The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 12-11-17

Monday, December 11th

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It's time for the Wichita State shocker to me. Basketball coach TC. Actual presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. Now let's go live to eighteen sports grill on the Alley at the corner of thirteenth in premature and with the voice of the soccer Mike Kennedy. Good evening welcome to refresh itself for eight days portrayal. And we are fully into the basketball season and basketball coach he shows now so. From this point on until we get baseball like yes it's great Marshall six to seventeen Keith Adams 78 on these Monday nights is not shocker basketball. Both teams are taking in the middle of the week off this is finals week at Wichita State's and on the Wii games and both will be back in action this weekend in the post their own shocker winter classic with three teams coming in to play Friday and Saturday. And of course the men's basketball team plain old unit in trust the end game in trust bank arena at 3 o'clock. On Saturday. This is news that I would be willing to bet nobody in which Todd does not know that soccer's our number three in both polls today. Garcia at 8 PM the coaches falls between the shocker from six up to three after two wins last week and after about two losses in the top five duke lost Kansas lost twice Florida had lost a couple of games in a row. And so Wichita State moves up to number three behind Villanova Michigan State and just ahead of duke which dropped to fourth. In case you're wondering or don't know that's the highest of Wichita State has been in the polls and try to the end of the 2000. Fourteen season when they were still undefeated that year. And eventually got 35 and now they were over the last four or five weeks of that season. They were in the top three yet were at number two going into the NCAA tournament for. Second round to Kentucky. So attackers at three Notre Dame is number eighteen in both polls Baylor number 21 to that the team's checkers and play. This week's opponent Oklahoma. He has 27. In the voting at eight. 24. In the coaches polls that is a top 25 team in the polls coming in. Cincinnati at the American conference 25 at eight 26 in the coach's ability coming off a loss to Florida. On the weekend Houston is receiving votes in both polls and SMU is receiving votes in the peoples of the American conference. Really represented well. ESP n.'s PPI. The shocker is our second. Cincinnati number eight Notre Dame thirteen S and you'd never 26 Baylor thirty temple 380 you 39. And then the Ken Pomeroy which is probably honestly the best that the metrics in the ranking systems a shocker it's our fourth. Cincinnati number thirteen Notre Dame eight team. Aniston you're number 22 Baylor 24 Oklahoma 27. Houston 44 temple 46. Marquette number 53. Oklahoma State and for 54. Central Florida 75 so. The the American athletic conference has six teams in the top 7580. Basically five in the top fifty. In most of the metrics in the power ranking of valuations so you look at the move to shoppers maiden is certainly going to. They not just looking at the schedule right now they will have at least twelve games this season against teams currently in the top 5055. That's just a huge difference. From where they've been in recent years and again with. With all due respect to the misery teleconference tonight I totally respect their history and tradition like the people that only. But the highest ranked. Missouri Valley Conference team in those various metrics. Is Loyola Chicago it about anywhere from seventy to 75. The American conference has six teams ahead of them. In the rankings so that's that's where we are and that's why there are more close games and more difficult games this year. But it certainly benefits which Utah State their strength of schedule depending on what you those different things that you look at as anywhere from about 35 to seventy. And that's before you put Oklahoma in there Florida Gulf Coast at a company here in about a week week this weekend. It's right around top 100 anywhere from 85105. And most of the metrics though. It's a great schedule on conference in that you added all the conference teams in its sister B league really get scheduled this year from Wichita State. The win Saturday at Oklahoma State puts the shocker at 69. And fourteen. In true road games over the last seven plus seasons this being the eighth. 69. He. 83%. Who doesn't I mean nobody does that this is absolutely incredible. And we'll talk about a lot of other stuff but definitely agree sham that is the American athletic conference player of the week that you can surprise you. Landry's numbers just for the past week is the two games with South Dakota State and Oklahoma State averaged 25 and a half points per game and six and a half this is shot over 58%. From the field was eight of fifteen from three. It was fourteen of sixteen from the line his thirty point performance and Oklahoma State on Saturday. Lot of other guys playing well also landry's the first Wichita State player to win the America conference player of the week award book Terrell Willis and Connor French camp in the last couple three weeks have been. On the honorable guys that were nominated him and were considered that landry's the first one to actually. Win that award. I think most of you are aware and it's not like he played every year but Wichita State's win in Stillwater on Saturday was their first win there. Since 1957. Only their third victory effort in that building and history of the series and so it was pretty significant it. First time Wichita State played the years