The Keitha Adams Coach's Show 12-18-17

Monday, December 18th

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Now let's go live to age in sports grill at the Alley at the corner of thirteenth green which road. Wind speeds spraying. Everybody welcome if that the reality other but they. Socket Wichita State with basketball we've got the coach here at the other player very nice crowd noise well. Thanks to all of you for being here we thought. Not only shocker Whitman knew that we talk about. Art first three and winning streak at these doctors sweep the shocker winter classic over the weekend with victories. Oh we're Chicago's data and awkward it was that we right there with very cute with the doctors opt opt. So I think the record three games in row. Shocker law and only one game left in nonconference play that by the way will be it's like I. That plot and it can be really good South Dakota State. But the shocker one ticked up one of the best in the majors in all of the country really good team period 7 o'clock. On any of that that that we gave it week by the tip off. 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The fact that they gave the Galley shocker basketball with Keith Adams the crowd here tonight our last one of the year well of course not. Be here next week isn't picked they that in January unit we will be into conference play yet for the year. After our game Wednesday night with south Dakota state of the Tulsa it Charles Cook arena. On December the thirtieth to get the American athletic conference schedule started. Well before we three coaches we for those cities that thought Saturdays gave the victory over Alcorn State. 87 to forty feet he's a little bit of history. In that game is the characters from the field that night. Made 32. A 3452. Field goals that was the percentage. Of 65 point 4%. That is the program record as the shocker to dug out one other time that you had to go all the way back in 1982. When they also shot in the game 65. Point 4% or how about that for a team that up to the basket ball pretty well. Of course soccer's also had fixed in double figures. In their victory well let let's welcome better coach Keith Adams solo coach if they're good to be here hey it could be here good talk about not just to win but it. We'd like that a list he's really played well balanced scoring double figures great beauty of the game to watch it. Leslie. I was really proud of our our effort on Saturdays game. We went diving Jason defense and. They're leading scorers averaging twenty points to gain in we held 32 points. And then I thought this is one of our our one of our best performance in terms of I'm really executing the game plan both defensively and offensively we we. Young ladies they have they really ran it did the way we had down. Dialed up to go it naturally proud of their effort. Thought the played hearted. And we played team basketball I loved how we really moved the ball we shared the basketball and but we have played well together. And it's much improved on Saturday. That talk about the basketball perspective yet please everybody. Everybody's court. But nobody scored more than fifteen points so six in double figures they were all between. Fifteen points though. But that's about it I want to balance yet yes. I think we did it get isolated to do that consistently. That bounce attack. Makes a lot harder for people in to guard you we have multiple people scoring in. If he had just inside presence Ernst and outside in what is have wanted to it and it makes the mighty easier for the opponents of the balanced attack as well we're always looking for right in you know I think we. We definitely weren't very happy with how we played our our game Friday night. You know that was that. A game that gathers I was disappointed in our defense I thought that. We need to be better defensively we were. Wherever and accept our defense is because we were we weren't stopping them Watergate drove on and allow their players in the paint to match it. You know we went to his that we. We went to will 131 half court trap that goddesses a turnover edit at a crucial time with three minutes left in. I think we yeah we know we've got to play better than we did that positive because we did do what we need to do to win the game. Down the stretch that. Would have much did a lot happier had we not put ourselves in position. That we had played a lot better on Saturday that we get on Friday. You could see this team coming up Saturday. Right away that they are going to be different he. The first fight field goals twelve scored by quite declared all five starters had one fuel to get started right leg could see that. The execution. The bulk distribution and it was all there from them from the beginning. Right now I yeah I think that. And as our performances have been. Little up and down and not consistent nine. John and our players to to be really more consistent in our practices and to raise our level in our practices in the bring it every day in it you're consistent and practice. And that's been an increase your chances of you be more consistent can gain time so. You know I've been really and today we had a really good practice it's pretty fiery end. In you thought we lost both games the lamb what's the name practice that you know I'm just trying to bring that out the intensity. With our players and as of now. You know the conference that we're going to be playing and now what's around