11/14/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Tuesday, November 14th

Rep. Jackie Speier testified that there are at least two sitting members of Congress — one Republican, one Democrat —who have engaged in sexual harassment of their own staff members. These 2 members need to be named! Also, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell need to resign for their failure in leadership ...


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This holiday switched to cricket wireless. And get a free forgy LTE Smartphone with no annual contract. Even it's OK. Okay. Me. Okay great cricket wireless. To smile about. Requires the reporting service activation in the third I was from a publicity which it refers to restarting its reputation if between five dollars retail tax trojans went on between twenty pretty. Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. Boy they hearing on Jeff Sessions today the Democrats. True to form utterly disgusting. Forget and that a little bit later. But it when he gets back to something. Sexual harassment in congress. Sexual harassment in congress NBC news representative Jackie spear told a house panel today. She knows of two current members of congress a Democrat and a Republican. Who have engaged in sexual harassment further exposing an institution that's been accused of looking away from sexual misconduct. Spirit California Democrat said the harassment range from proposition such as. It going to be could carry out to perpetrators exposing the genitals. To victims. To victims having their private parts grabbed. On the house floor cut the eleven go. In fact there are two members. Of congress. Republican and Democrat right now. Who served. Who have been subject to review or not have been the subject to review they have engaged in sexual harassment. These harasser propositions such as are you going to be a good girl. To perpetrators exposing their genitals. To victims having their private parts grabbed on the house floor. All day ask in return as staff members is to be able to work in a hostile free work environments. They want the system fixed. And the perpetrators held accountable. Well why doesn't she mingled. I'm getting a little tired this. Why isn't she named them. They're members of congress right one Democrat one Republican. They sound pretty grotesque to me. Representative Barbara Comstock a member of the committee also shared a story she said she had been told recently. About inning count her one unidentified female staffer had their boss a current member of congress. She said the woman had been asked to drop off materials at his house. And he answered the door any pass out and proceeded to expose themselves. Comstock said she did not know the identity they congressman but said the woman had quit her job as a result. She said we need to know more examples of what's actually happening and make it easier for the victims to come forward it's important to name names. While she sitting there would Jackie speer who won't name names. Now the apparently this is widespread. In congress or otherwise why past. He resolution in the senate an anti sexual harassment resolution in the senate if it's not widespread. And in the House of Representatives Paul Ryan said that. Every. Member of that house and every step number after the hearings are going to be required to take anti sexual harassment. I'm calling on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to resign. Not to be provocative or contours and. What does this sexual harassment has been going on am quite serious Baptist. In the United States senate. In the United States House of Representatives and they are the leaders the Republicans have controlled the house or representatives of each one mile. Democrats have controlled the senate to 2015. And Ryan to McConnell have been around a long time and they know they know. Who's who when they know. About many of those who are who who. They should resign. And I'm quite serious about that. Now we had Gillibrand. Who proposed the bill. In the senate. So this is a very very serious matter. We have Jackie speer and comes back live now come forward and said this is a very serious matter none of them won't name names. None of them won't name names. That is appalling. Absolutely appalling. They won't name names. Where is Gloria Allred. But I could not be more serious when I say Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan should resign. They have led institution. Weather is widespread may be ramped. Sexual harassment but clearly. So much of it all right pattern of so much of it. That they're having to take steps now to address it. And why they waited so long. Why they waited so long to address this. So I knew if they hearing today it's all over the media what took place at the hearing what Jackie speer had to say among others. The other day I told you about what the senate did. It's a big deal. And we're supposed to just move on. And I said the other day where's the Washington Post the Washington Post is the hometown newspaper of Washington DC. Why aren't the Washington Post reporters. On Capitol Hill getting us names Republicans Democrats I don't care. You know a lot of people send their kids. To work on Capitol Hill as intense. As young staffers. Apparently there are members of congress who are predators predators. And it did take a code of silence like the mob. They're just coated silence like I'm not. In the US senate in the US House of Representatives. Led by the Republicans. Let either Republican. Now I know they keep wagging their finger is set rely more okay fine. But that's not. The and then in the beginning and the end of it. I wanna know what's going