since the end 0102 season. So just a great win Oklahoma State I think also is better. In what they were projected to be. A little bit of an unknown quantity in some ways because they lost in the eight garden Q1 Evans and two other starters from last year's team and were picked last in the big twelve. I don't think they're gonna finish last that's a good team. That's probably as good defense is Wichita State is faced this year and so. Very good road win on top of another really really good road win at Baylor in the week before. Chuck usually I try to go through you know against the big twelve this weekend. The Oklahoma coming to an interest arena. That should be a fun game sinners like to get it up and down they're averaging ninety points a game they're also giving up eighty game. So it should be a fun temple at and a fun game on Saturday interest and I think it sold out it's not. Hope that it certainly will be with few tickets that might be left. By Saturday's 3 o'clock 2 o'clock exciting times for shocker basket on and it's been exciting time for a long time now under Gregg Marshall but certainly yet. Not as good as it gets this early in the season right now and separate study that have markets McDuff yet hopefully that'll be happening fairly soon as well so glad to have you with us. Coach Marshall on his way it will be at getting into our discussion with him in just a little bit so. Stay with this and it seemed like to send the question alone completely and it shocker voice try to pass them along the sweltering tonight show. Gregg Marshall show for AJ sports grill at the only to get our Turkish. Right. 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Connecticut the middle part of the week off from competition before getting back to action against OEU on Saturday finals week so certainly for the players it's not any kind of the week off they've got a lot of work to do that. A week off from competition until Saturday cut first of all I have to ask you it was a trip back from Stillwater Johnson trip. Back from Stillwater was nice. Guys were in obviously festive moods several of them were able to go back with their parents we have an unbelievable. Fan support in and and still water from shocker nation but. This especially if the pairs there were more parents. Then at that game than a typical home game but which we haven't played many Saturday home games we played a lot of mid week games thus far. And I think. Just seeing all those folks about that we had nine means parents are sets of parents. In attendance and we try to get as many of them in the locker room so the celebration started actually in the locker room carried over to the media room. Wherever we could go to it was pretty festive group for shoppers. You know and that brings up you mention that many people were there and and it's been great to get Oklahoma State and I know you play at second game of his many years here this weekend. Where where is all of that standard those series that you would try to continue and what's the reception on the list. What we've already extended the Oklahoma. Series and we're talking to Oklahoma State about extending the one after this beat the last year must we extended. I was trying to work out where we start all that. They would like just come back here next year which would mean two in a row with their place we're kind of hesitant on that that will hopefully work that out it's easy trip. Obviously very good program Michael's point of two very good job there as did his predecessor. So we just we feel like that's a good when Oklahoma we've got three more years counting this Saturday. And then they were one more year and I would be opposed to continuing that went so. Those guys have stepped up into and out of freed places certainly doesn't hurt win or lose it helps them if they win it doesn't hurt and if they lose so. That's kind of position we've we've gotten ourselves and so it's easier to schedule now that it was safe for five years ago. Oklahoma State I think in the polls was picked last in the big twelve this year I thought they were much better team and then they leave your little unknown they lost 21 Evans and a couple of other starters that certainly that's a team and I think has a chance. That is well to want Evans is a special player and it's just like we've lost for Enron it was it was difficult. Two to replace those guys immediately. So that the Avery let the kid. It's very good I thought I thought we get a good job on him he was really tough to guard him video and then that the senior guard Smith. They brought in as a graduate transfer. That's a very good players well he had first basket of the game in the kind of disappear and I think he got in foul trouble but. It's it's. It's a good team I mean they really really defendant. We've week I guess we figured something out at halftime her around the end of the first half because we were dreadful. Those first 1012 minutes and then on score fifty points in the second. Is that may be the best job at least firsthand after the anybody's done it Q as far as putting pressure on the ball and making it difficult for you to get in here confident. They really did they do a great job of denying that next path they're very physical and athletic as we know. And the game is called very loosely here and I'm telling you it was a war it was he wore down there was very physical and they got after it to go home but we look at after do our beef should read it kept in the game is too weak in two weeks ago office. Yeah just put numbers with that we talked about this after the game Oklahoma State made five of its first six shots. And then was two at sixteen the rest of the first