the corner of force in the level we're gonna have to format so you know I'm I'm excited every day to get practice and pushing these guys and our special guest is gonna beyond I was I was getting after her a little bit today so it's it's good we're we're we're pushing one another in that. You know we're really yet tried the to raise our level of play to their weakened them. Perform like we did on Saturday on a consistent basis. Well let me ask about that approach you know you talk about Kiki confidence here who had a really good game and she did he had a really good game in east that your little hard on it but sometimes. I think we forget it as a coach he'd be part of them some time after we institute has got to keep that edge you watch her legal. We're confident right right lower mortgage rate you know get on a plane tomorrow and then head up to place after the statements. They have an excellent program in they're very very good team it. Become you know reminds me of western Illinois. And west Illinois we. You know they're great shooting team in Sevilla screens and and have a lot of shooters it. And we did not defeated western Illinois very well solid so. You know I talked about the our game against western and now it's up to the state is it Siemens you know similar to bad. We actually play itself that is the few years ago Alan is that you can't we played in the semi finals of the year it did in ninety. And we had a really good team they had a really good team made we we had the arena we were sold out with 121222. In in the Haskins center for that game it. I'd say they came out of that big crowd didn't have rattled them at all course they get big crowds are now playing in front of a loud crowd at their place and then. They had seen your team that played very well together at in they set a lot of screens that they got shooters their posts can shoot it. In site I know you know we're gonna have to play with a sense of urgency on defense. In order for us that they ourselves the chance to beat his team and so today I was really. I was in that sense of urgency though is that if we're gonna have to guard. Against this team. But one of the nice things about Saturday's win also isn't that the team really played to their strengths. We know that this team is not agree treating team outside the three point line. So they score 56 points in the paint and scored another seventeen points from the free throw line. That leaves very little from the outside the packed shoot well from the stripe which we are. And you've got people like me dvds in them get to those two places that pay the frequent. Right well you know I think it popcorn. Their first fifteen seconds of their defense is pretty high shot team may want to press and trap it. We watched a lot of film on and then they've been pressing teams for the full length of the game it. And they really wanna make you turn the ball over they want you to play faster than nearly capable they want you take bad shots. And so we worked a lot on our press breakers I thought it was the best job we've done this year. In terms of us write our press breakers and beat their press. And then also being Smart in their half court and what she reversible he tied to their defense really. Went down so. Piccard he understood that it now. Net and they actually did get out there presses it they had done that all year they've pressed people their entire game they took the press off against suspecting that. And I told the players today that that shows how we did a much better job and it gives. But turn it over and and execute our press breakers but that was a much improved period. Well we've shown earlier in the year yeah that is because if we currently in Kansas City thank you rats and let alone. Well so there's some signs these seat that's where we're working on and it's getting better and now I just think that. Our our team to I think that that. They're start this. We're cannot. That if you do it will have success tonight the authors start didn't. Believe a little bit even more about what overdo it and you know that's what happens that they when your new coach you bring things in it. You know your players to try to figure you out figured out what you're doing justice you're trying to figure it amounted. In I'm start to get that sense of feeling for him and it. In other start to see some things that we're doing is working. It was really nice play we had a couple seconds on the shot clock clocked at me. Run aside I've played it then we grant it perfectly. And we got the team that shot and you know pitted at school or it I think they did they'd count the basket. That yet. It was. Murakami art scene voiding the players everybody was fired at the discount like it was a dark. And now they were really came off the bench and they were I was happy to calm down a little bit because they were so worn with the Eagles after that play it. This is an example oval little you know one played we have and that. In that very situation clock situations what we're gonna do. We did it then look what happens so we just haven't all those little things like that than anything better players are starting to get out okay. In so that's that's a good thing. You brought up that the interest because we feel that Friday night with Andris. At the end it was the first half which he hit the three pointer and sometimes that notice with his team their their awareness of the clock hasn't always been there. At