Shockers prepare for their first ever game in the AAC

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 29th

The Shockers face UConn in their first game as a member of the American Athletic Conference.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning it's 6 o'clock. This is the case in SS mourning news to Stephen says I'm Ted Woodward at feet mackintosh has the day off it is Friday December 29. We'll have our full forecast coming up just a few minutes and it's pretty interesting you wanna know what's going on weather wise heading into the final weekend of the year. A police officer fatally shot a man in southwest which it's off deputy chief Troy Livingston. Said police received a call reporting that there was a shooting early last evening. On south McCormick near Seneca the caller stating that a mother and the son had gotten into an argument and that the dad had been shot in the head. Livingston said the caller then indicated that the father was dead and the two hostages were being held. What do you mean there officers. Discharged his weapon. That male 28 years old transported to a local hospital. Where he was. Livingston said when police entered the home they did not find a deceased man he adds it. Police believe they were given misinformation. On the call leading into this situation three or four other people were inside the home of the time they were not injured. And police are continuing this investigation. New York City is preparing for the new year with beefed up security. NYPD commissioner James O'Neal says even with three terror related incidents in New York over the last fifteen months. This New Year's Eve will be well protected some ways you will see some you Walt this country one of the most well policed. Best protected events and one of the safest venues in the entire world revelers in their bags will be checked transit and area hotels will be searched insecure New York City mayor bill the blahs Gil says right now. Police can concentrate on security alone there are no credible and specific threats against Arab city at this point in time even so city leaders say they won't let their guard down. In New York colonel Scott Fox News. The Sedgwick county emergency communications nonemergency phone line will be available from 9 o'clock in the evening on New Year's Eve. The 1 AM on New Year's Day. This line functions as an alternative to 911 it is meant to receive calls for non emergency nuisance is that do not pose a threat to life or property. Examples include complaints pertaining to parties excess noise and fireworks the nonemergency number is 20901011. The nonemergency line was established to prevent an influx of nuisance calls that can block emergency calls from Regina call taker. The nonemergency line is activated during times of historically high call volumes. And is otherwise needed if someone calls 911 with a non emergency he or she will be transferred to the nonemergency line. Steve Macintosh. In SS news. State auditors have found that less than a quarter of the court appointed advocate for Foster children surveyed. Say perspectives same sex parents are treated differently than heterosexual couples. But to take a capital journal reports auditors also found that about 37% of those surveyed. Were aware of a child who was moved from org denied placement in an LG BT home. In the report released earlier this month auditors said the results could be taken as a sample all guardians because the told response rate was only 34%. The auditors also noted that many didn't answer the question about how same sex couples are treated. Former Kansas department for children apparently secretary Phyllis Gilmore said. The survey quote clearly and Curry's only those who believe an issue exists to respond. Dan O'Neill came and assets and. News. The White House cutting some rules for hydraulic fracking. The drug administration throwing out rules first tracking that have been proposed by the Obama administration. Those roles would've forced companies to disclose what chemicals they're using in the process. Of pumping pressurized water underground to break open hydrocarbon deposits. Generals have been held up at the courts is energy companies tried to fight them. Environmentalists aren't happy with president charms decision. Because of the potential risk to ground water the Center for Biological Diversity goals tracking ain't toxic business. In Washington until NATO Fox News. I this is closing out a busy year and taking credit for a deadly bombing in Afghanistan. As prices lost ground in Iraq and Syria the terror group continued to plot and carry out attacks around the world in 2017. Militants plowed vehicles in the crowds in the Westminster and London bridges the also ran over pedestrians in Barcelona Spain. And Manchester England and then pledging nearly decisive set off a bomb during an area on a grind day concert. More than 200 people were killed the nicest bombed a mosque in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Terror also struck in New York City twice once on Halloween imminent terrorist drove a truck into a pedestrian and bike path and again in December as a man detonated a pipe bomb in a busy transit hub. In Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News. A state park in Florida has the help wanted sign out. But they're hiring may seem a mystical. Well there wishing for mermaids now at Florida's Wiki what she springs state park effect they'll be holding auditions on January 13 to join the world famous mermaid squad there the Wiki work she mermaids have been performing year round in 72 degree of spring water since 1947. To qualify you have to show that you have the endurance to tread water for fifteen minutes and of course swim like a mermaid. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Clothing company in Kansas recently had one of its products worn by duchess Kate Middleton. The Christmas Day wardrobe for the duchess of Cambridge included that touch of camp says. The Lawrence journal world reports that Kate Middleton. Wore a Baum or an alpaca fur hat from talk to Nazi based Peruvian connection on Monday it took Christmas service and Sandringham England. The company has a store in London at six in the United States including one in Kansas City, Missouri. Peruvian connection has operated Emeril talking moxie for more than forty years. That's the Kansas information networks Danielle Norwood with that story. It is 606 with Stephen Ted in the morning you're listening to 987. And thirteen thirty KN SS. It's six. Well it's me instead in the morning you're listening to 97 and thirteen thirty K isn't as yes. Let's get our first look at traffic for the morning dad chambers. And so far these morning that things are looking OK out there in traffic and a break up that's great for I'm an event I had seen this morning. And we got the report isn't freezing fog after he might actually get some slick spots on the roadways that idea that he cautious. This morning in the year cold out there on the drive in traffic updates from cape and it's as radiant and yet chambers. Think he added now is as we head into the final weekend of the year. Very intriguing weather wise it was enough let's get the update from meteorologist Dan Holliday again. Good morning we could have some slick spots on the roadway as some moisture is coming in from the south creating some freezing fog. But by this afternoon flowed a gradual clearing sky he will be the warmest day of the week forest with a high 42. Colder air moves in tonight. Our lose twelve to sunny tomorrow with a height nineteenth on New Year's Eve for high eleventh I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Thank. Dan apparently in Wichita Hollywood cloudy sky. 92%. Humidity it would freeze out of the south that is 28 degrees on her way too high today of forty suit. Weather forecast sitting in this final weekend of the year. 613 with Stephen to educate and. SS. Thanks for being wit us here on this Friday morning why did Roy Orbison noise Wear dark glasses. Number Roy Orbison. Rock and roll star he wore dark glasses. All the time. We credited to his English fans. Roy is the son LeRoy junior tells Rolling Stone magazine is that could not see without glasses like these regular ones on a plane. Right before he started his 1963. Tour of England with The Beatles. Roy junior says his dad had his dark glasses Winamp when he got off plane and England fans to pictures of him in the dark glasses. That led duke somewhat of an Arab mysteries that followed Roy pretty much his whole life. Orbison the suns just releasing a biography called the authorized Roy Orbison. Breaks and some of that mystique Roy junior says his dad had started writing his life story before he passed away. An anecdote there about the origin of the Roy Orbison dark glasses which became a quite the trademark for him now rest of his life. A couple other notes it was sixty years ago today and it. Singers Steve Lawrence and Igor way got married in Las Vegas one of the great showbiz marriages. Lasted. Long time until she passed away few years ago. Steve Lawrence Igor may and married sixty years ago on this day in Vegas. And today marks the birthday of the Hyundai motor company. Fifty years ago today Hyundai it was founded in Seoul south or media company it's now been around for half century media and still put now will be Nichols. Still making cars. A former Miss America whose appearance and sex life was ridiculed in emails sent by officials of the Miss America Organization. Says that the group's request to enlist former pageant winners in the search for new leaders is laughable and insulting and equipment and Mallory Hagan says that the offer made this week by the remaining members of the group's board is insulting to anyone who ever competed or volunteered in the pageant. She and other former miss America's are renewing their call for the entire board to step down and leave. The CEO president and board chairman all resign. With the in the last week. In emails published by the Huffington Post Miss America officials. Single out Hagan for special attention criticizing her parents and speculating on how many men she had been NIC. And at controversy continues. So they want the whole board to see there is a group of former miss Americas just want the whole board do. Clean it out and start afresh. When voters in Cambridge New York decided the town's school was due for a renovation. Science teacher knew there was one piece of the old building from 1915 that should be kept around the door to the principal's office. Why is that okay always a plane door. And it once served as a model for one of Norman Rockwell's iconic paintings a little girl to black guy also known as the shiner. Or triumph in defeat. Rockwell often used local residents and locales for settings in his work Saturday evening post. In Cambridge New York heated find inspiration for his depiction of a school girl waiting her turn in the principal's office after getting into a fight. Preserve that little piece of history Nash or even if you turn down a school or renovate it. Keep the door and tacky that the little piece of art history around for generations to count. So close hundreds of people were hoping to cash in on jewelry store promotion. If promised to refund if it snowed six inches on Christmas Day OK but these folks are gonna have to wait for another year apparently. Like this springer is it Jewelers. Offered a refund of purchases made at its New Hampshire and to Maine and stores any time between basically Thanksgiving in the ninth of December. If it snowed half a foot in Portsmouth, New Hampshire area. Did indeed snow there hey and that piled up. But a company that provided the official results say it only amounted