half and so you had some empty trip but those stops really keeping it within her. I salute you we held them to twenty mid twenties or at halftime so I was 23 point 336 to 23 so muted there aren't a lot of offense being displayed at that point you just. We we were limited in one shot we were getting that defensive rebound we just had to figure out how to attack them and ultimately became you became more open yourself drive came to prisons passes through some difficult. Guys just back to ask if it wasn't really more about a pro style offense that you had to go to because of the fact that they just made it difficult to get the ball inside then you know we'd like to reverse the ball. Passes from one side to the next to him and get the defense closing out and whatnot and make the defense work and they would if it's hard to do that against him you have to strike when the opportunities they hear it and drive the ball we don't have the grow best personnel that right now with. Especially with two very good players. Some logic he's Jones and Marcus bean deputy can do that. Now don't not able to play because it's different injuries so. Some logic played him he had a cameo but that was about it. We're just we're trying to. Do it I CJ Kaiser ready so he can do that. Get home get some Aussie back at get. Marcus back and they have Connor and and and Reeves do that as well penetrated those gaps and get to the basket if you don't have a great shot which you can then there didn't kick it so much of the open. He blew up traditional post offense you only had does those drives you're talking about but I thought. The resting your post office came to a great degree from Terrell Willis really going hard but he often secure. Wonderful job cleaning up the glass. You know those guys who have been at the centers made four threes. Ron may two Jeremy Warren. Shaq meet one. And you we got some offensive stick back and get some baskets around the the basket. Shots around the basket from just offensive rebounding driving Kelly had the big steal them and then what you get the foul but he had a basket. So. Yeah it was it was hard to do you mean when you went in there you were gonna get put on your behind me this slavery Shannon found out about three times. Did you notice was there kind of a conscious change in the way the game was being called in the second half that ended up at both teams shot a lot more free throws anyway in the second half your team in particular. I just thought it was a very very very loosely very well officiated game in the first half it was a warm but that was that was a war both ways they were letting those teams play I like the fact that they actually called. Traveling when guys caught the ball on both teams in shuffle their feet come. The in an end as well as you gonna call the same way we can adjust. And and then I think they got back there makes it man escapes. Very rough we need to tighten it up instantly tighten it up in the second half. Yeah Landry mentioned something in his post game interview that I thought was uninteresting and I know the players and and maybe even more so coaches appreciate this he felt like the officials very approachable that you could talk to them without them getting defensive protesting in. And that sort of thing. Well I. You know don't and having problems talking to him and didn't have much to say to him really to be honest. There was one call and known that the official long time and I said. You know I disagree with that call because I was looking them in the rent free right here for movie was looking at it we had better look than you do that you called from across the court he goes. I'll buy you dinner when you look at if it's not just out of style social okay. And I said it now admit that it wasn't thought he was right. But in that particular game the way you that it did appreciate it it didn't it didn't fit with the rest of the game. You know landry's numbers are obvious from that gained thirty points and all the things he did that. To meet that some of the things that really stood out I mean he took a beating he kept coming back he took some hits and not not dirty hits the gist of you know go to the basket got knocked out and. Really just kept going took a couple of charges had a shot fake receipt of the biggest blow he took when he took the shot they need rip went for the shot faking the shot it. And they've written basically like look like at WW wrestler coming from the top rope he just. Landed on him with all of this force. And I thought that's where he got hurt. He took a charge one time from kuril. And his Carroll was barreling into and and falling on top of him he kind of led with his right elbow last slowed that down a couple times with them on video. Didn't particularly like that plagued it. It was it was you know you do you draw a charge on me now you're gonna pay the price. And Carol has not yet been as good as he was against you here last year are really kind of the player he was last year that is so dangerous. And Landry if you shoot charges on him then got his third foul on a great cut to the basket got fouled over the back when Muslim. And he carols a very good player and I played like Superman here last year. Had a great year but he missed the first couple games due to the FBI. Field there. And he just had hoped colors rhythm he's. If you can student MBA player. He's gonna have to play more like he did last year which he was he looked like an MBA player as opposed to this year which that's a little all he had missed last year. We'll look good weather good road win I've mentioned this number of I know you live that every day it's not something you really think about