the end of the quarter but that's starting to happen as well there's two examples. Right there right we've we've been working on late clock situations and. In and you know we do we have a serve like. When there's nine seconds on the clock since the nine seconds on the clock. We all start yelling green. And when you're saying green. That means go. You know you'd better go you better do something with it because it's starting to. Click down and so that's something that we do to help our our players. Understand that you're getting that towards the end of the shot clock we'd start yell agrees a few guys here's Allan green we're not talking about green money. We're to have that green as the clock in green means. Do. He and so little things like that. School had hollered out at the splitting up at nine seconds and I didn't you know grain we know green means go the. Well we've got a green light to go to a break in at least if I. We'll let it one of our players up here is thought that it is the state you forgot about it all of eight days at the Alley will be that with portable. Quality seasons here should be employees have something special to share this time of year is all about family and we'd like you to be a part of our stores happy employee discount is now available to everyone. You pay what we've I'm not a cent more it's how is things happy holidays and welcome to the sentence him. Take advantage of the Chevy employee discount for every one. See your hometown Chevy dealer today. 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It's another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's awesome. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with the delta dental. Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio week nights at eleven I'm okay. Listening to keep that Adam's yeah Steve's brain we're live at eight team sports these Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature. About 88 at the Alley cocky shocker women's basketball with key items don't forget Wednesday night Wichita State Arnold. Not content game that sees it actually be very good South Dakota State team. 7 o'clock in the tip have right here in the pre game at 645 it will get it started at seven and that will do it. War conference nonconference play. Well it's time to get one of our guest up here who missed the last few games up until. Saturday's game without quarters Dayton injury but she came back it splash she was one of those that players scored in double figures. With ten points that coupled with its and it also knocked down her first career. Three point field goal they shocker let's hear that sharp shooting Kiki I'll. It's funny this year on the program. He picked up at night it's and we knew it was coming coach and I talked about it that you hit one in the equity he's been working on you're not looks good. And you also knocked them down that were quote be guided the top of the united the Arctic. Feel pretty good to read that note you know it differs if you think about it a little bit. At the pigment movie now if you know and you welcome who must act. Public that you worked on. From the outside left on these up to now from the time they see it now. A lack. A lot and let me. With the different. Pets that did that they believe that it's practically there's there's nothing you can draw to it that you feel like it's helped develop better. No lets keep the has been hadn't seen with the globe. Indeed it makes you like feel my sat there and the difference between last year in DC this. Happens gain confidence that you. Let's talk about that love coach you talked about yeah shows the first of all it's just like a. A regular. We'll have a club what does that rate and a litany. That you it was difficult out. OK and she felt like you maybe just were feeling the volume repeating it touched on. What was it like issue with that thing of it after you to adopt the notice the difference patents. Yes it is absolutely the the volunteers that we and so it makes you is the focus of formal way just. The theories and take it out while you wait it's like spider. It. You know we'll script he had. Are you still go to sea ice sheet with a club price of the ball well before. OK I don't know yet if he's still notice the difference though it's not very happy thoughts on Saturday personal ads that he. To be out there and yet. I mention that the first fight few rules were but by different people do you guys feel different chemistry out there Saturday in the games. We just came out fired. Coach Alex's. We're gonna play if we have heightened. In everybody's talking so. We knew who haven't been Cain Cain fired at him with a survived by schooling is the that is going. Saturday or Friday it she taught us it was not one of the better performances by the team is that half of that you didn't coat that you hadn't talked with these guys you guys. Kind of regroup after that they we. We can do better if he is that we did you need to step up on these days it's basically you know. These these trees are things that we sent his own plain greedy if and it thing. You guys were having fun to everybody with all that everybody's going that it was born it's like what he. As a player to be involved as well talk a little bit about that chemistry everybody had from the players on the floor of the ones. And we just we did a lot of energy we shared a biologist. Thought they gave me everything was working in our favorite you know