The Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 12-18-17

Monday, December 18th

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Thank you get a pick up in chief tonight show and I was Scottsdale course coming off a tough loss of University of Oklahoma on Saturday by scored 9183 unit trust bank arena. But eight and two on the year and that was going to get behind them quickly as Jacques reception games at home this week Arkansas State tomorrow night cookery net. And Florida Gulf Coast on Friday those will be the final two not conference games title pre Christmas games. And the last time the soccer play anyone other than America athletic conference opponents. Until the post season so looking forward to this week coach Marshall will be joining us in just a little bit. That this be my day this is the day a lot of things come out at the rankings are out Wichita State number three in both polls last week. Number eleven this week in both polls just a little bit farther drop and I thought it might take but certainly no big deal at this point the season. Oklahoma. Jumped from 24 in the coaches poll in just outside the top 25 eap to seventeenth. Baylor is number eight seed. And at Notre Dame slip just out of the polls they are 26 it want it 27 in the voting in another. And both Oklahoma State and SMU receiving votes in the polls this week Oklahoma State. A round number 32 in the voting in the eight people. If you were not aware they had a really nice road win it. On Saturday at Florida State Florida State was ranked nineteenth and undefeated up to that game so it really nice road win for Oklahoma State. And they are eight and two on the year as well so the shoppers have played a tough schedule. The American athletic conference bill potter who does the statistics and releases and so forth the American athletic conference. Has been tracking the what he calls the major seven. Basketball conferences and I think that's legitimate you know you hear a lot about the power five BCS schools which is the power of five football conference's. But when you look at college basketball I I think he very legitimately could put the American athletic conference and beat east. In the air as top six and seven conference's. And he has been tracking how all the conferences are doing against each other and the American is eighteen and twenty against the other six. Power conferences. And add that ranks fourth they are just behind the they think ACC. Big east and big twelve and head the SEC. The pac twelve and the big tent so the eight AC. They very well in Wichita State had a big role in that shocker to play six of their ten games so far. Against those their power six conferences and are four and two in those games and so soccer play very good showing. And keep in mind is that the great thing in us that eat into an nationally ranked and all those kinds of things. But you mentioned Marcus but Duffy it's not an excuse it's not well worldly for a sixth because they don't have markets picked up the the shocker is without Marcus McDuff either leading scorer rebounder a year ago are eight and two. Including four at two. Could get the other best conferences in the country so that's a pretty significant. Accomplishment now having said that coach Marshall steps in no coach ever likes to lose those coaches ever. Two. Feeling too good about anything after a loss that coach. Having had a chance to go over the video with your guys yesterday and so forth just maybe. General thought wrapping up the Oklahoma game we were very good they were very good. The general thought all right that's pretty checkbook. You know it was a strange game in terms of you look at the final statistics and it doesn't really. Reveal exactly had a gateway that sometimes it's not. How many that one end. And one of the cases turn off which he ended up with him and ended up with eight. But they outscored fifteen to six on points off turnovers which obviously the turnovers were a bigger factor in the. The total number is he that we had some. That shots that also resulted in in the equivalent of a turnover they were able to get right now sit in ones and wide open jumpers on some bad shots we took. I thought and undervalued aspect of that team was the four blocks that your money that he's that. We're we're we're right in they're laying the ball landed at least twice he doesn't block it he catches it. We have a hard time replicating that type Italy and practices. He was those those blocks were timely and they were. There were it was eight points off the board. Yeah that was certainly a lot of people of that should be as they can't recall seeing somebody just. Take a ball both hands and the year and again it's. It's it's not a chop you wouldn't do that spit it we don't we have a hard time replicating that practice to. Our guys are not used to that that that that duties as a very good player. Obviously tree yards tremendous and you know we shot about 25% overall from Hillary and her best to outside shooters are completely agree and Conor go to for a let. That's not gonna get it done. Defensive. Leave it really changed after the happening you help them. To have much lower percentage and and how much of that was he had just that you maiden and how much how much were you missing assignments in the first half on. Well we definitely missed some assignments and we definitely didn't do what we were asking him to do but. As a coaching staff we have to take some weather the burden off these guys in and simplified things that we once again I think we complicated things a little bit. With our verbiage to the players. This particular player. When you're. Defending a ball screen which to do this at this particular player I want you to do this. And in the end we just didn't do anything very well so it halftime we were right back to our principles this is that we taught it from they want. Have to get out show your numbers and hedge which we were doing