that 69. And fourteen in true road games over the last seven plus years you've won 83%. That be true road games for recent years such as crazy it is that happening come as. Alou was gonna keep it going we'll get nice and tough points coming up so. You know our guys just love playing on the road or for whatever reason what we do a daily basis is conducive to. Toughness and success. On the road and you have to stick together you have to have a common bond you have to. Love the guy in in the locker next to you written in place for him and you've there's adversity years. There's all kind are pretty things happen that could mean she just optimize our team. You list this afternoon coach Gregg Marshall from AJ sports facility our regular Monday night get together we will continue with coach Marshall right after the. Is they're cold they're making you shiver even endorse call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or installing new clinic system he your home now and pay overtime and with six month financing. 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Saturday at interest bank arena mentioned landry's ship a player of the week in the American athletic conference and he's is becoming one of those guys that. Whatever you need from him he's gonna try to provide for a tip his defense has gotten so much better we kind of when added a little but a little bit coming out of power because I didn't think he. Was locked in defensively he could be should be. Just like that. Lock down defender with his size athleticism attention to detail very coach wants to win all the but I think he was thinking more room the team. Offense. As opposed to defense and rebounding and I got him a couple times a little bit video and he's responded beautifully and now has the column when that we wanted him to be and what he can be. A lockdown defender taking charges. Being in the in the gaps mean he's really really they picked up on the defensive end which is now gonna. Continue to recent stock and in everyone's dollars. You know people may not realize Connor friend campus quite quietly scored in double figures in the last three games almost sixteen points a game 45% overall instead of eighteen from three. Nine for nine the lines were assists no turnovers he's really kind of relaxing in becoming the player that we don't we'll be. Absolutely I'm disappointed in those eight masters I don't know line missing them didn't look good coming out of his hands he he just when he shoots the ball it looks like it's going and we've given him a lot of freedom. Which is. Exactly what he wanted when he transferred here you talked about you know wanna. They'll play the game would be the guy that stands in the corners shoots threes when the from the Indian and only that so. I told him. You need state more aggressive when they were in that that little nuisance press call that they were trying to steal the ball and just trying to not allow you to run sets and take time off the clock he was in the middle a couple of times he got a good look. Once per week when he caught it took a couple of dribbles it was just inside the three point line but he missed about a seventeen footer. But then later on in the game he would vacate that spot too early you're told to stay in there. Point the ball and then let's go let's go three on two all day long I'll I'll live with your. Pull up jumper or you hitting one of the post players. And he's smaller than he's more athletic I think than people realize that he's he's worked over the years on really getting shot off quickly or. Getting guys take off your feet a little bit and getting each. Oh yeah and what I love this. Landry did the pump faking got some money and felt terrible instead of him on the other going the other way you like he did against South Dakota State and other people. He can't or shouldn't do that to Connor has that team everybody's gonna go for his suffering because he's such a good shooter and ultimately he just kind of nailed it. Imagine Darryl Willis is offensive rebounding he's had three good games in a row also and and especially against Baylor and Oklahoma State tough rebounds physical. Rebounds but talk if you were a little bit about the other parts of his game that he's been working on to get better is defense it's passing those guys. Absolutely he's working now every possession he knows he wants to be out there you know support it. He's working on the defense of him and he's much better though he still got room to grow. And shooting the ball to the three I thought that his three pointer was being in in the making runners to reporters shacks three pointer. They open up the offense so much when those big guys can step out shooter with great percentages don't knock on look. Hopefully that can continue with all three of shooting very good percentages and his offensive rebound. Last year he was the only guy that competed. At the same level as Oklahoma State he had a great game and it was Harriman nobody else and so he gets confidence going against those guys they recruited him. So he probably he's very in tune against Oklahoma State. And it last year you creatively called him for a good part of the season machine gun Willis goes when he got his hands it was probably going up and he seems to be more aware of things the offense had mentioned that cut that. Landry maybe gets the third foul on Carol I was Carroll's pass it was a great pass from the wing deleted the best politician. Anticipated that a little bit too much that he threaded that needle was something on it there was no there was no the good lob that he just she. The smoke to be in there to to a very good cutting wearing impeach him