Americans expected to eat more red meat and chicken in 2018

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, January 3rd

The Department of Agriculture estimates the average American will eat 222 pounds of meat this year.


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He's headed and I am a little concerned about some things that are going on now country. I think that. We are awesome and I love us. Seven of thirteen thirty Kate is as good as we are even dead in the morning it does 746. Here on Wednesday morning at three big things are pretty. Congress begins the new year would soon know US senator and soon. Shoe sale and with a man shot in north Wichita and two dead in grain elevator accident south of Wichita. Three big things even dead on Kate in a sense. And this morning at traffic moving right along out they're not seeing much in the way of slowdowns in which our roadways slowest traffic appears to be. Right around the north junction. On page 96. And looks like it's. East fan 1996. Just if here exiting off of I won 35 there traffic updates from Kate and as as radio I'm jet came. Now the weather picture gradually improving sunny today. With a high of 33 degrees Tuesday's high 25 with. Partly cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low thirteen. And for Thursday tomorrow partly so partly cloudy with a high of thirty fired back. Now partly cloudy northwestern into ten miles per hour and 22 degrees. Kate and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Explore your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday that today with four dollars select burdens and it was keys. Located at 579 west Douglas in his story delay know the monarch. 747 now Steven tendon pianist says in depth. This is from Bloomberg dot com left Americans are set to eat more meat and 28 teams than ever before let's begin news for Kansas and. To be precise the average consumer will eat 222. Point two pounds of red meat and poultry this year according to the US department Department of Agriculture. Surpassing a record that was set back in 2004 how much of that is chick filet them half on no. Meanwhile domestic production will surpass 100 billion pounds for the first time. As livestock owners expand their herds on the back of cheap feed grain now. Ago the Flint hills but in if you've got to supply eagle and up. And the demands that there. There's uttered the that are prices the miniature analyst at it. You play a deal will meet this year Ted. You united seniors like I always do Europe yet. Europe the universal island of war not love a good cheeseburger and a limited cheeseburger. Let the good reply. I need to get to charcoal grill very soon enough there on the north our candidate Tony ninth and and relative memory and spirits crowds last Friday. Have the chicken fried chicken now well they don't get hundred stop talking about food stock indices closed higher on the first trading day and 2018 led by. Gains in big technology companies OK retailers also led the way higher. The gains were enough to set all time highs for the S&P in the NASDAQ good way to start the year yeah natural gas prices climbed. As cold weather continued to grip large parts of the US the Dow increased a 104 points Lewis and Pete Rose 22. And the NASDAQ climbed a 103. Points. Goodyear Tire & Rubber says it will fully cooperate with the investigation by US regulators. Into whether some older Goodyear motor home tires can fail. And cause crashes and possibly deaths oh. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it began the probe after a court ordered the release of Goodyear data from lawsuits. Which had been sealed under court orders and confidential settlement agreements. To try to keep it secret. Goodyear has of the plant into peak as you know ten and my older brother Don. When he went to Washburn. Worked his way. It was his job but we're really at your place and good paying jobs what did he do there not sure. Terry tires on his back. He finally though he got to that he was also we've got dollar OTC's Williams education paid for boys nice did well graduated from wash burn. The chairman of the company that publishes six newspapers and Alabama has been accused of assaulting female employees. By spanking them while he was a news from executive decades ago is that wrong. In reports published an Alabama news outlets at least three women say H Brandt Ayers bone. Who became a nationally known voice of southern liberalism during his tenure as editor and publisher at the Anniston star. Assaulted them in the mid 1970s. Once using a metal ruler and now. All no call for the women and other former news from employees say Ayers had a reputation. Or spanking other women. That wrong. Don't think it's much doubt about battle the job. Lauren spanking your female or other newsroom employees news is going on an end. Only now is it unacceptable to. A to punish better just for fun. 751 bounce them away from the seventh ambulance even Ted and a branding change for a local insurance firm. And a bill Roy and through which of his journal with a us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yeah I am IIMA. Insurance is making some changes to its image. One of Lyonnais subsidiaries is signatures selected cells small business and personal personal insurance. Company will now be known as I may select president Brian sandy says it's a chance to change the way people think and feel. About insurance I am a select works of more than 100 insurance providers to design custom policies. I am a pink as a subsidiary of which because I'm a financial group. Martin print a law firm wasn't displeased with its offices of the rough and building of Douglas Broadway the Bank of America building but their lease was up it was time for change. Managing partner Stan Smith says firms looking for a new image that would appeal to customers. And to future staff members colonials. Mark Pringle moved to the new development known as the spaghetti works project on the east Douglas. Meaning that 2017 aircraft delivery gold was thought to be a long shot for Airbus that activity of late in the year means Google has been met. That's according to a report from Reuters. Sources say Airbus said in new monthly record for deliveries in December they have yet revealed their year end total. The Airbus number however not expected to be delivery counts from rival Boeing. Local breaking business news every day on can assess and what to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill. Light bill. Wednesday January 3 third day of the year here in 2018. Incidents this is the is his national drinking straw day I'm sure you'd celebrate this. On this date in 1988 Marvin cease stone. Received a patent for the paper drinking straw pretty good and all right Morristown. And acknowledgment of that invention each year on the January 3 people across the nation of their national. Drinking straw day. Is believed to be the very first to drinking straws for use by the some variants for drinking beer. This was in 3000 BC. While they found a straw was gold is too old to be in late with a precious blue stone yet to do not know. Yeah track. The Samaria and frat. Boys said no not grow fast enough they were Arabia opens they were draw party group back there in 3000 BC you know and so I delta delta Samaria. I don't usually don't drink with a straw I mean the coffee was distraught and ordinary well. Usually I just. You know slip and up with my made my bare mouth on this right and then who's the guy that invented the band be strong outline his dance with them down yet the musical. Right exactly genius and you don't have to you don't have to have that faintly. Agree it's always fun night and a lot like nation on dates when I was a young men. Taking the young ladies out for entertainment and always fun to go someplace and around a couple of soda straws up your nose and clearly ahead. Now it's at that was pretty funny they do charmer. The old soda straw up the nose retained. He's W didn't do that essentially. No. And that they're four and I just SS it is things to have presser but we will glee that right now. Okay all right so you guys celebrate at nationals. Drinking straws right now. 755 now Steve instead on K and assess. Coming up BS to assist news here at stuff we are at 8 o'clock to complete look at today's deal is a sale of shoes. Ends in a shooting that story in morning is on the way Stephen dead on Kate in a sense.