very well the first half. But then we're not gonna record do anything special we give it a couple of times we just totally switched the ball screens that. It was it was a bad performance from me all the way down so. Now we've just got to do better obviously we see those guys again atlases NCAA tournament and I T here's something that. I hope presidency if we turn of gainers deep and then in the turn that we get a chance to play him again but. They did a great job and he's obviously tremendous coach and make some really fine players. Trey yacht was so impressive with. Mean the little floaters and and stepping back and shoot shots and long threes it just seemed effortless that to me maybe the thing that was most impressive was. His ability to see everybody here guys justices are breaking up and up meeting it was it was really a Fred van fleet type performance for a passing this. Yeah it was the heat and he's a player. I just talked to some friends of mine who were in that agent business. They were they a couple of just asking me about him. And I cities he's really cute and they said he might be player of the year at this point it at the college basketball season ten games who engage in whatever their you've played. I may be the player of the year he's averaging close to thirty points a game he's averaging nine assists. His team is. Really good I've lost wants. 22 Arkansas. And they beat Oregon and they beat us they beat southern cal. And I mean when they shoot the ball like that there will be a lot of people. Coach not coach Kruger mentioned he thought it was his team's most complete performance of the year from from your team standpoint. With everything that you mention do you feel like if you just make a couple of more open shots that it still could have been different that. Well we had chances to make it real close ball game but in every time that lets it happen. The police would jump up and grab a shot off the right races at its peak and he told him it was a clean blocks. We would turn it over we would miss a wide open three we would get a stop and not get the defensive rebound. It was something along those lines and those those things happen you know I have said this a long time. But. That I learn this is a young coach Mike Mike you're toward John Crist used talked about this play thirty games this season. You play five. Generally 573. But on average about five games that are much better that your nor. You play five games that are probably not quite your dorm and then there's the twenty games in the middle is who you are. Lou and in this case I think that was one of our hopefully one of our worst five performances. I don't know for sure but I hope that that I can see that in the year that was one of our worst five performances and again it starts with me. He goes all the way down to the end of the bitch down we're Kellen thought they could see it. You know. Looking yet who. Who you've played this year do you feel like it you've played good not conference schedules the best he could play that you feel like this has been about as good and not conference schedule that you played through. Ten games disease definitely. Said that many times I think you know it's. We we did play the cultural sense of amnesty and it that you have can see. But we also play a lead Marquette. Cal. And Notre Dame and or Oklahoma. And Oklahoma State. Baylor and whoever else I know that's six really good teams in South Dakota South Dakota states of another really good team and ecology Charleston is another really good team so. You know we played arguably eight. Teams that can be inducted into the turn it. For those who are not aware of South Dakota State to peak at Colorado team to double overtime in boulder on Friday night Mike dom had 37 and had a quick little. Text exchange that Ted Wells to the Colorado. Course used to be here any stability is the real deal yet and and they've already beaten as we've mentioned all of this on the road and they've already beaten Iowa on the road to that would have been their third. Power five. Scalp if you will. We barely survived ourselves so. They're good team. Especially when they they they get that freedom going to get some confidence and that's what they did it. That's what Oklahoma did and that's what we've got to figure out a way to not allow these teams to get such a rhythm to get such great looks at three. Our defense has to get a lot better we've gotten use. Outscoring people who got a lot of talent on our team we've got a got a lot of guys that can shoot ourselves. And we've gotten we've softened if you will so. The last couple days we've worked on not be quite so generous and soft. Power. And we will continue to soccer and basketball coach Gregg Marshall for eight chase. Sports grill at the Ellen on Monday night that you should. 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Here for a couple of weeks after this what's next on days Christmas the following Monday is New Year's Day. If they're open Anchorage to come on out if you want to but I don't take any of us would be here from six to seven on Monday nights will be back on January the eighth. Cogent in talking about your defense. You know there obviously. The number you're giving up in terms of of scoring rankles you a little bit seventy point five points per game that's that certainly well above what. We're used to with your team's. On the other hand you're still 24 in the nation in field goal percentage defense you're only giving up that 38 point 3% so. They're out there are some positive certainly about your defense he played and obviously she does stated it's got to. Yeah yeah I don't know what the numbers they had just know that it is too many points went up on the other team's side so what's it bothers me. You know I know we played great schedule but I'd I would. I would rather lose eighteen to fourteen that 93 to 81. Yeah. It it may be talking about some specifics what are some