for a big basket. And you mentioned the threes virulent and Shaq and in run out and right now I know that that the emphasis is on you know you're welcome to take those when your wide open but if teams. Don't respect that they've shown they can hit him if they start coming out on that really opens up a lot of things. Your off absolutely does this cuts the driving angles. Even those guys can pump faking and especially Darrell conclude on the deck. I'm not sure won't run over Shaq driving too much from the three point line but Jack's very skilled as you know and yet those those those four threes were imported. We get a whole lot of around the basket. But I that was more attributed to their defense in the fact that our guys keep score around about us. I I've got it now that magic probably was that the girls the offense he found what they called him for hooking it offenders may be it was that that's not as quick as I've seen a six guy. 69 guys spinning them. Yeah if we talked about that today in practice. He he did it it's almost like he wanted to hurt the guy with a solo around a bit back. And he responded he crushed these guys and the bad thing is he didn't need to do that he was already behind him. But he wanted to do it chicken wing in the fuel bill. And in the end inflict some pain as he made the move so subdued don't don't do that we we we need you to make that move and score the basket get the end warrant whatever. Without trying to hurt the man's spine. And that's something that he is capable of his size he is so quick sometimes on those pins I don't think people anticipate just how quick he can make it now he's he's very Agile quick. Especially with the bones and that's when he's in his most. Quick and I've mentioned a couple of individuals like. I have to keep mentioning Reshard Kelly over these last three games just but for a half points in that he had seven rebounds and all three games at ten assists and three games. And still in the top 22 a nation and offensive rebounding. See you don't. He's leading us with eight point something rebounds a game an amateur when the last time we had some might Jamie Arnold early ninety's okay so yeah that's a lot of rebounds. And he's just relentless with the ball he's finally. Embraced the glue guy role and knows that his role is not score forty points a game nobody content. If you can score four or six and get get this eight rebounds and get us fibrosis. And in two steals. And play great defense that's gonna help us win he has embraced that. And it's that brown did towards the end of last year. I wanted to mention Zach also because one of the things I think got overlooked too often with rotted fret that they were here was cleared. Incredible ability to get their hands in the passing planes in Canadian on people and stuff and what that contributed defense. I thought Zach brown had one of those kind of games so well. Those guys those two seniors made winning place they didn't score a lot of points but they made winning plays Matt for realm made winning plays for Notre Dame at the end of that game. Can with a pass on the out of bounds play the steel on and Austin reads just. The the play of the game where east just took the ball from a conference campus he was balancing it. In transition in the first half resulted in terrible threes for him to six point gain of six point swing. Zach brown yes. Hustling and in the far corner opposite our bench in front of Oklahoma State. Knocking the ball off mr. Solomon for this to particulates of the possession. And then Rashard Kelly with the steel at the top of the key. A couple of dribbles that awkward finish but finish nonetheless those were big time plays by seniors that help you win games. Gregg Marshall our guest on the weekly Gregg Marshall showed that AJ sports grill at the LA we'll continue our discussion of shocker basketball right after this. The Kansas Department of Transportation reminds us that every life is important and invites you to join the drive to zero campaign. Truck drivers are involved in 13 of all traffic crash fatalities that's over 100 fellow kansans please do your part designated super driver. And kiss home safely. Buckle up eliminate distracted driving. And remember in Kansas you drink you drive. You lose. But you're looking for the perfect power suit or just a great pair of jeans and shirt to Wear to watch the big game and they need to head to Johnson's. Offering the very best in contemporary men's clothing and a friendly experience staff to help. You're sure to find something that you and your style. 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Marshall show and we might Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner thirteen thing green which road. But the fact that Gregg Marshall show what are the other day well actually asking pursuant to think that happens on Monday that now actually they update every day that the NCAA statistics. Come out on a regular basis on Monday but every day now. Landry sham it is ninth in the nation in three point percentage 37. In free throw percentage in 79 in overall. Field goal percentage he's also 78 and assist to turnover ratio. Connor French camp is three assists shy of qualifying after averaged three game but he would be fourth in the nation and assist to turnover ratio at 621. Fred Bentley is the only player in the history this program to average three assists to every turn over. And Connor frank camps career average here is about four and a half to one assist turnover that's something that probably gets overlooked them. He's very cautious with the ball there's a great job of protecting it he. He's very good passer he just doesn't put a lot of pressure