on in the United States capitol. The capitol building. Anywhere else. Any other workplace we conduct is out this way you're subjected. To a lawsuit. You can go to the EEOC process if you wish. Any other place in America. But congress exempts itself from the same laws that apply to us whether it's health care. Whether it's the Freedom of Information Act that applies to the executive branch whether it's sexual harasser what it is they seem to exempt themselves. Now we're being told specifically under out Jackie's spirit testified. A liberal Democrat from California. She does have two cases in California dynamic excuse me a Democrat and a Republican. Who have sexually harassed in grotesque ways. Separate. Who are that. Who are. I wish one of these reporters in the Washington Post would go to Capitol Hill so they get to hear who it is. Are who they are. And let me tell a little dirty secret they know who many of these people. It's like John Kennedy at the White House. Will this pool parties is sex parties. Washington Post nor about the stuff. But they covered it up. The Washington Post covered it up. The law that they covered it up. Now we have. Members of congress who have come forward to say they no specific instances. I mean let's listen to this this is your congress. This is your government these are your employees. And they're not gonna tell us who these people aren't. Even though we have a right to know whether we want to vote amid a road amount. What's the secret. That's played again mr. producer cut eleven go. In fact there are two members. Of congress. Republican and Democrat who are today who I think. Go ahead. Who served. Who have been subject to review or not haven't been subject to review they have engaged in sexual harassment. These harasser propositions such as are you going to be a good girl. To perpetrators exposing their genitals. To victims having their private parts grabbed on the house floor I think week. They agreed that. Members exposing their genitals are grabbing private parts on the house floor. They should be exposed. We should know they are the Los Angeles congresswoman Sanchez. She says she was harassed by a Collie. Linda Sanchez said she was harassed happened years ago I current member of congress. Who's running this place the House of Representatives. So the Playboy Mansion who's running the app the United States senate. Are. Where all of the little mobile mullah brown hair and embarrassed that you did and in the day Mitch McConnell. Did they take responsibility for anything. Time for McConnell would go time for Paul Ryan go time for some fresh blood to get in there really take charge of these institutions. Drive a liberty agenda constitutional agenda. Compel members to behave themselves conduct themselves like ethical stand up American citizens this is gone far enough I'll be right back. On the growing format. Which they have. No effective control at least at the election. If complete control about what goes on in their offices in the halls of congress. Let me read it is from CNN until Ryan's announcement today. There was no requirement for sexual harassment training in the House of Representatives. Individual offices could voluntarily have their stance attend training offered by the Office of Compliance. The senate test last week passed a resolution making sexual harassment training mandatory. Not just for staffers. And interns but also for senators. This is a disgrace. I'm not kidding this is a disgrace. In this Corey guarding we're gonna expel Roy Moore. If he's elected. Seems to me that's fine. Seems to me there's a lot of expelling that needs to go on expulsions if you will. I think if we had any decent reporters left at the Washington Post in the near times. And he decent reporters left at CNN and MSNBC. And all the others. They would be right there and Mitch McConnell store and Paul Ryan's nor. And asked them why they're not naming names and why not a single member. Member of the House of Representatives. Buddy single member of the United States senate has been expelled. For sexual harassment. One. How is that possible. How is that possible when they just passed an anti sexual harassment resolution. Requiring training for senators staffers and interns in the United States senate. If this was an up problem they what do passed a resolution how is it possible up. That we hear from Jackie spears and Barbara Comstock. So there's obviously a problem in the House of Representatives and doling out the speaker of the house orders training. Remember it's congress and their staff and end. How does he get to this point what so ubiquitous. That math they put their quite down. I'm saying you have leverage jet bright yellow leader's soak up. They like to be called leaders they like the. The cars they like the protection I like all those up okay Mitch McConnell likes being the boss. Well boss don't jets that responsibility. For what's going on in the senate. Maybe John McCain's been there forever to tell us with a sexual predators not. Maybe Orrin hatch can tell us that this sexual predators out. Eddie said Cochran. That forget it I don't think he knows what it's kindness. Over the House of Representatives where they separate 20303540. Years. They know that the culprits aren't. I know exactly who they are. You know we talk about the mob and the code of silence. We talk about violence on the streets among gangs in neighborhoods and the code of silence there's a code of silence of the United States senate. There's a code of silence at a house or representatives. You cannot tell me that Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan. The Republican leader of the senate and the speaker of the