$1 billion expansion in the works at Wichita-based Spirit Aerosystems

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 7th

Spirit also planning to add 1,000 jobs in the coming years...


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news K at SS we just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning. And says oh. Employers with a Sears the studios Steve Macintosh has today off it is Thursday December 7. Very cold right now twenty degrees. We getting our full forecast coming up in just a few minutes right here with Stephen says. Spirit Aerosystems plans a one billion dollar expansion of its manufacturing facility in Kansas. And the addition of a thousand new jobs project announced yesterday it includes capital investments at the Wichita plant site. During the next five years Cedric county commissioner Dave enroute LCS and news he's pleased by the announcements. Employer in our county and then the second largest taxpayer can't. And these sort of opportunities to either throw here or allow them to leave are important decisions. Plans call for hiring 800 new employees by the end of 2018. And 200 more the following years the company anticipates to be hiring sheet metal workers mechanics composite technicians and machine operators. Court records indicate that a woman who was killed on what to top last month apparently was beaten to death with a shovel. 42 year old pearl Rodriguez was found dead at her home November 14 but boyfriend 37 year old Travis Eckerd junior has been charged with first degree murder. Probable cause affidavit states when Wichita officers force their way into Rodriguez's home they found her with several traumatic injuries to her head and throat. They also found a wooden handle shovel inside the bedroom of the shuttle flight covered in blood and here. Or was arrested and a sister's home and away thought he remains jailed only 250000. Dollar bond Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Dozens of fellow Democrats are calling on senator Al Franken to resign after another woman comes forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. Fox's Griff Jenkins is in the nation's capital and an update. He indeed resigns later today as we expect he will be the democratic women in the US senate they've brought the pressure to bear and his seventh accused are coming forward charging Franken trying to forcibly kissed her adding to the long list. A sexual misconduct allegations. By the end of the day yesterday at least fourteen female democratic senators were calling for the comedian turned actor to resign including his fellow Minnesota's center Jamie cloture stopping short of calling him to resign but saying in between that you expected him to make the right decision. Minnesota public radio's been reporting that Franken was going to resign but it tweet from Franken to count said that story isn't accurate in that no final decision has been made. Tyson Foods announced more than two months ago that they could possibly be bringing its operations essentially county one county commissioner though says he doesn't think that'll happen. District four commissioner Richard brand sells says he was notified last Friday that the greater Wichita partnership was informed by the state of Kansas that there was no support for incentives and Sedgwick county to Laura Tyson here. ASN news spoke with friends Al who says the incentives tied to bringing Tyson here are the main reason he has been noncommittal on the plan. I did tell committee from Donald when he first brought this up to me that I would likely support incentives because that's been my position all along that's commissioner I think. Companies like this that that make it billions of dollars should be able pay their taxes and campaign further the ability. Some of the known incentives or industrial revenue bonds and water infrastructure. And sell says he expects an announcement to be made about Tyson on Friday. Phil but the brand Kagan SS news. President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has brought mixed reactions. The president also calling for the US to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem boxers. Conner Powell is there sort of two different responses source. Union across the region and not only here in Jerusalem and in Israel international condemnation by a lot of America's partners in the Arab world and and also Europe who have real concerns that this move could spark violence but here in Israel there's been celebration there has been prays our with president Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. This is a formal declaration now on the embassy will still. Take some time to move the State's department in the White House need to plan that position here in Jerusalem where they're gonna build it they need to buy the land he needs it design it's that this will take. Several years according to White House officials. US embassies across much of the Middle East are warning American citizens of possible protest during the coming days. A federal sentencing hearing is set for today in Michigan for the former Olympic team Doctor Who admits to molesting underage girl gymnasts under the guise of medical care. Mary NASA could