on the defense and create that much if he did that. Who knows what his assist to turnover ratio and our wish she would do that more we talk to him about that all the time get in there don't. Don't make Chansi place just keep your dribble alive until you. Know what you gonna do with the basketball but when you shoot the ball the way he does you have to press up on him we call it. Could our clothes out on their toes when they catch the ball you need to be standing your total joke and with him that's what you need to do so there's opportunities as we mentioned earlier that shot fake glow around see if you can draw help defender ticket to a wider and shoot. Let's talk about some of those stats a shocker is continue to lead the nation in rebound margin. Fourteen point six forgave this film best in the country fourteenth that scoring margin. Against any tougher schedule than they have played. The one that they're really stands out to me your twentieth in the nation in assists at over eighteen per game this is the best. Team insists. Per game that you had here and you've had some really good passers in the past and what do you think is is may be causing creating this happening. Sure I'm not sure I mean we're we're a little better may be assisting the ball we're not quite as good turning of the people over I think he's just a personnel I think. These guys are very unselfish they pass the ball well then there's the big give up a good job for a great shot most of the time. But we don't windows but aren't passing lanes like it to kill can't ignore or Ron bankers much so. We're not as good. Forcing turnovers this would this groupies in the week we press quite a bit. And we haven't. We also are not we're better rebounding this group to I mean a rebounding margin is number one in the country but. We there's certain things every group has to work on certain things every group does very very well yes that's where we go with this team. We'll get to one of those work on things in a moment 26 in the nation in both field goal percentage 501. And field goal percentage defense 38% if you can maintain a small percent average over your opponents you're gonna win it time. They games that you don't have to turtle about the typical thank goodness so. We looked at last year in the year reform we turn T overs so much there was so many things week. They had more turnovers than may feel rules we've and we saw that stat. The radio show afterwards but it. Yeah we're we're we're good that was well which is which is grace is that your personnel this is what we have with this group. And again we've got one of our better players sitting on the side of Marcus picked up he's very good deflecting passes to get in the past rulings. Let's talk about this was. The two statue brought up your team before the game on Saturday video worry your defense team scoring average points per game given happen and turnover margin. And let's talk a little bit about the scoring because. Some of that obviously are things you're not totally happy with the defense that in fairness how much of this is the fact that. Your games for the most tended to be fairly trampling your scoring a lot of points to and so the other team it's probably going. Scored a few more. I still have that that trophy that the accident probity and number one pieces of team in the country. In terms of points allowed treaty which is the number ones that really. How many points you given him. We were 1559. Points a game I think 2014. So. I like that a love that trophy at love that trophy again at love that number to go down to maybe 54 points a game or something like that. But it's hard to college basketball the way the rules to change up tempo teams you play. Everybody's scoring a little more relative to the theater two to three years ago. But still you know you wanna you wanna get a stop every time that's just that's in the evening. The turnover thing is you know I would guess number one on your list of the things need to get better you 259. And turn over marking your committee. One and a half that gave more than your opponents and that's been a stats that you've been top fifty you're better than me. And for 45 years I told his team going into the season the things that are most worried about is our decision making. Making basketball player he's making the next pass. We've worked on passing we've worked on activity we've worked. But I can't work on decision making it's very difficult it's and we just throw the ball to the other team when he more than she. And I don't know why I've gone I've broken it down now to say okay what is the rush why the panic. There you just tell me exactly how many 52 counts we have had this year and the answer is zero. Now we should've had in mind against Oklahoma State had the defender stayed on Rashard kill. But the guy guarding him. For short pick it up he guarded him for two seconds and that he just drifted back in two or under the basket. Because the short pitted for like seven seconds and finally found somebody to throw it to. But that would have been our first 52 count of the year. Still we we hit the panic it will rushed to try to be too cute or too fine with the decisions. And Oklahoma State and a great job we threw it into the arms about four times. They would close our jump into a passing lane and it would hit someone's arm him in the him that would cause term. Different games present different challenges and if you handle those that helps your team probably prepared for everything was was that piano the emphasis was on. Some are you guys that are not ball handlers savior dribble don't use it until it's absolutely necessary and you guys are ball handlers