things that you really stressing his team well we're gonna get better we're very bad defending the three point line and I don't know why that is. Other that we get beat off the dribble we're helping him that there. Who ever played some good guards that we're giving up way too many points at the three point line we've got to do better job of that. And we've got to take care better care of the basketball we don't force any turnovers anymore for whatever reason we used to force more turnovers. Now we're turning the ball over more than our opponents. Not happy with that so. Those two things right here statistically. We. Now with me. And you mentioned this I think last week shows that it's. It's really about decision making in a lot of cases there were ten turnovers total on Saturday that a couple. Really came a critical time you were making Iran making it come back and and this one was past the post that was ill advised of that and it's up to get the ball down court to quickly enough effort turn over defense and rebounded. And that she's really killed any of that in the united. Oh yeah I don't know which. Passes to the poster talking about it Landry had a few to the post were stolen her deflected. Browns was intercepted. General just dropped the ball one time in the first half which resulted didn't run out for them that was general that tried to threw ahead. To Austin Reeves and athlete shepherd Jews around. It reminded me so much of the game the capacity and bounced it leaves it at the Notre Dame game. That's but it was a different theory of the court but it it was a scene play the guy just beat him to the outside stole the ball. But you know we've just ten turnovers not curable but again that the target. I thought I thought the blocked shots were bigger deal. Those are those or something that we don't usually see especially when he didn't he was very effective. Patrolling that you know you think you write in their users were to poll. It goes the other way. It certainly we've talked about this too that. Jump shots coming out about how good shooters guys are gonna have some days with the jump shots are falling. But those days would you gotta stop the other guys who make it is that if you're gonna have a chance to. Yet you know teachers have to go percentages are huge aspect of your you've heard live by the three die by the three. We didn't shoot very well we have a lot of toe the line open threes. Just didn't make a so if I don't know what else about that. I have a question I wanna run by you it's one of those things we've talked about the past that I I get this fan question occasionally. And that is certainly your team has proven to be effective pressing people what you needed to count game being a prime example this year. And so occasionally somebody last little while they press more about the press all the time and I wondered if you would be so kind as to talk a little bit about. What goes into how much impressive. And the risk reward of forensic both clocked at. You know we press we pressed quite a bit against Oklahoma square he 93 points in a speech rated. Every time we press they threw it over fountain shooter recorder from shooters stop the key here. They had a great game plan for us for us if we oppressed them for forty minutes of my escort like 150. And that's that's the thing is that she certainly make yourself vulnerable teams and have a good press I'm not sure the guy calling him. Probably it's great drywall haggard and then and I appreciate this raises concerns. How do you overwrought used talked about it the defense that 82 against a very good schedules haven't had Marcus but definitely I mean all of knowledge of the no coach. Is never satisfied that it lesson whatever oh whatever that point they aren't the season that how do you feel about Rory. If you'd asked me at the beginning of the season. Markets picked up from that play the first two games but landry's fairly healthy when you tip it up for the first game. Would you take tenant two with a schedule that we play I would have said yes. We will continue as coach Marshall still a couple of days to go out and I'm not scheduled this week for the tablet. They are controlled for ages. As they're called they're making you shiver even endorse call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up your old furnace or install a new Linux system heat your home now and pay overtime and with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems done now. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State she. 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Security investment advisory services offered received point financial ES PF number ten SIPC SP if separately owned and Kennedy's indoor marking names product service is referenced here are independent of us via faster associates 2103 north collectively in Wichita Kansas except to 06316652001. Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. Mrs. Stevens and join this morning right here in one case in hands and you're listening to the Gregg Marshall show with Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. But it back to Gregg Marshall show Wichita State that. The two games at home this week their last two nonconference games before getting into the American conference play. On December 30 we'll talk about those games coming up. But what they had to let me ask you about any any think definite yet on when markets they returned to practice and that's what. This is a big doctor's appointment tomorrow to go along way to terminate when he's going to be able to. Get back out there he looks great on the sidelines. He's become increasingly frustrated I see that he's he's not that normal Joseph you're 100%. Happy go lucky. Happy this kid in the world. It's this is really grinding on him now every time we play these games against. Who ever I mean and it's it's he's got countless stories and I don't like to see that I hate that for him. So for him