spend decades in prison between federal and state charges boxes Evan brown reports. For more than a decade female gymnasts on the US Olympic team were sent to doctor Larry Nasser at Michigan state university and when they complained he was touching their genitals repeatedly and unnecessarily. They were scoff stat athletes like Rachel Dan Hollander. Victims are patronized and treated him like uneducated female incapable of quote understanding the nuanced differences between medical treatment and sexual assault. Nasr has already pleaded guilty in a Michigan State court and was sentenced up to forty years for the abuse but he was also found to be in possession of child pornography including videos he made. On the girls he attacked for that federal crime he could be sentenced to sixty years. Evan brown Fox News. Today marking an infamous day in United States history it today so important we still take notice and some also. Lucky thought alone. We've let alone. Let them go away. Those words spoken by president Franklin D. Roosevelt this year marks the 76 anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. More than 2400 Americans died in the early morning attack on the navy base near Honolulu and nearly twenty American naval vessels and more than 300 aircraft were damaged or destroyed. And it brought the US into World War II Tonya Jack powers Fox News. An embarrassing arrest for the mayor of a small Florida city more from Fox's Paul Stevens Davenport Florida mayor Darlene Bradley arrested this week on allegations that she used dead people's disabled parking permits to park at City Hall. I just assumed that she had some disability or whatever and that she you know that. No reason why she used it so I never questioned why. Davenport city manager Kelly Callahan Bradley now facing felony charges of using a deceased person's identification and charges of possessing an altered or counterfeit DK how the mayor caught on video parking in disabled spot it's a little car. The Raleigh. We all pull county sheriff Grady Judd Paul Stephens Fox News. It is 607. You're listening to Steve content in the morning on a cold. All the morning here on 97 and thirteen thirty KN has passed. Created as as news. I've been 613. Steve instead here in the morning on Thursday morning's. Is underway let's take a look at what's going on here and traffic. Here on Thursday morning. And though we did have police heading to the scene in a possible break in the 2700 block of north baton. Police are checking that report out. Deep denial on the traffic we belong in the morning here CU update we have many traffic tie ups or any accidents along the way. Traffic updates from CNN's century yes. Now let's take a look at the weather forecast here on this cold Thursday morning and check in with meteorologist Dan holidays Oudin. Good morning you'll be a quick walk to the car with chilling temperatures to start today and they won't climb much at all this afternoon at sunny and breezy with a high today 34. It'll be clear overnight are low near 27 partly cloudy 48 for the high on Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan right now on which it's all we do have a breeze out of the northwest under clear sky. It is twenty degrees on her way to a high of 34. Today. Weather forecasters and went Thursday morning. Quite chilly out there don't let the flag pole today needs. Lara often running here on this cold Thursday morning. New York's metropolitan museum of art is saying it's not going to remove in 1938 painting a by the artist known as the ball close. Depicts a young girl on what some are saying is they suggest deposed the painting entitled to Reese dreaming it shows the girl leaning back. Her undergarments are visible now the late polish French artist known for his erratically charged images of young girls. And online petition has garnered thousands of signatures. Urging him to the New York met to rethink its decision to display this painting. In light of today's climate concerning sexual assault the petitions off hurt using the net of romanticizing boy your ism and the object to the case of children. A museum spokesman says visual art provides an opportunity for conversation. Through informed discussion and respect for creative. Expression. Creative expression we'll see how that gets resolved. And we have a follow up on the story we did yesterday to add. Good news. You remember the beloved which elf on the shelf the big and my eyes and got missing elf he's back they're out New Hampshire yes New Hampshire he's been returned. The Deerfield rescue squad posted a FaceBook post that zippy the elf. He's a little bit wet but safe featured pose a photos of him being carried by a police officer and parked in a car. Eskew said our holiday magic is back. Now they don't no worries man I don't know if somebody is accused of taking him they just know that he's back. Mannequin wearing a will rid one Zia cam Newton's and slippers was last seen in a beach chair near Deerfield park Monday afternoon. In Jamaica. Appearances around town Raikkonen rounds yes CN as an elite that lords a busy time a year for the L a manic and about ten they needed and knew you know. Mean it reveals prefer to be unseen while