we listen to the coaches you execute be seen. When they have these you know deeply grieving mom. Let's talk about Kiki scheme because in addition to just your outside cutie. By the improved this season your approach offensively overall seems to be that he seemed to be taking it to the basket or it. Getting 83 defenders but this time rather than kicking it down here you go to the reason that he. What mindset do you have now. That might be a little bit different than last year are making more aggressively as a scorer it is definitely thinking aggressively and. Usually if I'm driving and I made that Raman has it's a turnover fell about that from their highest legislative. Is is something that the coaches work with the waters it's not that you use have taken an attitude yourself that you wanted to be more score. I disagree upon myself to be more aggressive you know is my last year and one passive you know I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm still I feel this way. You know I happen more resemblance. You have area itself which he keeps their on the team that misses she's got that happening just a few games because it. The concussion now how how is that by the way he's still feeling the effects that are completely gone nothing of it from the very. I noticed early we got into the game he took he felt that the floor and I guess after that first hit that thing with football players we find out if you. If you cook it and got right back up after that how you feel like this team Kiki is he's starting to peak right now happening. Play that fifth game of the season on Saturday. Yes sir I think we definitely you know fine in Albanian ethnic and we have a lot of good that's about it. Once the conference is there some anticipation. Building about conferences getting close now has its moments thought. Outside team in the media hands about. The American UConn the cabinet now you guys that you let that dissipate as well start to think about it a little bit more. I think at that capital gains. If you think about it more. Anticipated way. Tell us about South Dakota State another. Very good team what what do you see them they'll work coaches tell that this is. This is gonna be definitely a tough team with a tough place to place well this. Definitely kind of similar to what the Illinois though is that a lot of screens that there Ali lit office without blah. They sites attract and keep that issue with windows though. We just look at those. Play great. Gains happened that's up two scores. It out of the importance that Kiki what you want for Christmas. I didn't wanna be in my family. Go back to Alabama isn't there that there are you guys coming back right after the game has announced Thursday. You say it loudly calculated. Leland and their. He had sleepers from infancy. The Ivy League which with you think. That's. When you enjoy that Christmas keep up the good work that's been fun to have you back at the Pentagon is it that you and I Kiki Thompson joining if you. They cannot come back with more shocker basketball with Keith Adams for AJ at the Alley thirteenth green which will be back at the moment. Did you world. 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This season's team ten to join us more things right here on K yeah. And as you're listening to keep that Adams show. Steve's brain we're live at eight teams portrait of the Alley at the corner of thirteenth and premature. Welcome back to eighties at the Alley tacky shocker women's basketball with. Keith Adams we've got coach back up here without another round of applause for Kiki constant perspective OK keep you. But the kid he's awesome you're right a couple of weeks ago she's always the thing no matter what's going on her alive for the team she's she's always think she's. Get a great demeanor batter and a baked out you know one of the things that I really enjoyed his. You know from the day one's a bit here you would begin practice and in you know you eat till he you do some that are you know you give your constructive criticism you get honor. What every calories it's it's OK coach OK cats got goats I mean it's she's always very very receptive to coach gene. You know she never makes excuses are never in an ever has an attitude she just always very receptive. In he's got a great attitude great demeanor. In yes I was towns unity day out acute challenge her is that she's so quick and so fast that. You know one heard it to be a great defender for us because she's so fast in. Psyche challenger on that in parishioner on mad and she's very receptive so it was great having her back I Pesci played. Very well. Third not being able to practice. Yes she's been doing the protocol in you know superstation to be back in it and so we. They're out there and I thought she. She showed that she's an older player you know she showed some maturity that she did a nice job force and it's good to have her back. Let's talk about those two quality that we touched down with Kiki first of all coach ability the ability to you know accept criticism to say OK coach. That's because she's a leader and other players see that and then the demeanor as a point guard you watch point guard your floor quarterback to. It to be calm under all situations is the vault and start with them too great qualities for a point guard and coach ability and to stay the same throughout this year's. It composure. In you know she. Think she's. Played with confidence and