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Saturday, December 23rd

Guy’s visit with Karen & Andrew continues in this segment as the trio discuss the ideas & inspiration for the “KITCHEN CREATIVITY” book.


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Yeah. Yeah. Welcome back the good but I've got every Saturday news the one on ten SS it's a lot chart that like guy and I hope you're geared up holiday weekend Yuba provision and up to going to be out driving around today. And you have some great food and maybe some great. The beverage of choice whether it appears. My one of the weakness. Tape and we wineries the ball buster. I just took some of the name is that apropos it's viewed. My guest on the phone with rut right now from New York Karen Page and Andrew dornin berg. That this couple of particular so many great books all of you must do. Go to go left got to come follows some of the links when you go to their home page official website Karin and Andrew dot com. Are you look at a month FaceBook Twitter. In mr. Graham. You'll get the picture better than I can explain it and you'll learn. A OK you guys. So many things about talk about but first was the book. May see how android unit into this question is a former ship as it was the book written specifically for group. And when the two groups that I mentioned are the consumer home ship or you know do the family kitchen. Or for that perspective or current. Professional ship. The book was written for everybody do that think everybody needs an idea sometimes and the book is really just. Over 400 page of the ideas starters and that's really what the goal was to make it really fun and accessible from the dip into. And actually look at those in the one technical and aided detection and we sort of keep you also to different ideas we ought to break down that chart of seasonality for each season. And they've actually sort of rainy and gray which is actually very pretty in New York whether or not and that's really what am I gonna do with the traveling any. Some ideas and I looked up. So underwent additional like Alec make. A call Clarissa Accuray picnic of being open to make a little duke and so we're not shopping and picked up a bunch of vegetables distant and to make dynamic treatment Stoops today so. That's if for the home court. I think for the professional shaft they might open it up and wood into the history chapter and you have to sort of evolved over the years. But that's sort of fun for me to read to even from the perspective so really we brought the books everywhere and I mean even. A mom or father. Coming all at them and I Giffords and her. At 630 with the that the kid and mission toys and everything so we really just wanted to create a book that we didn't give it an idiot not to the rest is that like. And then you just. Sort of information overload that moment like I I got no ideas of what was once you have the pick the book. Don't register earlier with a couple pages you're gonna find an inspiration. And that's what I wanna do is simply give you the idea and that he wanted to pick a favorite Bible too with your house what agreed to go to work with that night and pull together additional minutes so really we wanted to put to Cuba. Get everyone. With a smile and it is going oh I didn't even think about that and I had the idea and you're in the end ditching gone. Karen from for you. This is not a recipe book. But there are so many things that would just stomach through the ago and I didn't even get back to that. The the seasonality section but. One and ten people I think that's a number that I read in your book. Don't enjoy cooking. I'm. Cookbooks and chefs so popular and famous what is the disconnect. Well I think you know people have come to love watching it best Food Network cooking shows that are on TV. And you know we becomes sort of armchair shaft. Where are looking to see what an ingredient skeptic together and how people in thirty minutes or less can come look at this amazing. Dish based and three greens he could never. Think it putting together. And I think. We have become a little intimidated and maybe over. Glamorizing bishops profession thinking well it takes a all that training and it takes all of that experience to be able to do something like that I could ever dream that is what I think. Nine out of ten context. Say to themselves when they get worried about the fact that if they don't have every single ingredient that's called for a recipe that they read in the newspaper or magazine or nick at that. It's that there will build two. Make the recipe though. I think what we wanted to do with catching creativity was really cute inspire people who love -- people who want to be a lot. Blood to be able to about taking it home to be able to block into the kitchen and have to. And the confidence to just open the refrigerator open the covered. And she did they have on hand. And to learn to good basic education that you need to know in order to be able to throw them together anyway it will you'll end up with something delicious. And so what we arms start out in the kitchen creativity is that what we called. Met street chapter which is really a way for her. Readers to get into the mindset of great chat. And to learn to think like a shaft and how to cook click shaft. And it which involved Burke shopping and seasonings like a shaft and we've got a list when he at the back recommended cook books. That are on many of the best. Check bookshelves and that they think make up a fundamental education and they're in big Christian books that you probably already gotten your read you're listening at the party out of their bookshelves. Like Julie child mastering the art of French cocaine. Or joy of cooking but it's also that restaurants. Rhetoric its favorite books. From other restaurant Chad Brown. Really all across the country and around the world they're really essential books that people can have initials to burn the fundamentals. And beyond that we talked to gutless. Some of the places that the best chef in America shot. And he's that you can know where to get the exact right. All of the exact right to Vinocur at that they church cute to get that secret ingredient that that special touched. To reduced at their finishing not so with some of these behind scenes secrets. That Pedersen the things that every home code can put too. You'd finding out what defeat Rick mustard and is currently in chapter Naples