more than anyone he. Just get him back out there and give them hell the and obviously he he makes a difference in our team he cricket players that we let us in scoring and rebounding last year but. I think he will it bought my issues gonna be when in clear how much to get him in the minutes of minister gonna. We had a tough video session today announced that they're doing okay this is what you're doing and it's pretty soon this guy right here is gonna be. Eligible and held the hand. I ask yes or Marcus do you expect to play and he goes yes coach I don't know how much he goes. 25 minutes a game cargo OK so. You've got five guys and forty minutes a game that's 200 minutes total that I have to distribute amongst all of them. Are they gonna now give us. 225. Minutes they're gonna that they can just add that to replace six guys for 25 minutes. He goes I don't think so I should know so we're those minutes gonna come from and they're gonna come from everybody else is sitting in this room who's playing. And it's it's gonna be it's going to be very difficult. I'm always have these mid year transfers that are hard to work here they really are you've got assistant you've got to the kind of got rules established and then boom. But this in this particular case this guy's been with this for two years and it's not like he did know what we're doing. And it's going to be a plus if if we handle with the right way is coaches in. And we'll have to massage the egos because somebody's minister going back. And that's just a given fact that he's good players and I am happy that he's almost healthy and I think it's gonna be real soon I don't think you'll be tomorrow who's going to be real soon. And ideally if if everything goes the way you would like it to and the fact that he can play three and thwart. Ideally does do those that it's got to come from several different guys suit and may lose a couple of minutes here and there. You're hot and you have to have the answers yes. It's gonna come from several different guys and for me. I've I don't care I've always said I don't care what. You know we're we're deeply high school basketball junior college basketball I don't care your size your ethnicity or your. You know your grade point averages one hoosiers didn't get working towards a degree. Not causing problems off the court you get an opportunity to play at my job is to try to find the best five to put out there that give us a chance to win. And he's he's. Usually one of those best five so. It's gonna be inching and it's going to be difficult is going to be a challenge for our coaching staff is going to be challenged for the players too because they're gonna have to. Suck up there eagle a little bit and understand that we're trying to do to win and I don't know what's gonna happen but it's gonna happen soon and it's gonna play out and who knows. So much they returned to practice toward the other end of last week played some minutes on Saturday and Andy feel like. They kind of gotten a handle on things reconstructive. Look forward to having him track. Yeah I think we've just we've figured out the stomach issue. Now the problem is in the last week to ten days or however long it's bad that he's been over there with a stomach issue. He's lost his rhythm he's lost his conditioning. And it showed on Saturday he just. He was at the scene and he's not. Where we need him to be and I told him that reportedly. No they sheriffs Smith made her are great contribution or win against Oklahoma last year he's no longer here. You're here and we need you to make that similar contribution. And he's a wonderful kid that shark excuse me some logic but I don't think he ever been. Directly. Confronted when he doesn't do the right thing like he is now and he's having to adjust to that. And I think in the end he's going to be better for Britain's gonna really help us and I hope it's sooner rather than later. I've been asked a couple of times. I think that. CJ I users young man it's probably less known by a lot of the hands of anybody and because he hasn't had a chance to play a lot of minutes since he's been here but it really talented kid did. What and it may not be sued or tuchman though these minutes that what things does he have to it to get better at what does he have to continue to do to earn more playing time. I have to Billick trust CG Kaiser and trust him in every phase of his life you know and be able to count on him. There's got to be some I can count on guys I can count on leadership and I can count on Rashard kill. Doing the right thing every single second of the day and knowing that they're gonna work hard be leaders do we asked me do on and off the court. Google account on CJ Kaiser and he's he's a good. Person. He's he's made some mistakes and he's paid for those mistakes and now. He's got to get back he got beat somebody out he's got to show me a practice. That he's better than whoever. And I can't it's going to be difficult. Scenario I mean it's going to be harder when mark systems that are to be easier which is adding another guy that's gonna eat into those 200 minutes so. She. In. Proving that he deserves to be out there he's got to do that practice. And obviously you'd like to get as Bjork a few minutes here and there that once again it's the numbers game really getting to be difficult. I know it's like he's like an NFL. When you lose a game. Everybody thinks that back up quarterback that's the best player option you know. And I it's amazing how often I'm asked about guys that don't play. And you know we lost a game there's guys in the bitch who don't play all right but in the end. I've heat to evaluate who should be out there and if if I'm not the guy that should be evaluating it putting the right guys on the floor than they got to get somebody else to take my spot. I would gladly walk away they could fire me tomorrow I'll gladly walk away and I'll take that little. Choker chains and they only as I