house don't know what the hell's going on you cannot tell me that. In any hurry up and have passed this resolution he Harry up and do the training area not really. And notice. Notice. That those papers. The network TV cable TV this satellite TV notice. They're nowhere. They're just reporting on the fact of what the house in the senator don't. Why because they have their sources. They have their sources. And they don't wanna lose their sources. People on Capitol Hill for years and years and years they have their target they might take out Tron. They're not gonna waste their time on soaring this stuff about not on an up and they wanna take out. Many people who might support trying to. How is it. At the Washington Post says the resource is to send reporters and Alabama and doesn't have the resource has. The motivation the interest to send reporters to Capitol Hill the final with the hell's going on out there. Your reporter right. Yemen editor right into managing editor writer however it's laid out an executive editor you're reading about these stories. This testimony today you're seeing that the senate moves quickly on a resolution now with the speaker today says what he says. Why wouldn't you have reported planet on capitol enough to get the names of the individuals or X. We themselves the staffers are finally separate why would she get those kinds. You don't want to that's why. Now that I'm pounding them they might. Now than impounding them. Expose it may need it well. But don't hold your breath. Make eagle mountain and you talk serious satellite go. I cannot believe I'm talk envious Kirk thank you. I wanted to say you know back when bill Quinlan and I'll put this little problem obviously the problem with bill. It's still a problem today why can't we get together and then then figure out who who looked on Capitol Hill. This shouldn't be up on Capitol Hill representing us and now from the planner. Why it won't Jackie's Peter's palace that's another opinion why long. Gillibrand tell us why won't Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell tell us. We have courageous women coming forward as we're as pets we've been told time and time and time again. Why won't courageous members of the senate courageous members that have why won't they come forward. And find out who their credit to her colleagues are why won't they do it. And where the media. John Alabama. I'll be right back. Liberties Joyce. Meyers. Then Max talk with that voice now all that's 8773813811. Minute I'm not spending. Three hours on this on this point you know I think it is a big deal I think it's a very big deal and it troubles me a lot. As somebody with a daughter and granddaughter and of course the wife. And I saw this. If they hang about all the sexual harassment stuff going on in the house and the senate I heard this New York Times. Senator Mitch McConnell has a well documented history of showing little tolerance for sexual misconduct. That he fears could tarnish the image of the senate in his party. Excuse me. Little tolerance for it to just had to pass an anti sexual harassment resolute this is what I mean. Carl holes or whatever his name is that the near times there's this ancestral reap incestuous relationship. Between many of these politicians in the media. He was a force behind the effort to push out Larry crank. See what else there and that Bob Packwood. And now is a force to that the deal would more. And by the way what they seem to be settling on is a write in candidate. So I got the thinking. Put aside Alabama put aside growing more. I'm right in Kennedy. Not that it wasn't there but now let's highlight of like a marquee at a movie it. Mitch McConnell just told us how to defeat. Some of the liberal Republicans in the senate. I write it. When the Republican Party nominates a Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski she was a write in candidate if she lost the primary. Maybe what we need to do for the most egregious of these Republicans I'm not saying all them I'm not into taking out every Republican senators running but there's some who deserve it. Mitch McConnell will be one of the next time around. We support a write in candidate. And we did that writing candidate. Will win on his or her own or they'll be defeated. I might say that elected Democrat will do the Republicans in the senate seem to care about that. I can't put aside Alabama let's think about Indiana. There was a wonderful candidate. A Tea Party candidate to treasurer of the state. Of Indiana. He wasn't a goof ball wasn't a nice job he was a conservative and he won the nomination and he defeated pick Luka. Think Lou gar who've been around forever. And does thankfully long ago Jesse Helms blocked them from being chairman of the foreign relations committee led in any event. Lou gar was a moderate sometimes he was worse. And you lost the Republican primary. So they trash. The conservative who's running and won the nomination fair and square the Republican establishment in Indiana undercuts. Mitch McConnell tries to destroy him. They don't care if the Democrat Donnelly is elected. And Donnelly was elected. Donnelly was elected. Same thing happened in Delaware Mitch McConnell likes to say why. Rory and all right there's rule isn't parent. I thought they say it winners Michael all of a loser go home wow. Cicero. No McConnell. Okay. Maybe some of that needs to happen. Maybe some of that needs to happen because outside a lot. The men and women who represent us quote unquote in the United States senate and get help a lot done and other going to be pushing a tax spelled out wipes out. State local property tax deductions. Which is insane. It's insanity. Among other things. So Mitch McConnell has revealed to us. A strategy. That you can use in your own communities in your own state. Against. Republican members of the senate. Who are undermining our ability to have real tax cuts. To repeal obamacare. To secure the bill in order to build up the united states military and on and on and on. He could do this right in thinks so. We can do this right in thing to. Yeah they are sitting next there's the other thing. Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader of the senate he's not the Republican leader. He's not in charge of the Republican Party the president of the United States it and yet he's calling all the shots. And not just an Alabama early states. He's calling all the shots. It wasn't that long ago ladies and gentlemen maybe it was ten years ago made it was eight years ago when the Republican leader of the United States senate. Did not get involved in primaries. Whomever was elected was elected he would be the leader whether they're in the majority of them and our team he would organize them and then press for legislation and so forth and so on. Mitch McConnell has decided. And he's going to reach outside the role of the Republican leader in try and destroy any conservatives. Who challenge. His majority status. So let's give it candidate who announces that they're not gonna vote for Mitch McConnell for majority leader. He reaches into those races in these states and tries to defeat them. Let me tell you something. That. Has never happened before. Certainly not in my memory. Except when Mitch McConnell has the Republican leader in the senate. Because he once smooth sailing he wants people in there who will rubber stamp whatever he wants to do. Noticed that people who sunk us on repealing obamacare. They weren't the conservatives. Murkowski Collins. McCain. He doesn't go out trying to feed them he supports. Because Mitch McConnell is not a conservative he's a bureaucrat. He's a bureaucrat. And all these decades in Washington DC all these decades has a powerful leader of the Republican Party. What is he done for the American people and any significant way but I'll tell you what he's done for himself. He's built up this massive army of lobbyists are former staffers. People who run pacts that are front groups for him that he uses. To defeat his opponents to smear his opponents that's what he does Scott needs to go. Meanwhile I'm Arizona knows there's all kinds of sexual harassment going on according to let. Gillibrand Kirsten Gillibrand. And apparently co sponsors of the anti sexual I had harassment resolution. Saint Paul Ryan gone on under their nose is very chart the buck stops with him. The people Alabama will decide the fate of Roy Moore. The people of Alabama will decide who represents them. Even though Mitch McConnell insists that he'll decide. And that's not. Even putting aside these revelations starting with the Washington Post Mitch McConnell wanted to decide. Who the people of Alabama would send the senate long before this. He rejected Mo Brooks he rejected seven or eight other candidates he wanted Luther strange period. And he spent millions and millions of million dollars. What that meant. Any loss. And you lost. But should he be held to account. Should Paul Ryan be held to account. Yet they should be held. Let's take some calls here. Ryan Alexandria Virginia that great WMA algo. I'm mark Linn. Let me show men on but basically wanted to touch base with the on the at the bit about Roy of about more. Can't go ahead and done. Basically I worked her over per contract to people the government in. I idealist. I hit it runs or it bit my level. Section sexual harassment goes on. Armed and there have been women that you mean in a business you worked in there in Capitol Hill or what. Not Capitol Hill but. In the business unit in the contract from the government side. And they all treat contractors. Like a second class and they think they can do anything they want. And women have that I guess I'm assuming it's on them. They treat contractors like second class a that's a separate issue. Who is harassing women. Government employees as well I'm getting government employees in the federal government harass women who worked for contractors season. Yes. New. And do those women people if you're either the government side or contractors. Or have rap sheets on these guys and then. What a pleasant it is a question about this Brian. You've got it this year presidential press conference. Yeah see other reporters in there the gaggle of lawyers of nova reporters. Yeah. Inside the beltway tell me all this. Illegal and unethical and immoral activities going on. The way women contract in contract would constantly coming contractors being treated by fish department and agency personnel correct. Correct. NBC mini stories on this. Under yesterday. There's nothing. Why is that why why is there nothing. Because I I had no idea they keep the polish. Consistently across the board from the bottom to the top. I write my friend thank you for your call. Really is amazing to me with a concentration of media liberal media. In Washington DC. Almost every major news outlet has it hasn't. Branch operation here a significant branch operation hearing as well as international news operations. I'll tea I don't think we've seen the end of all these sexual harassment in these news organizations. We haven't heard a thing about the New York Times in the Washington Post and CNN. One guy and MSNBC we haven't heard a thing. Although one guide NBC was just chased at the door. Eighty ccb nothing is that possible. Exposed to possible. That likely. Patrick Concord, New Hampshire on the market within that you know. Mark in