they're up where. Arms felt for that matter and to be able to use status to make their cooking. You know a whole least be on what it was before and it at all without having to land recipes. You know I deserve a quote in the earlier part of the book. By the ship that income Los Angeles and he talks about you have to be excited about mashed potatoes are PB and. And that at that attack exactly that's likable casually is. Winger type shaft. And he. Talked about the fact that he left or a culinary artistry that was an inspiration to him and that he really appreciate. That frame of mind that you bring. To add judicial whether it is. Coco back. Chicken and winded sure whether it's a simple mashed potatoes and he won a ring. That same sense of respect and seriousness of purpose and dedication to whatever it is you're making in the kitchen even if need be inject. And that that actually would convicted dish between him being something that is. You know that you're getting on over vs something that really can get you excited to be eating it. And let you know which even something as simple as that PB and peanut butter and jelly and it's bred but what kind of pretty using are you using. Crappy. Red dead he wouldn't serve to. Your worst enemy are using have really wonderful. Brad that you either made it harmed yourself for that you've gotten from a fine bakery. As a as a basis it's. Here's an election and the peanut butter is using the least expensive Peta but there in the market or you can execute different interpreter brands. To make sure that you're could be here working with the peanut butter that is really. High quality that has been wonderful Peter flavor. That you really thought about it and then did did jelly could be as simple. Procedure generally you can have home preserves you can have. A trip to go to the trouble or procuring a really fine. Camera printer. And I think when you think about every element of the dish even something as simple as that PB engine that you realized well I can do that. To match but it is time to think about look at a potato thing you think they think about what kind of whether to add cream are brighter dollar and it adds something else human mashed potatoes to make them special. You can deconstruct. Every element of what you typically put into the dish and when you think about it and bring more cured it you can really elevated to a whole different well. Well and that. Again now what you're saying is just like many of the ships that you guys have the privilege of interviewing. And you ran through the list of many of them there are so many of I wanna hear an opinion from both the view on. What did you find the most. Relevant. Thought provoking. Innovative. Comments or suggestions or technique. From. Toys to wanna continue down after the picket ships specifically. Maybe you can leave the ship's name out but. If you care to but it's talking to this many people that. Work in this environment. And have so much to offer. To get them to share with you have to be cool but then like Heather. Who impressed you the most. Don't really cut is literally dozens and dozens and check in there and sank quoted in the book and it so hard to achieve that I think that's why he included Kamal. Is because they all had something to offer from their different perspective that I think. Again that gets back to that reader I think our ultimate goal is to encourage our reader. To cap their own highest potential to go within and figure out what what is gonna be most satisfying to me as a cup when and what every time I walk and chew. The kitchen if I wanna come up with something brilliant like the world's most creative chefs do. What can do what can I cap for my own experience we actually have. Example from the book were aware prompting the reader. To take a minute and think about the five favorite dishes they had a child something you've been using your listeners can do is well. Is thinking about how went what do you got about the eating at the hit and it'll take a while back. A really long way and then cases and that Andrew and I did that it exercise in the beginning of the creativity chapter where I was remembering growing up in Michigan it's. Which has the highest number of by apple cider mill per capita that it did at any state in the United States. And so I gripped eating from apples that were rolled in crushed peanuts and I found that I love that combination of apple crumble and peanut. And when I came to realize as an adult in that all of us can learn to cap is that. That combination of apple in Kremlin penis is something that we can apply in a whole host of other ways. In her kitchen today as adults and then now when I go into the kitchen and making greens salad. I might. Slice the apple and truth and sliced apples into my greens salad. And instead of stirring in crude talent that might throw in a handful of CNET instead for some crunched the good finishing up they've been a grant might added debt should karma to it. To that by the time and sitting down to my ballot I'm actually had an agent of labored to Karbala apple in my opinion is good for me but at both the delicious. And I'm enjoying them. It doesn't flavors of Trout that as an adult at the table tonight and that's the thing we can do that we're making a cocktail you know at this time of the year we might as an apple cider and hand. If you want it to red gash vodka in Q it. We need surveyed in that Marchini glad she is taken martini glass dispersed. And remit with certain milk could carnival and then roll the milk to crumble rim into the crash penis. And then poured a cocktail and and you can enjoy those flavors and textures of a formal apple while you're having a cocktail. If you believe them but cannot turn to a column cocktail here in the year. You. You know as you were talking. I teach food my impairing of one of the many classes that feature Wichita State University. End this section. You know we're back there in the low high seventies low eighties of that of the book. And and you just have page after page of but. Sweet food and and and and bitter fruit amendment combinations and looking at the bitter section you know you have. Bitter baton salty and then underneath that if things that fit that category. Broccoli with Peter oil and soy sauce kind of been that the bitter and sweet dark chocolate. And sugar. Bitter and sour. Or not whether you sit caramel bitter salty and sweet of people what the heck