walked out the door but until then they've got to trust me. And the reason I asked specifically about as hard as it was I'd walk out of the difficult decision about maybe redshirt or trying to get him as much game experiences to Kansas here and there is benefit obviously if he can't get it keeps. Yours and I wanna give him in. And he may get in tomorrow. Tomorrow the next game there's going to be some chances now. You know. And if if guys continue to fall on the floor and stay on the floor than his chances become greater. And I'm gonna come and continue to have to work with him and figure out. You know when when that opportunity gonna come but I hope that I can get him in tomorrow for sure. Even though this team doesn't get blown out they've lost seven games they've won four. But every game that they've lost they've they've been in the hands of their competitive. And do well coached. And they're gonna come here thinking OK well what are we rank today you know unless we felt eleventh so we still let that still look a number by your name and and they're gonna come here don't we can beat the number eleven team in the country they're going to be jacked up ready to go it. We're gonna have to play. We'll continue to shut and coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State thinking god Arkansas state of Florida Gulf Coast at home this week we'll be right back. Impaired drivers are involved in 13 of all Kansas traffic fatalities. Please do your part to prevent crashes caused by drunk driving. A DUY can cost thousands of dollars jail time. And losing your license. Little life lost to drunk driving is an unacceptable price to pay if you've been drinking find a sober right now. And remember from the Kansas Department of Transportation. In Kansas you drink you drive you lose. 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Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating and that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy. Let back into any week day mornings at nine right here on CNN. Listening to the Gregg Marshall show we'd Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. We live at eight days sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and green which road. But the back to Gregg Marshall show our weekly get together with Wichita State's head coach although again a reminder of what these weekly profiled next but deeply Christmas solid mandate New Year's Day so we'll be back here at eight jays on. January the eighth the checkers and a couple of nonconference home games coming up this week. Also. Alex Lomax one of your recruits was on national TV this past week and a lot of people like Steven was it last week you were gonna those CEO Eric Stephenson. Well yes. That went out to Olympia Washington. Don't win state my day off. And saw. There hi I think the school record for scoring and career. And 128 in oh win against a pretty good team capital high school would beat them last year and a very important regional tightened. So. Then. Since then he's played a couple of games and they lost their first game they lost the first. They lost the game after capital. First game since I was there and that he had like thirty warranting 33 in the next game I think they played them we we can turn a that are double header or something. Because it played back to back nights he's played very well. Lot of energy a lot of just loves the game loves to work and he's he's going to be good when he's at two guard. 63. And a half he's not much bigger than me he says he's 6465. That. I'm not much bigger than me but he. He he caught could possibly grow his dad grew like seven inches after college he and his dad is 69 so. There's a possibility there can brokers as he sees wears a size fifty choose. I ask questions you have Sox in the end of that shoes that all your foot because it doesn't look right to size fifteen. But he and his family is coaches and he's got a wonderful support staff. So he will feel very at home and shocker nation. With all the love in all the adoration that you get here as a as a player that does the right things on and off the court. Then Alex low backs. His mom and his dad. Flew in from Memphis through Dallas. And watched her game on Saturday I was just so disappointed to see them. You know we we we we've when the great majority of our games here which star we were in almost all over me Coca arena in the we just leave that in the you don't downtown arena in trusting. That they came into the locker room afterwards and our players embraced him. In this family and when he left. On Sunday morning he told colleagues that I just wish it'd have to go away I wish I could be here now and that's really cool he's. He's a tremendous lead guard he's point guard. He and he he's always what it was always wins he's spread and believe he always wins he's not a who. Fantastic scorer or the guy's gonna don't get behind his head or. But he does everything to help his team win he just a tremendous quarterback and leader. And his family's from there there's wonderful people that when I. When I encountered them after addressing my team after the game Melanie sham it was exchanging. Phone numbers with the completion Jefferson who is Alex will Max his mom. And they were just talking and exchanging numbers it was just it just it was so cool to see every. Well from one generation to the next let me reach out to you call me any time this is how we do things in. I usually get I'm I'm gonna go see Alex play in early January. Either the fifth that the nine. And intimacy the two guys that are in now. So race Christian academies real soon chance more that 42 points the other day Americans and Wright's Christian academy game. More she Desiree has had thirty points in 25 points in back to back games. At a very high level prep school down in Florida mountain bird. Hi prep school. And in. Whom and whom I'm missing here the junior college player out here honey he should