in a village itself need to be found. And it's supposed to be delivered a tree is in his life size so well you know little what is life size for an hour and healthy it's you know. They can take different that's your sizes but can imagine that cookies these guys that make any big. On the week that host Matt Lauer was fired because of sexual misconduct charges NBC's today show. They raked in the ratings. They beat their rivals for the on ABC for the first time in three months today had more viewers and Good Morning America all five days last week. First time that's happened in nearly a year NBC fired lauer following a charge of inappropriate relationship that began three years ago. Other women to come forward charging him with improprieties. Viewers told his dismissal last week. Nielsen says today viewership shot up by more than four million appeal well my more than one and a half million people. Now what what more people are tuning in to see what the idea saudis see not Matt. Lauer yeah senate that is interesting. Turn of events there. A right hailing company lift. I've heard of those you've got to hurt them. They are now sending self driving cars to pick up customers. In a Boston neighborhood I'm going to tell you right now and don't trust them. I don't like the self driving car item in the car pulls up my drive way and there's nobody driving it it's gonna stay in my driveway. I'm not yet now it. They announced yesterday that the pilot project has begun in the city of Boston. City officials say they hope to gain inside and help people better act with shared autonomous vehicles. Possibly complement the city's public transit system effort also votes self driven out buses. You non writing one of those eaten. Don't think I try unless it's on a rail I don't wow that's you know a lot of stress out of prison that the original one of those knives that's pretty scary. Whose mom is not on board I guess probably if but he daddy again. And I'm just not on board of all that it. It is 618. Which Stephen Ted on tape and asked as. And let's take a look at what's going on in sports an interesting night last night made a big upsets in college men's basketball. The number two ranked undefeated Kansas Jayhawks did not emerge with a win last night against the Washington Huskies. This is up for the sprint center in Kansas City games on pay a face last night. Washington. Had control of the game and won it 7460. Iowa. Washington gets its first win over top ten team in seven years. Jayhawks had a couple of a couple openings they just couldn't quite get it done they could not make three pointers last night. Missing fifteen to three news. Only making a season low five. And the they you wasn't coming through free throw line either only made four free throws on the night not many opportunities so. Washington wins against 74651. Loss of the season for Kate you'd jayhawks fall to seven and one now. On the season. Boy what a game last night in elder radio and you go means basketball Butler community college hosting sixth ranked Hutchinson the defending national champs. You heard the game right here on tape and SS Dennis Higgins had coverage. Late in the first half Butler led this game 36. To ten. As Hutchinson missed thirteen shots in a row. 26 point lead for the Butler grizzlies. Yes as the clock was winding down Butler was clinging to only 82 point lead. Dennis Higgins would called the end of the game it was right here on occasion as. Astros for rides his three topic G. Good news. Three. Top. The ball bounced three times off the rim and. Threw everybody at a weighted suspension. A home game and Hutchinson buyers. Raced over to students at Butler money. And it grizzlies unbelievably. Biggest comeback in Hutchinson men's basketball history. They were down by 26 McCain back to beat Butler last night. Eighty to 81 a Hutchinson. Head coach Steve Beck was ejected from the game after a pair of technical fouls. Hutchinson with the wind now eleven and one on the season they have won six in a row. Wichita State women's basketball tonight on the road at Missouri State's shocker beat the lady bears by fourteen points last week here in which he thought Coke arena. Now tonight is the rematch in Springfield Steve strain we'll have the live coverage at 645 tonight that's right here on 97. And thirteen 38 and as test. Monday night but I'm sorry Thursday night football tonight should be a very high scoring game in Atlanta the falcons hosting first place New Orleans Saints. I will be 7 o'clock tonight wanna listen pro football on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. And little college football news Kansas State offensive coordinator Dana dismal. He's been named the new head coach at Texas El Paso and kept coming off a win list. Oh in twelve this season. It's it's it's expected that Kimmel will stay with the wildcats through the cactus bowl but after Christmas man. And his head coaching duties at U tea. At sports with Stephen said Kate and as tests. He is 620 twos even dead in the morning. Interest being items all over the place what will Fox News commentator on star and she. We'll find out just a few minutes. Right near Stevenson 97 and thirteen thirty came into this mess.