Rebuilding a raided retirement

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 29th

Don Grant with stats on rebuilding after drawing from a retirement account.


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The direction that our country is had been. I am a little concerned about some things that are going on in our country but I think that. We are awesome and I love us so. The nineties. And thirteen 38 in SS. It's time for three big things for me. New York City beefing up security as much as possible for New Year's Eve they'll be in Times Square on Sunday night seeing. A police officers fatally shot a man in southwest Wichita that investigation continues. College men's basketball eighth ranked Wichita State at Connecticut tomorrow first ever game for the shocker in the American athletic conference. Three big things you Stephen says 987 and thirteen thirty KNF steps. And we've got the report of some some areas of freezing fog out there this morning so watch out for slippery roadways. Possibly get idea to take a little extra time getting where you need it's news that day. Thought there the gasoline prices in Wichita still. Around 229. Cents a gallon amazed at town mid week traffic updates from cape and it's as radio I'm dead kids. Think a look at that weather forecast here in the final weekend of the year we get some areas of freezing fog this morning. After that clearing off the high today 42. Will be our warmest day of the week by far because. Bitter cold air comes in tonight will be mostly cloudy and windy overnight low down test will older than looking ahead for the weekend. Hi tomorrow eight teen into high Sunday on New Year's Eve eleven minute. I'm Monday on New Year's Day twelve. Towards. And the temperatures at night it's really cold Saturday night slowdown for Sunday night the low down to minus three to begin hands. Your weather forecast. Currently in which it's always cloudy skies 29 degrees is my only yeah 91% humidity little breeze out of the south on awaits a high. 42. Find the comfort of a hat. Express your personality got a hat man Jack's find your own styles he way people from around the nation and the world in fact make hat man jacked their destination. It's at the clock tower and delay no one which caused great stores Hackman Jack's. It is 649 was the intent on KM SS. Money tracker Don grant to stop by here a little worn them our runners going out there that's bawl me out there I know like it's like this summer and enjoy this day wallets fear that design is doing all the eleven's super super cold ouch yeah now possible. Will be getting into that let's check got to see what happened on Wall Street yesterday. Dow Industrials finishing up sixty points a record close for the blue chip pedestrian 71 time this year that we had a record close UnitedHealth caterpillar. Contrary to the most of the gains. Also on the positive side bank and financial stocks strategists had been recommending these stocks as beneficiaries and tax reform and Amazon doing well to a one point 5% on the week. That company benefiting from having 45 to 50% of all online holiday retail sales online retail sales were up 18% overall. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Gerri Willis Fox News. It's 650 we seem intent on KN OSS. One of our one of our friends in the broadcast industry mark Davidson over channel. I believe it's his last day on the air today over his body three anybody Garcia. He appeared briefly on gay and assets few times Yelp the south sports and on sports in the and and easy he's good guy real lesson on him over the year isn't and I wish him best in his future endeavors now what's he going out to do. Some isn't he joining you in the financial industry I think oh you know it might be insurance or is it turns okay nine it was something non. Media related. Well you know I hate to say that there is life after TV. What do you it is amazing that industry because. I technical director and all that moved up the latter. Got to reporter than finally got to anchor. And then you go. In our main Ike is there yeah its bind but bad is it. It was so great to get for me to get out that industry has the you know I wasn't dive in for my major every time there was a. Armor there's you know and Amanda what to takes it takes its soul but that is exciting being in and while you're headed of cool yeah now so it's. Anyway so good for him good for mark gallon which marked the best it is 651 with Steve instead. Money tracker Don grant CFP joining us now live in the Studio One of what do I do have to rebuild. My retirement. Well you know an unexpected medical emergency or a loss of a good job or even a downturn in the small business can trigger. A last resort action of raiding a retirement account it's always a last resort. Now some time that is the only resource available to stay afloat. If that has been the case in your now back on your feet recovery will take some equally tough strategies. Well the first and the most obvious challenges to recover with the retirement account is to get. Aggressive with saving that means for going some of life's simple pleasures for your future. That means no vacation sorry. No weeding out. Less expensive gifting in order to deploy those dollars to your retirement investment accounts. Put it away you know put away maximum amount allowable for 41 K accounts and RS. It's tough to leave your familiar stomping grounds though would you relocate to make the same or more in a less expensive location. The south and other parts of the midwest may have lower taxes less expensive housing and better job opportunities. Remember this move can be temporary Justin tell you get that retirement account back to sustainable levels. Staying on the job another year too can triple the return of your efforts first you'll have another year retirement savings that you can count on when you need it. You'll buy another year by not spending your retirement assets. And Social Security benefits will grow as well because another creditable year for benefits. Injured delaying taking your Social Security which until age seventy will increase your benefit dramatically. Don't lay the temptation for immediate gratification. I recently had to do that wonderful in my college attending daughters she wanted to new iPhone and I asked the simple question. What's wrong with your current iPhone that's rather dad like. Nothing. The new one is faster and has warm. That's not the right well I pastor she needed that for school she admitted no. Well that was a year ago and she's perfectly fine did know what makes fun ever. For having last year's models so I mean even when they get it to college they get like this. Indeed you know she's wedded is that that this was a year ago and she had decided on law yet but. If you wanna be an attorney you think you'd come up with a better argument than. That it is well that's a lesson aloud when she also did did did did the little blinks the eyes and look up at daddy and that that works or goes so far. And I can only be I have to be right mood for the Allen yeah. It's. What else going on. I. Well we lost a road actress Rose Marie path always bad. So at twenty Sally yeah. The 2017. We lost Mary Tyler Moore at the beginning of the year we lose Rose Marie at the end of the year the from the Dick and action on Dick and I still around Dick is still around Carl Ryan are around. Right that's right yeah you'd never it was it wasn't till later abs that he oversaw him yeah. You know hear any of those that the stable of wigs of the two days two days. I loved that show and I mean Dick and die. They were all extremely proud of Hillary I mean pretty good group that that the banter that they had gone wrong when they were trying to write you know shows us out of shrubbery was the quintessential. Single woman for life you know. But varietal cracks and gas yeah now that was agreed show. Don thanks for joining us and a few happy new year in advance yell they want to hear this they'd say yeah you guys thank you thank you Don that's our money record on grant CFP right here with Steve antenna and morning. 987. And thirteen thirty KM SS more details on a fatal shootings. Involving a police officer in Wichita coming your way in 7 o'clock now.