taking eight play the case you're out of your march 6 choke playbook by reading their article. There's a Politico article from last week that state that McConnell sponsored the sensor the senate resolution. Two days before. The Roy Moore allegations came out in the Washington Post nine other a lot of time frame questions than. You know suspicion and doubt there but I find it very suspicious that McConnell himself sponsored the bill. Two days before the Roy Moore stuff comes out in the Washington Post and he's been in the senate for how many years. There's too many coincidences mark that. That climate than it say something. And I'm attacked for this even though I don't really care. Whatever the end result in the growing more election whatever the facts are hell however it's resolved. Whenever it comes out. You better believe that this was the result of scan some kind of opposition research. Does reporters aren't just hang around. Roy Moore supporters and somebody told them hey you know why. And a site broke down and it's very complicated for the media. Because they really even the ones who have commented on what I've said they they've got it wrong or they have chosen to ignore. Aspects haven't. When the Washington Post wrote I'm doing this from memory that they heard about these teenagers. In floral. Lower. That's not possible to have come from just some. Person who has there and they heard it that has to come from opposition research these teenagers at the time in as adults today they never knew each other. You know each other's names. They didn't know each other's experiences. And for someone. He reported to hear. About all the I wants. You plurality of them. That's not. Innocently hearing something somebody said that to somebody. And I'm convinced they they do protect these these dug in politicians in Washington DC which is exactly why they're not hammering them. For sexual harassment that obviously is taking place I mean otherwise I wouldn't imagine congress going what congress is doing. In the House of Representatives and the United States sent. I serve I think that was a very interesting point. We'll be right back. You know my fellow patriots you've heard me talk about any Mac. The association mature American citizen. And they're conservative efforts on the hill. Did you know that the Mac is also your resource for all things Medicare. Now that the Medicare annual election period is here it's the perfect time to visit Amax website at www. GMAC. Not US. If you're searching for a Medicare plan that meets your needs. Amax senior resource is network is a good place to start. With access to multiple A rated insurance companies GMAC is able to deliver you choices. And more than that. In Mac has knowledgeable licensed agents would take the time to answer all of your questions explain your options. And help you choose a plan that suits your individual needs. Personalized Medicare guidance from licensed certified professionals. Plus the ability to choose what's right for you another reason why naymick has better so don't wait. The Medicare annual election period runs only through December settled. Speak really trusted licensed the Mac agent to discuss she needs. Learn more right away go to www. GMAC dot US that's www. AM. AC. Dot US. Www. CNET dot US when an outstanding organization. I encourage you to check it out. Here we. Let's go to Cheryl Herndon Virginia the great WMA algo. I intricate can cause hey I'd deployment let you know on my iPad and I was married. To a lady seat she died back in 2000. Honored that she was a court reporter. And now. And see what did mom but the big and that's what have been in the ninety's. Should it bet constantly hit on that and factual about and Scott has been going on for decades. Com Melanie slight that the query pretty mean a stenographer at these committee hearings. I I I measured according I'm a quarter on account. So in congress sat. Yeah ski season members of congress were constantly hitting honor. Nothing other I mean it isn't like a great impact. It. Right back there many be the top I think that did not and I heard stories about Ted Kennedy. Drunk. Or Lily lane and Monte ball on cable pinning them down their pay nine. Nine panicked and he's not the only one you know some of these guys speaking out now. There have been stories about them and but let's let's be honest the media pick favorites. If it's a Republican who trashes Democrats are it's either. Fairly liberal Republican though lay off that person for awhile. Who is best they can. But if this is the the I'm not downing that this is really paying any it if it's endemic. Two to the powerful to members of congress and so forth and so on there's been a Paris the report and certainly embarrassing events of naming. The perpetrators and I don't know why that is it shouldn't they. So funniest thing I I've I remember reading some months back. I've back out com. And turn. It all well and now there are typically. Aren't. Don't want it in in all this stuff I'm just saying as a general matter. I don't think this is covered properly I really don't. When you're sending reporters and Alabama fine sent an Alabama senator Alaska's senate to Hawaii sent more real want. And how might it get him and Hoover or attacks in the go to on the street and check out the capitol building and whose lives there and who works there. Particularly since a zillion red flags for your shot and in the air. With respect to this resolution in the senate and went the testimony was today in the House of Representatives. It is appalling to me. Appalling to me what the media report and what they don't report quite frankly I'll be right back. When we listen to the radio we never agree on the station classic rock I. Thanks claims the one thing we do agree on we all want an awesome free phone that's when we switch to MetroPCS. Stuff by MetroPCS with the whole family get four free bones of your choice for brand you look like Samsung. Motorola and LG when you switch MetroPCS. Wireless figured out. Covers up to consumers to stop them included from. From price for the record books with numbers on the Tivo moment or. When he's over until the terms and conditions. 