confidence in and growing eating getting better and in. It's just is that she actually Peter rounder to you know off the cooler yeah and that's not see. And it gets along with their teammates. In it's really yet very fight him lady that he's going to be very successful life he keeps. Get a very good attitude Unionists and she's going to be she's the winners will be okay. That the club has been very effective Fuller's well she's practicing with the I tried that before. But you know I bet that wants with another player in that you know I think that it's part of it the middle name. That you know I. I was watching her and I you know. Yes just wasn't really my feelers shot you know. Is she unique get it we'll meet you get a rhythm in you and you feel you're shouting you and it just seemed to be she did. Statement that she was into her shot was. Had a feel for her shot itself. Just. Sit him what you did. Tomorrow we can practice what you bring gloves said Glover kind of leveled my state technical obstacle over your right hand since it came through. Can't practice the next to him like OK every practice. We're gonna let your you're gonna shoot the ball wearing this glove. For about fifteen or twenty minutes not to want it to her keys you know. And now we take the gloves off and Elvis and she can really feel the ball and I'm talking there about. Can't really want you to hold your follow through so she starts really hold a follow through and announced that. She's film the ball a little more Steelers shot. You know see Guilford not feel in the Balkans where in the glove to really feel the ball and then in the basis you think about it too but that. I think she's gotten better with it in man. You know I AM I'm glad she's. Haven't I think she's having more confidence in herself in and I'm glad to see them. And the outside shot for her is significant because there were times last year where the person defending her coach I don't know if you saw this. Last season on film but they were sagging when she was beyond the top of the key. All the way into the paint almost where they could help while another defender on ranging and if he continues to do this but could if I got that far. Right well we've just got to you know I think the big thing for us on our team is for our offense is that. We've got to move the also matched it. You know people don't have time to think about all that you know when you're. Stagnant you're not moving the ball. People couldn't play off that use it if you're really reverse the buying your city street you're moving it in you know office. You're making them have to move here making them have to work in European patient and it just think that creates a whole kind of different. Approach to our offense and in and I think our team. It's been good for us because. You know we've gotten higher percentage shots I think are shooting percentage is going up. Our shot selection I think is improved and we still that sometimes take bad shots that that we definitely got better with that from when we first started out. And that part that's not me I was trying to do some other things that their team and I. Finally figured out that you know we have no rhythm and profits we've got these things to get rid of the men in in going in motion offense and has been helpful. About some other individuals we're starting to see more and more minutes now for any pockets that you played it. Missouri State she played over the weekend talk about her progress and what you see prepares to hobble the practice and the time she had on the floor. You know at the media her strengths are passing ability she's sent suspected basketball IQ and can can pass the ball well it. And I think the thing about big challenge in her words is with their defense and just you know give it a war stance and keeping people in front ever bit. She yet she showed that she's a she's got hit passing doughnuts that's on that she's really really get that. She made a pass at Missouri State in transition where. There are two defenders ahead. And she's by the basketball that landed here at bounce that way and I don't think we were able to finish unfortunately but you could see that she's got great these. Whereas I guess he's a playmaker and you know she get. I think there's players to. Can see a play developing can anticipate sees that in the end there that sometimes other players now. And and that's just you know haven't of good basketball IQ and a feel for the game but she's definitely get passer. At least chapel starting to get more minutes knocked out of three pointer. During this swing at home. He is pleased with the the play that you're getting from her at the increase that she's seen lately. Let's get right enacting date. You know I. I think it's been a transition for her coming off that injury. You know I think that every day she's didn't even more and more comfortable. The big thing I've challenged her does is to be more grassy. You know defensively and offensively. In that she said it's got a nice that's it's not in that you know it's been good to have her back. Out and be able to play in it's always hard for player. When they come off that injury and I think you know diamond went through that in him you know coast long time where I've seen players that it. Have done have they go through that it's such a a long process and you have a major knee knee operation that it's been good vehicle that to get her out there it. And then Friday we