the importance of having a will.


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Two I like the direction that our country is headed and I am a little concerned about some things that are going on now country. I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. 87 and thirteen thirty K and as soon as we are fifteenth in the morning now at 640. 47 here on the Tuesday. Breathing thing. A bone chilling start to the new year across the US. Man shot during street robbery in north Wichita. A man faces charges in California in connection with the Wichita police shooting. Pretty big thing Stephen dead on Kate in a sense. And this morning yes. Now we have a yes how's fire. Reported Steve what was once again a counselor was that Ian bell moment Ian bell month. And police here are the five of fire crews are saying in this though the waters she's the street in freezing there. Probably best to avoid this time the Unionist pony and Belmont. Had a report of taos where they're traffic update from getting an assist radio. I'm Chad chambers. Becoming partly sunny today with a high of 24 degrees Monday's high. It was six team so we're warming up or who were just less cool against Woodson. Mostly clear and cold tonight the overnight low will be fifteen cents Wednesday sunny. With a high of 31 degree don't quite cloudy and forty Greeks and we have an east wind at three miles per hour. 648 now Stevens did Carrie Underwood. Revealed to her fans club Monday that she's still recovering from a meeting forty to fifty stitches on her face. After November fall out Underwood took a hard fall November 10 on the steps outside her home near national. She was treated for a broken wrist and cuts. Them forcing her to pull out of the country rising. Benefit concert two days later but the singer had not revealed the extent of her injuries until now 4050 stitches in her face that's a lot of while. She was a pretty good care Don grant Ciampi the money tractor look like the scarecrow. I'm sure they'll make it look good plastic surgeons can do a lot. Wall Street has kept what he seventeen with a loss weighed down by a broad slide like trading. The head of New Year's. The New Year's holiday as of last Friday of course but despite the downbeat end of the week. Stock market finished 4017 but the strongest years since 2013. The S&P 500 gained nineteen point 4% for the year. The Dow ended the year with a 25 point 1% gain NASDAQ gained 28 point 2%. And the small cap Russell 2000 closed up when he seventeen. With a gain of thirteen point 1%. And I when you're given advice about stock your return on investment. Do you can you've used one of those indexes the S&P. Well the indices there are an interesting thing to monitor but the thing is a lot of people don't think about as they hear these numbers which are saying right now may go well past my portfolios not up that high I percent or lines up higher but think about you're not invested in those things you you may have some harsh investments in those things but. You don't have a 100% the S&P 500 that means you would have gone out and bought. One S&P you know every single one of the 500 stocks you know plus when you think about it there are fees associated with investing you can't buy stocks without paying fees. And so freedom by 500 individual shares. Of the S&P 500 is gonna cost you a lot of money so and so. It's it's it's it's a good thing to look at the health of your portfolio vs the health of the economy if you're down 20% it's up 1% something wrong you know but but if that is if you're invested in things like this would be 500 so. And nearly half of power customers in Puerto Rico still like electricity more than three months after hurricane Maria. Officials in the US territory say 55% of the nearly one point five million customers have power. It's the first time the government has given that statistic since the category form storm hit on September 20. With winds up to 154. Miles per hour than previously from reported power generation. Which stands at nearly 70% of pre storm levels but they're not. Getting out power out to the Holmes as realization. It's been understaffed remarks at 651 now old Stephen dead and dead on grants CFP the money tracker this morning. I have a controlling your estate from beyond the grave yet. Yes you know AJ you know I've often stressed the importance of keeping your beneficiary designations up to date on all your iris and everything. And in the need and the need for a living trust document or at least he will. Having these documents will clear up the confusion and will relieve some of the stress that comes with. Losing a parent or spouse or child. A testament jury well but will known as a traditional will. Is a directive document for the distribution of property to airs its triggered upon the death of the state tore. Andy gives instructions as to how the estate of property will be transferred. To be named investors are survivors rather. Once it is distributed that's it eight trusts. Can be much different though than a well. You have very you know hue that half. Well he created Playboy magazine and and had a testament Terry. Testament Terry yes that's it trusts for the yet distribution of his state he died in September 2007 team. An added provisions that control his assets well after his death. This trustees will cut off a transfer of his that estate if his beneficiaries become addicted to legal or illegal drugs or alcohol. How can he do that well. Details of half stress were revealed after a petition was filed by the trust tree trustee of that estate. And there's a clause that says if the trustees' reasonably believe that a beneficiary of any trust routinely. Or frequently uses are consumes any legal or illegal substance to. And as to the would be physically or psychologically dependent upon that substance blob blob block any distributions to the beneficiary will be suspended. After is not the only one many trust contain provisions that allow for incremental distributions of assets for example. Keeping assets protected in that trust until a child reaches. Age eighteen or 21 or even 35 years of age before receiving the full amount of the inheritance. This can protect that inheritance from. Being depleted to a due to a bad business deal or a nasty divorce ticketed you know your state could end up going to a bad sprouts. Well one of the best clauses that I've ever seen is this anti Weiner clause. It means if any beneficiary challenges the trust in court he or she will be cut off or just received one buck. Well simple estates can be dealt with through a testament jury well but even modestly complicated states would be better controlled. You know other distributions. Through a trusted nets the game need to involve an attorney for that. And of course of you have any questions about this or other things like this you need me call number 63422. When he do. Today is national buff a day. A hollow man. Buffets are a system of serving meals were put his place in the public area to be easily viewed and selected by people serving themselves yes yes and we did you tell anybody about that they are a little low for a good part of us what I did a few minutes ago the boy that was fun he gets there. Maria isn't being lousy company but I am and good food. During the middle of the sixteenth century the buffet table. Come from a Brendan Brendan is Willard a Swedish. She knocks a shot of alcoholic beverage table. No name pretty far out as easily into the easy when you got should not an option but say yeah he's real it is Strauss. UN I ended tenant and keep it and it looks Friday why intended taking guys out to lunch that you did. I did hear right and so we had a great time and plenty of hater here it a man. We elegant and Kevin is the manager of their takes care of us and it. He certainly did at least once Jiri comes in indicators are there Christmas deal from Strauss and it's it's it was funny. As we were kind of email back and forth what what are you gonna get what he again and you know Ted was gonna get Pete to double brass and instantly they come better in Paris delicious for that we ended up with the chicken fried chicken. A man delicious that was good and and a waitress brought us an extra one to split. Ryan man militant. I don't get pulled over afterwards because my blood gravy contents I Cristiano your. I reached no way near the legal limit yeah both. 656 now come at 7 o'clock. The case is this morning news or frigid start to the new year all across the US. She did in the morning on tape and assess.