10-year-old wins "Grilled Cheese Challenge" in Maine

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 12th

The judges favored her entry over those of the other two because of its cheese-to-bread ratio.


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Forty sevens. Even Ted in the morning you're listening to 97 and thirteen thirty Kate and as as another step forward for health care. Get the latest from Illinois Wichita business journal update. Now it's time three big days me. College men's basketball number five ranked Wichita State for the 35 point win last night at east Carolina soccer will be at Tulsa tomorrow night. Seeing it. Drug administration says it will allow states to impose work requirements on able bodied Medicaid recipients. Trying to help people move from public assistance into jobs that provide health insurance. Extreme cold across south central Kansas this morning wind chills well below zero. Three big things he's been dead 987 and thirteen thirty Kate and ask them. Side streets residential streets all still ice packed out there being cautious when you're on those roads. The main roads looking better but they'll watch out for the occasional slick spot and the gasoline prices yesterday. Most everything else that was going on yesterday traffic to raise the gas prices that we're at at 239. A gallon here in Wichita. Traffic updates from cape and SS radio on gas chambers. Think Janet. Handles the good the bad weather forecast you're heading into the weekend. We're going to see increasing clouds throughout the day high of 23 degrees with wind chills in the negative territory more cold air with a student. Overnight tonight cloudy skies and low down to ten degrees now looking ahead for the weekend it'll be mostly sunny. Hi tomorrow 23 seems today. Then Sunday a high 41. Minute. For another cold snap the truth so enjoy something. Enjoy the sunshine. On Saturday and Sunday early in Wichita we will wind out of the north partly cloudy nine degrees with a wind chill at negative at six. Weather forecast here. The weekend. 849 Stevenson defeat in the past. Yes. The youngest of three sets that we we had two stories in Maine today and now another product. Honest I'm easily the news club of America affects main case now the youngest of three shifts in Maine a has taken first place in the inaugural Augusta agricultural trade show gore make grilled cheese sandwich contest. While it's Nazi. Why don't we borrow that wanna we have this during river fest as a sort of grilled cheese contest a grilled she was of that. The get real get main cooking contest to place this week ten year old took the top prize of her grilled cheese. A trio competitors were given a half hour to prepare grilled cheese sandwich no advance warning on what they because so they were just given that. Alison they were becoming something yeah you'll be cooking something they tellem Nazis in thirty minutes but that aren't. Does this a ten year old Wendy as she got a gift bag end. And let's see runner runner up both got some aprons and chef hats not good for him for her ten year old he makes a darn good grilled cheese. Those that get it done I wonder if they have like a variety youth. They had nothing yeah they have ingredients our news from area or if they just had very basic ingredients to that I don't know. I've heard of like fancy grilled cheese sandwiches but to me grilled cheese got to be fairly basic. Yeah he camps became monkey with a too much now now. That's and that you know Wonder Bread butter cheese just make sure yet his victory put the right stuff in the right place he can be able to anger rolling pretty tasty but. The spruce tree that was going to service the US capitol Christmas tree was care it's carefully selected from mom Montana forest. All across the country it did its duty in the nation's capital. 79 foot tall tree lit up last month during a ceremony had all the pomp and circumstance but then of course there eventually comes a time when that tree is done yet yeah. Now some companies in Montana hoped to keep their fame alive on the truck the truck they're going to truck the three all the way back to month and a and they're going to chop it up I think in they're going to use it to help. Rebuild and historic Sele. In Glacier National Park that was destroyed by wildfires last summer I ate. Repurchasing. Via a US capitol Christmas tree Montana the Washington DC. And now back to Montana Martinsville do something useful that some critics are questioning the amount of fuel that will be burned to haul the tree back across the US. In saying that hey that we have plenty of trees in Montana. Why we need to use this one. An app. Others say they don't mind as long as taxpayer money is not in ball. So apparently there's a nonprofit that's involved is now on try to get this done without any tax money being spent on this project. It is 852 we seem intent on KN OSS another step forward for health care. Let's get the latest with editor bill Roy from the Wichita business journal mr. Roy yeah. Hello Ted the other big story that we play it a business journal on the streets today in new met way to teach health care providers had to do their jobs. It's called health science simulation nurses and other providers can learn and practice. Using lifelike mannequins and software that presents real life situations. They can learn how to start and I'd be clear the way for a breathing tube or even figure out patterns surgeries. To train is director of health science simulation at the Wichita area technical college. He knows of a doctor that it operated on a baby several times but two surgeries didn't fix the me peace problem. A baby simulation manic and was created he and his team practiced the surgery. And the doctor was able to figure out how to solve the problem without additional trauma to the child. This week we spent ten minutes with Chris grammys the news superintendent. Of the derby recreation commission promise worked at the commission for awhile. And that previous director frank sites know that he wanted to lead someday. Sites later announced his retirement and drum was chosen to take his place. Local breaking business news every day on Afghanistan stand at Wichita business journal not calm the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Bill I was a bit disturbed by your lead story there with the lifelike mannequins and software helping bribe people healthcare industry it's I realize it's only a matter of time before lifelike mannequins and software replace you and me. Margaret I'm I'm sure they're getting closer every day that coming up with somebody will just do our jobs and I'll be obsolete. But they just won't have that personal touch that you and Steve provide to. Listeners every day. Boy there's no doubt about that Nike trying to sell that people. Am I'm not assured them untrue it's taken hold yet the world's work a lot of people listen a lot of people's they had heard him Stephen. There you go well. You know you William got the groupies. He EF op that that's that's where did you guys can't either now. It. When she got that mark counting I think things are going role hopefully things are looking up around here now and you change my mind on that. Did real well Allen going into the weekend. It is great is that huge year end bonus that you got for winning DiMarco oh heck yes once that the once that check clears I'll be in the pink. You know about it the but the. I'll you know. Still like non apple will see the honor I'm sure the honorary will be here shortly. And you will have a great weekend at that is editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal. Top local and national stories on the way which to our roadways. KM SS morning news was Stevens head.