later in senators played both days. Under still bulk. You know continues to do good things every time she's given an opportunity and in the end Chicago's state games he had that three of the at the buzzer at this late in the game got into the paint the deputy shot that I view a little bit of separation I think you broke the tie affair remember right. But. Coaches it just raved on her since she's been here for the way she read the offense. Good floor leader out there on the. Well picking bonkers sushi some blunt talk about the rebound she got yeah so is little Lucy is a Nazi yeah. Pulled down and get rebound flowers that then. You know I you know they at that saying that that dynamite comes in small packages. And she definitely is little package of dynamite she yen. Brings a lot of energy a lot of enthusiasm. And she's little firecracker. You guys still on our FaceBook page you can see. Wind we did Google. Video for. The school day we had. All the kids can be added that. And we had a being Florida it was rocked the house. Rock the house arsenal have struck with the Sox. So honors the un it's got a little guitar it sees it sees. She's saying it I mean you know it's he'd just say those things with passion and energy and she's a lot of time and she's a ball fired. And then I collar binding may force halftime. You know this car have fight and see the smile clap they are really really enjoy topic disease she goes hard. She's. Again she's another very very comfortable at play here it. You know you ask him to do something and it should do it. You know our game the other night. Now in the last final 45 minutes I'm Mike. Honored you need to make sure you get our team and what we're supposed to be in terms of our. Press breakers just figured the united it was a joy to them on the side I mean I. Everybody is fearless and you can hear obviously tell anybody what do and she's she's she's truly trying to beat up point guard. She's truly trying to do what you're asking her to do it. He can't ask anymore from kid in in 100 she she really does try to do what you ask you to do and I appreciate that. And I have found with their it's really neat thing about Andre if that. She yet she calls everyone on our team. But either legal document may. OK so we all can't Kiki you know it's Kiki bit. Her name on her driver's license Dioner. You know so every single person on the team. A hundred calls them by their their first tip get their legal name and so. And she's got like four days. In so I start practice at all or her name singers and I've kept looking up again that. On bent. Gas I can't even that it too in between stove all that it says she's got 44 main concern that she grills the teammates he has everybody did well. You know we call and if not hundreds Angela. Okay Angela. It now and it's just that she's really a neat neat purses in. She's got some and guy she's in it extremely difficult major. She has heart classes and she has studies. Yep she's. She's gonna graduate in Maine and then she's. Going on step two more years she's going to be a physician's assistant. And it yet. And so you know she's taking classes that sound like in this just like the word of her classes some time either three miles long. She worked really hard hitter classes and she's it gets student did net. She wants to work in the emergency room she must be merged these must be it ER. And a line. I didn't ER before it that's pretty intense stuff you know like racquet the united she's like well you know because it's. I've density you know I think she doesn't want it she wants that intense stuff. Think she's real fast these incidents if she wants. She wants to be in the added to pass moment then some which that's really good discussions and she's going to be. She's gonna be working any ER somewhere trying to help save people's lives and doing great names in. In she's a very impressive young lady. We've talked a lot about academics with this team that I like to it and that's one thing that we you have a team that does well. In the classroom if you make it coach's job a lot easier you have to worry about. Certain kids in this is a team that's got a lot of that do well and she's. I'm not alone diamond has done very well in the classroom right AG. Andris well at least chapel at her career has got an academic awards as well yes it's kind of nice as a coach when that's one thing with so many kids. You don't have to worry about. It's not been very very impressed. With the young ladies that are here it and what kind of students they are NASA lab. You know Andrew. Moses these are academic advisor. Open at some point we can have him on the show us. They can be really neat for the fans to hear from him you know what he does but he's constantly. He knows what squalor thought our players academics. Every week kid when we get on the road there's times he'll send messages to us coaches and and even the players make sure to remind. You know these are things that are need to be done while we're traveling in so the support system. Here Wichita State is really really really good. And then kids have tutors in the help is there itself. All of that's in place for a for them to be successful. All right one more time out here on the program would weaken that we will talk South Dakota State is very good. Now we couldn't speak evil half that kept this from eight gauge at the Alley pocket shocker with basketball team. 