to four point three inches six yes gesture back. But at the store did post a link to the result on its web site he says nobody was more excited in the springer's team that our eleventh year of let it snow might be a one. More than 900000. Dollars with a steak or the business does have insurance brightness right. But there are tests work and install Internet they haven't covered by insurance in case. The strange happens needed to so they did not get six inches of snow. And it did not happen and out 900000. Dollars worth of free jewelry to folks that that that bonded during that time period lots. Missed it by packed and shipped. It is 618 O Steve instead on tape and assess. But the illegal what's going on in the world sports. Yeah you start out with pro football coming up on Sunday on New Year's Eve its regular season finale to the Kansas City Chiefs. Tease coming off a three game winning streak all at home. Visiting the Denver Broncos on Sunday and game that does not have any. Bearing on what happens in the playoffs as far as seedings go to chiefs have already. Clinched the number four spot in the AFC for the playoffs both teams are starting their back up quarterbacks in this one the Broncos Paxson lynch. Geez we'll give their first start to their rookie quarterback Patrick moments of the drafted in the first round. Chiefs are nine and six going to their tenth win of the season. Our buddy Mitch hold this level live pregame coverage of the chiefs game beginning at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon game will kick off in about 330. You can hear it live of course right here on your home that she's 987 and thirteen thirty KN SS. Chiefs are three and a half point underdog going out to Denver. It's the first time a rookie quarterback is starting to gain for the chiefs in a non strike game since Steve Fuller back in 1979. She's won their last two visits up Denver we'll make it three in a row on Sunday. Listen listen to the chiefs are on Sunday right guaranteed and assess. College men's basketball tomorrow is a big day for the shot here's Wichita State ranked number eight in the nation. Is playing its first game ever as a new member of the American athletic conference in men's basketball is suckers are in Hartford at taking on Connecticut's. Tomorrow. And that gave a tip off at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning so Mike Kennedy involve a whole we'll have live pregame coverage from Hartford at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. The game will tip off at 11 o'clock. And it's all on 103 point 728 EYN. And after the game. I'll be joined by Bob lutes and we would be taking your phone calls on the shocker locker room show broadcasting live at twin peaks in east Wichita. When he first and rock road at either tomorrow after the game soccer's at Connecticut. Tonight we've got Kansas and Kansas State both inaction opening up their conference play in the big 1211. Ranked Kansas is at Texas tonight. Live coverage begins at 6:30 this evening and at some Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Great stat going into this when Kansas has won its conference opening game 26. Years in a world. Our defense bring going tonight with a road win at Texas. Kansas State opens conference play tonight as well visiting Iowa State a game will tip off at 8 o'clock tonight that we nationally televised on ESPN EU. The Wichita State women's basketball team plays its first game in the American conference tomorrow afternoon to be home game at Coke arena at tip off at 2 o'clock. Shocker women hosting Tulsa tomorrow. Hockey action if you wanna see the Wichita thunder hockey team before the new year gifts you've got a couple of chances back to back home games. But the Wichita thunder hockey team hosting the Allen Americans at 7 o'clock tonight and a 7 o'clock tomorrow night both downtown in trust bank arena. These two are battling for third place right now in the mountain division. We do have a special college football broadcast tonight right here on KN OSS it's the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. And it's a great top ten match up number five Ohio State against number eight southern town both teams are eleven and 20. Ohio State favored by a touchdown in the Cotton Bowl tonight and that is live this evening right here on 987. And thirteen thirty Kate and SS. Courses that leads into a whole weekend of big time bowl games. Fiesta the Orange Bowl coming up on Saturday tomorrow on them. He got the national us semi finals in college football on Monday on New Year's Day in the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl so. On great college football coming up this week as he college football. It was seventy years ago on New Year's Day that the soccer football team played in the New Year's Day bowl game a it was the raisin bowl in Fresno. Soccer's lost to Pacific. 26 to fourteen. Specific rushed for about 400 yards in that game shoppers have a great season. Seven and forward led by coach Ralph Graham all Bally fullback art Hodges. Tackle Paul Hauser and of course it was the final game for shocker athletic legends Lynnwood sexton great halfback. New Year's Day seven years ago and dockers and a New Year's Day bowl game in the raisin bowl out in Fresno. Mouth shocker football back in the day when we're going to be talking to. Make all this that that this yet though I'm sure will speak with me it's about that as well yes yeah we'll talk with them it's our live chat with play by play voice the chiefs coming up at 8:15 this morning at. Right here on Kate in essence it is 623. Was Stephen 10 in the morning. Eight gender neutral version of one of the hallowed documents in America's history. You will not wanna miss this episode of Fox News commentator Todd star and his take on the goings on in America that's coming up shortly right here on 987 and thirteen 38 NSS.