be okay he's he's the only junior college player. And in his team's winning so he's he didn't throw it into him a lot and that you college post players mostly cards games like it. It's it's. But he's blocking shots he's rebounding and scoring and try to get them see all of those guys play so. With a hole all those kids that we sign it's going to be it worked out it to follow mall and get here but we're we're art we've already started. Utah. Tell us updated you know the atmosphere and so forth and and it just reminded me there were a couple of things I think people should be aware there. On Twitter there was a huge exchange Landry sham that after the game said something about it. Sucks to lose I hate losing that support here is unprecedented. And just I loved Wichita I love these people and everybody. Right back adding it was you know hang in there were behind you got your back. And then Tom crane his first visit here the former Marquette to Indiana coach who was on the telecast. Tweeted something about just what it would incredible level of support it was in the atmosphere from the time the doors open until the game was over that's always nice. Yeah and it lists he was marked yet. And I can tell you is we went up there it went through with when I was at Winthrop we played in the Pepsi blue and gold classic that they had probably. Sixty years now and we were one of the few teams to ever. Other than Marquette win that day and we want it and the support that he had a Marquette was incredible I remember Jim shells when he hired me. He pointed to Marquette and said that's who we wanna be like. And they they have unbelievable fans and tremendous support. His school and physical support. And he has. Did he went to Indiana and who has more rabid support and the University of Indiana for college basketball so he's seen it it for him to say that is really nice. And I illicit Shatner head coach Gregg Marshall we're gonna talk about this week's opponent here cooperate no ticket our weekly code future. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. See this for me with no smile. He is got command and I can't believe this contract. Oh great now with assessment if you got promoted I can't believe this content. A healthy smile is a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Holiday seasons here and Chevy employees have something special to share. This time of year is all about family and we'd like you to be a part of our sellers happy employee discount is now available to everyone. 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Bucket back to Gregg Marshall show Wichita State with two games at home this week also finals completed so this is that time of year when you. I have more time to practice and bad guys are totally focused on basketball and I know every year that's the important time acted to improve and work on this happy time for coaches and not so happy time for players. And do you feel like some of the things you talked about earlier that it's perfect timing to be able to spend some cement on top down. It's like today I actually hit OK here's here's the schedule. It it says. Once we warmed up it's one hour 45 minutes. But we're gonna go so I like though when powerful five minutes so. This segment this the last eight minutes may take 24 minutes is up to use real. So I hope that we we we have a little longer than an hour forty thought today but we finally satisfied all the things we need to satisfy. Arkansas State tomorrow night kind of an interesting team they have won twenty games a year ago that three senior starters back. You mentioned a little bit of a rough start their four and seven but one of those teams it's that certain dangerous with their experience everybody thinkers in college basketball me. Steve Forbes when it is Xavier and had like a seventeen point lead in the second half at Xavier. We texted back and forth last night he. I didn't do enough to help my team I said listen. Before the Oklahoma game I'm you know I'm getting dressed in the locker room there and I can't. Keep my phone from ESPN app trying to follow the east east East Tennessee State Buccaneers and there. Valiant effort to try to beat the number ten ranked Xavier Muster there's. And Xavier come I didn't know the final score that you gotten down to like three minutes to go in the game and East Tennessee State was still leading by just five or six points and I'm thinking. She's hanging on he couldn't hang on they lost by two I asked Keller and my son said the decency state went after our loss. And he just another loss or two or just was so disappointed and I do not hear from him just disappointed. Christine as get a big win against Illinois in the Chicago. Over the weekend they're doing very very well so if you would Greg higher lost to Stephen F Austin over the weekend so. You never know college basketball is credible Paul state goes into Notre Dame and winds mean. You gotta gotta be on your guard every night especially when you Wear. A name like Wichita State now. And also a number which major rain. People wanna be ranked teams they won't even if they're. Not very good it can make their season to give them. An extra pop in their step in some added value to what they've been able to accomplish with perceived. What impresses you about Arkansas State from what you had a chance to look well unfortunately there are great ball screen team. And we have not defended the ball screen very well so. With all those post players you might see some shuffled post players tomorrow could I don't get. Help on on turn we call it the strong hedge if we don't get that tomorrow and you're gonna see me. Just just that you receive aspirin really quickly because Imus and keep going through the debt and trying to find somebody don't get out there. And deter that point guard for turning the corner and just having his. Earl opened up for him was shooters everywhere and all that you've got to. Get out and