The 10,000,000th Ford Mustang has rolled off the assembly line

Steve & Ted
Thursday, August 9th
Steve shares his memories of the classic automobile.

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97. Birdie came at a senate seat until the morning Steve back into Austin what word. A former Wichita police officer has admitted that when he was an officer he knew people were conducting an illegal gambling business and he did not record them. Federal prosecutors say 46 year old Bruce MacKey of gutter pleaded guilty Wednesday. 21 count of miss provision of a felony. During an illegal poker game in February 2014 MacKey told the games' organizers. One of the gamblers of the Woodstock police officer working undercover. Sentencing is scheduled for October 26 MacKey faces of three years in federal prison and a fine of up to 250000. Dollars Kansas governor Jeb. All year is not backing down he's in a close Republican primary race for governor with a opponent Crisco block. Co bock leading by only 191. Votes that collier says there are other ballots that also need to be counted. We're going to be waiting to see how this all comes together. And we're hopeful. And to be honest we're very optimistic that those votes will continue to come in on our side. A 39 year old mother reports of child victim being sexually battered by a suspect. After a medical examination of the child the 25 year old male suspect was arrested late Tuesday afternoon. Near Lincoln and Emporia in south what you tell suspect and the victim were both interviewed by investigators from the exploited and missing child unit. The man was booked into jail in charge of rape of a child thirteen and under. Amanda from Lawrence who molested a girl beginning when she was seven years old was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for a. Quarter century 68 year old Clinton volleying was sentenced Tuesday for aggravated indecent liberties with a child. For crimes that occurred in 2015 and sixteen. Before plea deal he face four charges including rape. Prosecutor Alice Walker red letters from the victim and her mother. Who both said they wanted him to serve a long sentence to pay for the pain he caused. By innings attorneys said his client was remorseful. He registered as a sex offender following the guilty plea Dan O'Neill pay an SS news. A Republican congressman is charged with insider trading and fraud and says he's gonna fight back congressman Chris Collins a Republican from upstate New York accused of passing on information to his son at a company they were invested in inmate. May be about to lose money because of drug the company developed didn't perform well in a medical trial but Colin says the charges that have been levied against me. Are meritless Cullen staying on the ballot for the upcoming midterm election I look forward to being fully vindicated. And exonerate the indictment charges Collins his son and a father of his son's fiancee with conspiracy fraud and making false statements to the FBI. All three of pleaded not guilty chill NATO Fox News. Now before gastric K in assists death meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning mostly clear in Wichita as we get today started sunny up to 92 for the hi this afternoon if we could see if you pop up thunderstorms but most of those should be to our east. Tonight's low near seventy scattered storms develop tomorrow is a system moves are way Friday's high of 94 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Partly cloudy not much wind self minted five miles per hour 67 degrees. A sunny day across Kansas and Wednesday which does high temperature 91 degrees. Normal high for the date is 92 yesterday. The today is August 9 when he eighteen on this date in 1969. Actress Sharon Tate and four other people were found brutally slain at takes Los Angeles home. Cult leader Charles Manson editor of this followers were later convicted of the crime. And although Charlie didn't do the violence he supposedly manipulating these people of the news will forum. Or several young. I'd say hippie style women who would run off from home and they were read this little commune go on out there and Charlie got a dual and his stuff and it's weird it was brutal and it was ugly and yeah that was in 1969 Sharon Tate at that time and an up and coming young star and it absolutely beautiful woman. And of course she was married Roland Polanski film the director he wasn't there that now in terrible treasury. And a Charlie Manson he did he just he passed yet he was imprisoned for all the years and just crazies could be little swastika in the middle was or is in. It's a small guy it'll. Anti diabetic art even a minor criminal. And all of a setting his famous and that's what he wanted to base wanted to be famous and now he's got himself place in history not a very nice place for sure. Charges have been dropped against an eleven year old Ohio girl who is suspected of shoplifting from a supermarket and a police officer shocked her with a stun gun. Eleven okay since that I mayor John Crowley says stunning a girl who posed no threat to the police was wrong. The encounter happened Monday night at a Kroger store there in Cincinnati police say the officers suspected the girl was using a backpack to shoplift. When he approached her they say the girl resisted it. And tried to flee before she was shocked with a stun gun. Girls take in a hospital and released to a guardian. Eleven years old that's pretty young well. Did you go down there and you cover the police beat every day and you see what's on the blotter those sheets that come out to all the case large come out. You see any kids doing bad stuff all the time eleven and twelve year old apps they're I am almost every day there's at least twelve or thirteen year old that is arrested them. Isn't that a basic resisting arrest guns. Yeah drugs again we can't allow to be kids and more it's all appointments and and announced on their money yeah but every day is seems like there's a preteen. Some borrow or at or very young teenager on the at a restless and this next information coming from the Washington Post they have come up with a definition for nice weather including. Saying look the cities across the US and find they have found the cities with a nice weather the most nice weather and there's braiding sung. Thermometer readings gentle breeze is no rain or snow not much humidity and nice days. Who are the cities with the nicest days with a top five. Are in California. Oakland. San Jose San Diego Los Angeles and Long Beach which is the Los Angeles it was a line you know 210. Nice days a year in L in Long Beach. 138 in Oakland. And they're all in California now the bottom five. Number one or the worst would be Anchorage Alaska pour Anchorage at twenty days and I would think it Fargo would be worse than that but I guess not. Honolulu comes in second but the only 31 nice days the well let's just damme let's ads doesn't mean you can easily now. Brownsville Texas is 32 and I've been to Brownsville and that is. He's been that's kind of a pit down there now it is what it is Corpus Christi get 36 which is very close to Brownsville as well. Only 36 nights days a year and corporate secret that's dumb as oil and number five on the list all right something to tell the mayor about Wichita Kansas. Fifth worst for nice days only 38. Stays a year. Now you know why we have so many. You know meteorologists on TV well Matt that list is just stupid while it is stupid I volunteer at a fund. Basically comparing Wichita on and Honolulu. There's always the same leader same number of nice days a year. No. Battle us now. It's fun a yesterday. The ten millions. Mustang. The Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly and now they had a big celebration. It's been on the that's on network TV last night to talk about the the mustang shall the first problem was introduced in 1964. I think it was Acura model and we had a story on our newscast yesterday afternoon did you have an okay we'll send it six 64 the first and came up. And it was an interesting it was all car that was it is legal card April pivotal to 89. In genetic. Which was a pretty good little V8 engine and it it would go it would scoot that not too you know. To polish the first one I saw was my good friend and a childhood friend Steve Boyd. His dad doctor Boyd head the board first when I saw the blue light blue. And this doctor Boyd drove that thing and you've been for export I had a brand new 68 mustang myself. And then later what color was that a blues it was called the vocal blue nice. All is gorgeous and that there beautiful car I'm sorry I got yeah he should've kept that on. Later when my son got the high school he and I found a red. Almost do a broad duplicate of that one. He was there red when. And I got that for him so he has sixty distinctive. Nines like it was 33 speed his it was a heavily on automatic that in 289 engine and it. It was sweet. So we have had a couple mustangs. I think it may be when I retirement after no one. Just because just because now hobble around town and I must thank you get that he would be nice. He in pushes Shelby had the Camaro and I was drawn up Ted it was a Camaro and the mustang now. Pontiac had a firebird. Which was a little kind of muscle car for eagle car so you never other models but did those with a sweet days in the sixties. When they had these fund cars ten millions must say it's come on 742 now Stephen Ted. Editor bill royal on the way he's gonna talk about a local ad agency. That's out of business school at a sobriety yeah I do that is. That's coming up Stephen dead on K in essence.