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Welcome back atheist jockey shocker women's hoops with Keith Adams last segment. How the program and we are going to started off by talking about the opponent. For our next game which will be self utilities he begins Wednesday at 7 o'clock catch. On it and that's ninety three's the record there's three losses Green Bay is very good team Louisville a top flight team and Creighton. We we know about great that they are geared yeah this is a really good team coach and you compared. The western Illinois team that likes to shoot a lot of three pointers but they'll use them. Dribble penetration to set that up. But the vote they'll drive the ball in. They're gonna set a lot of screens. One of the things that the team is their post players and they'll screen and then they'll step out they'll pick it now popped hazard their posts can shoot the three. Pretty nice you've got to guard volatile times kids. All five players and on the floor are gonna have the ability to shoot so. You've got to guard in the data. And I told our team and we worked out today in practice now is really on and it. We've got to pressure the ball you know like we got to really get an up and pressure the ball and be on them. If we just let them and move the ball screen screen screen if we don't pocket. If we don't really get up to guard the basketball Indian chants. It today than it act it made me think about this today is that. And I ended it is time to time I know I'm not Texas and on that you get in this is a little bit of history where Erica ambit. We protest since it was a great decency coats and when they won the championship in 1966. Yeah. They watched that game and and it's was. As black and white you know it was there's no color TV was black and white. The video was you know not real clear now that outdated thing that was pretty end impressive about it was he had guys out there that were 68. 6766. You know these real real Paul long legged fellows in that. When they played defense. They literally looked like they were down low in in ready to box. OK and we need to look at and entered the fancy position to be its stance. You would not thought they were 686766. As they look so low. That you would have thought they were that tall. And I talked about that to our team meeting like a part of our problem on our defense. It's the very beginning is that we're two straight legged were not bit we're not down low and patsy was on our team of you know below the list when I see one person starts at rise up rather stance and relax a little bit on the balls land and due to commit their excellence that we need to look like we're down in rate of box because that's exactly what look like. When contestants teams play defense they were so low that you thought they were you know really and that so. I'm just trying to get because I think our team can be better defensively than it has been in this caucus state game we were really really upset with their team a battered defense. And now so it all begins with you know Ian Lowe and get in stance and stand stance and now. And I thought about that today it and you know I share that it. I would say that I think our players are listening to because. That was my one of our better practices that we've had that we bid down lower and now the key is that we do it tomorrow and and the key is that we do it. Wednesday night he we do that. For forty minutes and throughout you know an entire game itself. There's a lot of random port for improvement for this team and we've just got to keep batted in and a I just you know practice is the most important. Part for me is that's where I'm working with these guys addicted to get better and so I just say it is that I'm going to do every day's practice. With a lot of passion. With a lot of sense of urgency. In I'm going in there now ended down. This is where we can't get better if we can do these things in practice and that's gonna increase our chances of doing them in the game. And that's so I'm trying to be better and I'm trying to do the best I can in preparing our team in inflation and it. And then and I think so far I feel like they're responding and they're listening to me. We just got to stay added in. And a real hopeful that at some point this thing will the bills muscles really start saying giving go on up together to where we can say okay we've. We've really turned the corner and made some big strides in the Philippines continues the way that the you don't Saturday I think we we've we've already started to Allah to witness that. Not say Wednesday night with tonight's going to be at the big big time challenge. You know they they don't lose often home. They're very good on their home court. They've beaten some really legitimate teams in and we played against them few years guess I know you know there are there really get that. It's an opportunity for us you know pay. If we go in there and really hook up and get after it played great defense. In and play well and and I think it's a game that. You know we're gonna play with composure and if we can just. Keep chipping away it in in being in that thing at the end to give ourselves a chance to win that's what you do on the red you just hang in there and guess what. I yourself where you wanna be towards the end and close out the deal and so. To get it's a great opportunity for us to to really gain some big confidence. You take this team on. I've talked about who's beaten South Dakota State let