so it stopped the traveler or at least force him to go in the opposite direction from where he wants to go. So far and maybe we talked about the caliber of people you played do you feel like you've got some pretty good looks at different things and and beyond just the level of talent and ability of the teams you played that you've seen some different things that the chief had to adjust to. I do I do Mike to answer your question. We've seen. From Oklahoma State which is denied every single pass in the front court. Two. Cal who wanted to press. Back in that zone. Notre Dame who tried place may have to may have that would strictly zone the second half Baylor plays all zone. Notre. Oklahoma with their tempo how fast they play that no one of the two teams placed faster than Oklahoma is Savannah State. We saw that. South Dakota State with their pick and roll it space the floor shoot the three. How to Charleston place a little bit more like us quicker is Earl grant spent so many years with the and they were just traditional. More work just traditional I would say so yeah we've seen a lot different styles but in the end. You never know what you gonna get that easy turn you. You never know which gonna get the next game in this American conference and I have no idea what he's like I'm I'm focused on Arkansas State. After tomorrow I'll be focused on Florida Gulf Coast. And is it true also that generally speaking. Besides you see all these different things to different possibilities. That obviously everybody it's gonna play you looks at video and they see what maybe somebody's done against it it worked its own chances are pretty good you can see it again from someone if it was something ABM. But the trouble today and we continue to work on you know we work on our normal stuff we work on us every day of practice. And did because of this now especially until school starts again. I don't having time constraints so I can spend fifteen minutes not just working on us the working on things that we haven't done well. But we've seen. With the other team so today was. You know pick and roll defense pick and roll defense and it worked beautifully because. The way Oklahoma. Shredded us now we got here there Arkansas State comes in and that's what they do. I don't think we have a tree young type a point guard I hope they don't but you know we'll see. Do you as it is this kind of this time of the season because you have a lot of different stuff you could do offenses and defenses and certainly a lot of different planes that. Some years I know you run some things more than others and business of a point this season re starting to get us a feel for this particular team that. What kinds of things maybe you. Well because it is the question you asked previously we we're we're constantly working on. Different styles. And you know but it's not a style that we employ so. It's different when we start to play against it if we have to try to simulate that in practice where their scout team and that's the difficult. We haven't played traditional basketball very often when's the last time the team played just forty minutes and then. That's. They still do so. Oklahoma did it because they got the big lead they could committee had Jamar did we leased back here defending the basket but. No it's it's it's been it's been interest a year with all the different styles of all the different and it's got to help us down the road. I know that your attention right now is an Arkansas State that Florida Gulf Coast of interesting team coming in here on Friday your program that came to national attention to saint year you make your round of the final four at the dark city group that. Joseph Dooley there and I was a former KU assistant hitter of the game for a while it at a tee and other very dangerous and and kind of exciting team to watch. Have that you do we what he's assistant coach at South Carolina that you became head coach at east Carolina which is a tough place to coach. He actually got fired there and he ended up back with a coach self what can you did a great job for them he's awesome guy great coach so. He he had some chances to leave their last year he decided to stay this is a very talented team lots of points. Lots of rebounds to experience coming back. And they've been up and down and that's against college basketball it's it's every night you have to know put on your hard hat you steel toed boots and go to work. But they just recently warned. When they lost they lost to. Oral Roberts maybe yes which didn't make any sense to me because they've had some great wins this year but. Who knows how do you know that we just got to hope they don't play great against us and we played really well. Coach thank you look forward to the two games this weekend will be back here about three weeks for the completion of its okay happy holidays to. After coach Gregg Marshall Wichita State again. Took my god against Arkansas State that is 87 o'clock tip off. And Mike keep in mind Friday night's game with Florida Gulf Coast 8:6 o'clock tip off which is obvious little earlier than usual. And then about an eight day break between game two for the shocker is open American athletic conference play. Add we're getting opening at UConn certainly one of the iconic programs in all of college basketball one of the best known names in this news conference that shoppers are getting into itself. Should be fun should well fun for me exciting for the fans. Hard work for the coaching staff. And it will be back here on January 8 with coach Marshall. Coming up next head coach Keith Adams talked about the shocker women's basketball team on a three game winning streak heading into their final nonconference game before conference play is no host South Dakota State it very difficult opponent. On Wednesday night's ST strain coach Adams coming up next to get thank you for joining us for the Gregg Marshall shelf. And we'll be back here January 8 for that.