is bitter salty and sweet academic network. And I thought have you ever had a piece of candy bit you know like it chocolate dark chocolate caramel with salt seas off on top. Yeah. Have created that and that you know what the reason that for those lists in the bucket because we wanted to empower people. When they're cooking with the risking their thinking oh shoot I don't have any lemon juice and out and I have to throw away everything factored. Cooking it because I have limited in what we can think about it will Weisman in chief ingredient in the recipe. And we knew real like I know it's meant to add darkness to the cash what else can I used to add to our best. You can turn to the list and kitchen creativity and there's a whole list our ingredients. Analysts this tweeting Greene's bitter ingredients. And salty ingredient and so when you're out of some things you can learn to feel more confident about substituting something else that at this same. Taste profile too bad this. And so that will encourage you to be more confident kitchen just for having conferences that went on an outline which certainly add orange. Or did add a mild and Tucker. And that you can play with some of those substitutions and I think end up in which. A whole new creative take and the dish. You know I didn't do as good a job as I normally do have paid it gave word picture of the book. But. Part one is the creative process in the kitchen part to a world of infinite caller possibilities. The list that's a disease section that that Andrew mentioned. And and but give us a quick overview of the three stages. Sure. He. Try to you. Boiled down the creative process which of course of course is an impossibility. Because. It's not a Linear process that the process that's really much more cyclical as many as compared returned to create anything now that they. It really does Balentien three basic stages that sometimes will cycle back into one another the stage when his mastery which is really get out of acquiring acknowledged killing control that you need. In the kitchen and that we got a whole section that will set you up. To be able to entered the kitchen with the same mind set one of the world's most creative shaft. And then after that we live in each Q which is all of me which effort to converting the common into depression and all we mean base that is really leveraging the power. Labor communities. Which entered topics that are discussed in her books the labor Bible and what you drink with what you eat. How he'd cheek one ingredient and make it tastes better than you ever imagined it could taste. By combining it with another ingredient that would enhance its labor to protect about much change we might be talking about. Pino a liar. In the glass. Next to the dish where we're talking about tomatoes we might be talking about these well we may be talking about oregano or it could be. Cheese like parmesan or mozzarella for example. Until really understanding sleepers were will together it is one of the key secret. A leading Shaq. And and Shasta told us you know it's not just a matter of taking cheap ingredients that you love and combining them that you can be disappointed time and again if he tried to do that. Which even it Greek Catholic and patter cents. Compliance and it's just gonna tell us that you really need to understand what labor is worked well together. And and until labor battle Kaymer and into doesn't need to really hadn't been a book that you could turn Q. With the ease of consulting dictionary at distortion to look up from agency to find out what herbs and spices and seasonings that best enhance the labor. At any greeting you'd ever want to cut black. Don't alchemy is really. The capping. That the ideas that are in the labor Bible and what to drink what you eat we give. Hold in depth exploration of that that's section of the book. And then finally catching creativity we talk about creativity itself which is the idea of making something that is new and valuable. And we going to plot. In depth discussions with some of the world's most created chats about their best practices in the kitchen how they. I think about capping their senses to create something new and really want it biggest surprises for us is realizing that it's not just terrified when we caught outer senses that they cap. The case stand that and senses of taste and smell of course and texture. To touch and seen in hearing but also quick we have termed the inner senses. Shafts that the greatest shaft really do have these in your senses that they cap and you can it's something that you Q any hope that can do. Proactively by learning to tap. Things like instinct. Intuition any insight and imagination. And inspiration. And that these are that the accent is that really tried to create process. Which I think as a matter imagining some new creation and that doesn't yet exist that you want. To pat you know it dish that you enjoyed in the past how can you bring it and in new. Incarnations so you're combining them various things that you enjoyed in the past with imaginations things that might exist in the future. And bringing it altogether bike going again and and show that talked about things that they do you whether it's going for a long run are a lot bike ride to release spent a lot of time in their mind mulling over ideas. Some of them like Rick Bayless and Chicago is actually twenty year yoga practitioner. Who spent time in meditation and yoga. Class Eric repaired New York. The verdict and it felt scary period Tibetan Buddhist. Met dictator who has a style that his meditation practice a lot of things you can do it to go in you can journal you can write notes. And that we'll keep your chance to really think about all in particular have been how he can turn them into something it. I knew we wouldn't have enough time it can you guys stadium for one more break and anarchy and a couple of minutes after that. A quick break we'll we back and talk more and now the if we can't explain Q how cool this book is in the 45 minutes we've been speaking about it. Well then you got to have a copy has been you know in the and you say well he was right. It's called pitching creativity unlocking culinary genius with wisdom and inspiration and ideas from the world's most creative chefs. And the world's most created the authors I edit this park air rage and Andrew Gordon. I usually do because number five the number 31686913. Thirty calm now we'll give it.