me think they've beat Oklahoma. In their last game out at Drake. And we know how difficult that could mean granted there's no with the went to the Drake anymore but still I guess is that simple very. Very tough place to place this is this is a good guillotine I want to ask you about communication. We play team that's that's a lot of screens especially if they're GM where can get a little bit louder how much more important is being vocal defensively on Wednesday night. Really important and that today we yet. We really try tried to simulate what we're gonna see yet. They're gonna sell a lot of screens in you've definitely got to communicate. We talk a lot about you know when you're the player. You know appear in front of me and in my players gave may come up and screen you you know my eyes have to be. Your eyes the people that's behind it have more floor floor vision and that could see. And it's there if those players and a lot times that you post. As well at times it's their posts could be set screens on the guards that. The player that's get this vision and can see sometimes you've got a bead eyes for your teammate Miguel led notes commented we have the same. Edward is so important I think I heard Doc Rivers one time say it is when he was coaching the Celtics that. It's so important talk loud. And that he talked early. Any talk with confidence. In if you do those three things can really really help it be in loud and talk and early its way there'd be communicate early and late. You can't tell after it happened you get in to state see it. Until before it's developed it I say that all time top lab talked earlier in talk of confidence and there's times that we we do get there. There's times we doubts that it goes back to that again that consistency factor that debt that we are striving to get to. Tell me about Macy Villa for South Dakota State he's their leading score seventeen points per game. Averaging. Scored excuse me shooting 3.2 to 43% clip. I actually tried 44 but still to almost may happen those pretty good shooter and overall she's 44% from the field well yet. Really Smart player very versatile scorer. She yet she can hit the three she'll she'll drive the ball weighted basket. Shall hit the mid range that she's very versatile she can score in multiple ways. I think if she does. Carrie reminds me of a player coach. She add she also makes basket cuts backdoor cuts that he kept the ball goes into the post. And it shook up the basket and if you know if you turn your head. In your watching just the ball have single vision she's gonna burn in get a basket. She's very she's she's really get it moving without the basketball. She's good with them all and she's very good news without the basketball and now you know we're gonna have to play a great defense and not only on her bit really on their entire team you're gonna have to really guard the basketball bird for forty minutes is they've got several kids can really shoot the ball. All right 7 o'clock Wednesday night tip off at South Dakota State will have its 645 with a pre heat shield. He even says coach we're wrapping up here. After the game of course will fly back at them now. Conference play after that week from Saturday but the kids will get to head home for. For Christmas though well what's the key that is approach to sitting the kids off for Christmas before coming back we'll kind of thing you tell your players well. I think that what things first and foremost I've you know I think that Christmas is a very important holiday. It's kind of an opportunity where you it did get some rest and recharge your battery. You've had a full semester of and doing a lot and. Since I've been coached in division one basketball. It's I've set our schedule to where we've we've never had our kids. Traveling on Christmas Day. I really want for my players to be with their feet at least and I've always said that if if there is some teams do. Some some teams do. I yet if we're ever traveled on Christmas Day. There there Sutton really amazing and special that we're going to be gallon and that can't think why would be a bit. Take Christmas in and change it some very and I feel like Christmas is a very. And precious time so we will travel the day after Christmas on the 26 will practice that evening. That on the 25 our kids will be with their families in in now we'll have that data to stand so. Analysts say may get some rest. Think it's good date you know give 4872. Hours. Their bodies needed they would be get shoots out yet I'll negotiate those shoes. And then have it if he did a good girl you're gonna get some friends since. So it'll be much closer Chris Vista home review which it will AM look at Florida and now want to thank everybody in that. They soccer fans on the on the thirtieth and everybody have a great great Christmas feast day and it's really the holidays are definitely. Thanks to all of you for being here think those of you listening we'll talk you'll Wednesday for a rookie. South Dakota for the coach I'd just eat that night everybody how to. Kids off stage shocker women's basketball coaches you know with head coach Keith Adams and Steve strain brought to you by comfort system. Delta dental your hometown Chevy dealers. They Kansas health foundation. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the Carnahan group. Clinton's appliance the Kansas Department of Transportation. Future Stan. Tall grass country club and AJ sports grill.