want you put it on the floor don't get don't lose it don't give it up and had how would you evaluate the way your team handled. Just OK you know that the you get to we keep it to hold the ball in a studio dribbling the ball now and there's no count anymore on dribbling and then. You picked through you can do that forever and you can pick it up and holed it for four more seconds in the and you can start dribbling again. So you can have a all the entire possession now. Well actually can't dribble left you picked it up that there's a lot of things you can do to. Just don't hand it to be solid with the ball forward pivot don't negative that we a lot of times we get in precarious situations. Would like Zach brown and Ronald nurture. And they will. Pick the ball up and then there will immediately become weak. As opposed to become strong and been able to look at the the landscape if you will it and make the right decision. But. It's it's a work in progress we've got to get better that it would work and every day we worked on today we had a good practice today it was a long but it was very crisp. Yeah I hate asking you mentioned so much earlier he'd been more available and you have a sense of of his status the problems he's having this stuff. Yeah he saw yes true in some apologist or something like that today. Sought an expert I'm assuming and and they're gonna go in tomorrow it's open and here put the tube down his throat. And they're going to look at all the vital organs and the esophagus and everything in. If that's not the issue is just things IE the the situation we're anxiety can cause the reflux. And that's what he's feeling he's feeling like every turn. He's you know thinking about playing he gets is almost. Reflux almost. Throw up in in in fact and if you don't wanna be doing that. It's not a very good comforting feeling lawyer on the court doing all the things that we ask you to do so. He's working through that the doctors have been great. And you know he's been out the last two well he played I guess they're just like ray Bentley played against Tulsa a couple of years ago with a hamstring he pull lead. What a minute or two against. Oklahoma State but that was just to give. Let let me entry. Work out a cramp actually. Anyone in the game it all worked out but that's a game where you really can be used him this isn't the way they push you he's the guy that could put it on the floor of eastern north and south. Coverage of her book he can get to that room keys. Very good at doing that we we we definitely needed him in that game that we needed Saturday I mean these guys have tremendous guards. We will talk. More about that we come back Oklahoma coming to an interest period on Saturday at Netflix should be a really fun game we'll talk about that on the Gregg Marshall show from AJ at the end. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. See this for me with no smile. He got command and I can't believe this contract. Grade now with asthma Cuba committed I can't believe this can ask. A healthy smiles a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Holiday season is here and shedding employees have something special to share me this time it. Here is all about family and we'd like you to be a part of our sellers happy employee discount is now available to everyone you pay what we've thing and not a cent more it's our way is say happy holidays. 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Cox Communications is now hiring for account service and technical support call center representatives at our call center in Wichita apply online at jobs dot Cox dot com with keyword Wichita customer service as a Cox calls center employee you'll be enhancing the lives of our customers and your career and exciting ways prepaid plus benefits including free Internet that's jobs dot Cox dot com with keyword Wichita customer service tosses an equal opportunity employer. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today on gay and. Marshals show we'd Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth in Greenwood road. By the fact that Greg marshals showed. Saturday's opponent through Wichita State interest anchor Rita is the University of Oklahoma and last year Wichita State beat LU and Oklahoma City at an early season game. Oklahoma ended up eleventh and 25. And thirteen in the big twelve. And yet. They were getting votes for the top 25 in the pre season this year they lost two starters they returned 65%. Of its scoring. 69%. Of the rebounding and signed one of the most highly recruited freshman in the country there are seven and one. They've defeated Omaha Ball State Ball State beat Notre Dame at Notre Dame. Portland Oregon in Portland north Texas Texas San Antonio beat USC at Los Angeles. Friday night this is a team that has made the step where they Torre years. Yeah they have a lot of talented freshmen last year now they're sophomores and they had a trio but still got Latin back and started on the final 142 years ago. But this train young is a dynamic talent he's the one and done he's hit 43 the other night to get some more and he is. He's gonna take and make some incredible shots. But he also gets sped up and kind of like a lot of freshman he. He makes some crazy decisions but the duties uber talented and he can play. So we've got to control him really keep Latin off the glass and all of those young guys who were. Kahne or to see if you're went on last year that are playing well as sophomores this year juniors. They're good team and Lon Kruger you know he's been doing it for a long time at a very high level. We expected a knockdown drag out from the sooners on Saturday. Some members entree yet losing 62 freshman 28 point eight points per game and eight point eight assists he shooting 48%. 38 from 386. Mine gets to the line nine times a game. And is averaging almost four turnovers a game believes the system has it over to the one. System turnover ratio four turnovers and oversee that he's got to at least eight assists to became a the guy has these accounting for like 60% of their points. What. Is there anything in particular about Hamadan as far as matchups TV media start out on big brown will see some time on him for sure and we'll have to try to do it to take the whole team everybody's gonna have to hedge well we're gonna have to. Help well they're gonna have to be in tune because this guy is is electric he is really really talented fine player. And Oklahoma is averaging. Ninety points per game 93 in fact but they're giving up eighty. You've played California is it really liked they should Oklahoma State very capable of pushing it as this team get an up and down as fast as anybody played. Well I honestly I'm gonna start watching them tomorrow morning. That yesterday was a day off I think I elected it was broke down Oklahoma State government they all. And today we were in their work in on us so. We'll get into Oklahoma I did watch their game against USC. The night that we were in. Stillwater so watch their most recent demons in the impressed me in just. Just you're beating USC either were top 25 team and I don't know if that was. Turn voters something though when one game deal or home and home. But US sees very very talented they've got all lot of those same guys that we saw literally yards freshman so. Down in Orlando and it'll be an interesting deal two. Play these guys I'm just I'm just so glad we have the series with them because I I just respect Lon Kruger so much. And he's got a great program final 42 years ago and they they can get there again this year. And and doesn't help I mean obviously this is a different team may be different talent that you play people like cal and Oklahoma State and even he throws have been stated their terms of your guys having to really be conscious all the time that. Getting back in and being aware of transition. We talked about Oklahoma today with our team. And Donnie Jones who has the scale. I've mentioned that they were the third fastest team in terms of offensively shooting the basketball I think they average like eleven point three seconds per possession. You have to have been long Savannah State's number one at eleven. So it's wait three seconds. Slower than Savannah State. Yes something else about this team they are being they've got four guys that are 69 or sixty and play like they average six blocked shots a game although there again you faced Baylor that had some long guys that were shot. Well do these guys are younger. You. And latins he's been there he he started two years ago but. That is young men from the island to forget what irons from like Australia or something last year as a freshman. That your wall this team has long they have great depth on the wane. And train young is is stirring the drink. What's. What's maybe the biggest key for your team going in his scheme from what you've seen so far. Yeah now voicing the one game against US CI I think we've got to get back in transition obviously and we've got to make them take. If they're gonna take a quick shot is going to be contested shot can't be an open shot can't be a layup or dunk. It's gotta be tough contested hopefully it too but they're gunners there are spread out and he's gonna get in there and spray it or take. We've got to stop train young first. Procedure and try to score if you don't stop him then beat the good on the close out contest. I know you love playing at Coca arena but I know you really also enjoyed this opportunity to play game a year I didn't trust and and with them. Where they are right now that the metrics in 24 down one of the polls I mean this is a game that has a chance to feel like an early season NCAA tournament. I'm sure will be televised so one of the ESP Anderson BS. Channels and it's sold out over 151000 seats and people ask me for tickets now I don't have to it's hard to get what to return. And in the bottom line is what's featured on seats are gong. And then Beckham build bigger arena just because I need two more seats are four more seats this game is very very anticipated. It's exciting. My hope this week to play more like we did the first six times as opposed to the way we played last year. Good dad good timing as far as you have your practice time this week but with the guys and found two of the mid week games you can kind of focus on this one game here when they get. Wednesday off the coast as it was they offer he's gonna go to Tacoma to watch Eric Stephenson. In a big big game on Wednesday come back Thursday and but you have this big the guys are really buckled and if they're they're focused on finals right now they're really excited about. Getting finals done so that they can concentrate for warm solid month of nothing about possible. Coach thank you good luck this weekend. Gregg Marshall on the precaution show for AJ sports grill at the Alley coming up that's Wichita State women's basketball team. Posting their own shocker winter classic three visitors coming in this weekend cookery dusty street will be along with it coach Keith Adams. Coming up next. Wichita State and Oklahoma tip it off at 3 o'clock. On Saturday afternoon at in trust bank arena should be a fun one we thank you all for joining us in thinking handling our producer. Stay tuned for shocker women's basketball discussion it's these screening Keith Adams coming up next trip KJ export growth yet.