3811. I wanna move on. For now. I do not allow I do not like when the when the entire I don't want the entire show to be driven by the news of the day and so forth and even though some of these things we obviously must address. Paul Ryan is on TV he's going on on about hiss. Tax plan in this tax proposal on during the break I listen to supplement. So as I wanna make sure the people in the middle. Get the biggest break. The people at the top they can't they if all these decades they've had loopholes they've had all these breaks and so forth and so on now that's. Time for the people in the middle to get breaks. That's a new type of conservatism ladies and gentlemen because it's not conservatism at all. Nobody's asking for anybody to get breaks. Our work. Belongs to us. The value of our work belongs to us. The income. Revenue assets we acquired as a result of our work along stop us and asking them to give us a break west and then the follow the constitution. They're not giving us anything it's your money he joy labor intellectual and physical. And it is a sad fact. That Republicans even while they claim to be cutting taxes or raising taxes on many people it is a sad fact that they resort to. Similar propaganda as the worst elements of the left. Which is exactly what Paul Ryan's been doing now for weeks. I have no personal animus against this man none. Using years ago I considered to be if in an acquaintance not quite a friend that we were quite friendly. And I like them on a personal level this is nothing to do that. Now just to give us some perspective. Why this kind of propaganda. Is very very dangerous because it goes unchallenged. He goes unchallenged. By so called conservatives. Who are so desperate to see these corporate rates reduced from 35% to 20% and I am tilt but there's so desperate. They've even sound like socialists. Class warfare warriors they tell us all orders is an a B plus program all. To greatest cut since pregnant all lies. History is a great thing you know. Gives us perspective. Chose this experience that's why we conservatives look at history so often. In 1787. The very near the constitution. Was adopted in Philadelphia. John Adams wrote defense. Of the constitutions. Of government. Of the United States. He's defending the state constitutions in this particular us. And he explained and he emphasized the crucial importance of protecting private property as a right from the tyranny of undiluted democracy. When you earn a paycheck that's private property it doesn't have to be real estate doesn't have to be real property. When your paycheck that your private property. Those are assets that's revenue that your income that belongs to you you earned it. And the government that I have a damn good reason for taking a lot of it. Redistributing wealth. And finding the progressive agenda is not a damn good reason. Here's what Adams wrote way back then. By the way heating and own any slaves. So everybody listen up. Suppose a nation. Rich in port. High and low. Ten millions and number. All assembled together. Not more than one or two millions we'll have land's houses. Or any personal property. We take into account the women and children or even if we leave them out of the question. A great majority of every nation is wholly destitute of property. Except they small quantity it close and if you try fools of other move ovals. If all were to be decided by a vote. The majority. By the way this is another reason why I reject populism and its purest form or pure democracy. Basically one of the same. If already be decided by a vote majority. That eight or nine millions who have no property. Would not think of usurping over the rights of the one to millions who do. Properly property is surely a right of mankind. Has really is liberty. Perhaps as first prejudiced habit chamber of fear principal religion would restrain the pork from attacking the rich. In the I don't from usurping on the industrious. The time would not be long. He for carriage and enterprise would come. And pretext speed invented by the Greeks. To countenance the majority in dividing all the property among them or at least in sharing equally with the president possesses. Debts would be abolished first. Taxes laid heavy on the rich. And not all on the others. Almost sounds like today. And alas they downright equal division and everything be demanded and voted. Here we have Adams. Predicting marxism. What should be the consequence of this. The idol the vicious being tempered. What rush into the most extravagant debauchery. Sell and spend all their share and then demanding new division of those who purchased from them. The moment the idea is admitted into society. That property is not as sacred as the laws of god and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it panicky. And tyranny. Commence. If thou shalt not covet and thou shalt not steal. We're not amendments that haven't. They must be made invaluable precepts of every society. Before it can be civilized remain free. Before it can be civilized. I made free because you see ladies and gentlemen. Individualism. Freedom. Private property are all inextricably linked. One cannot succeed. Without the other. One cannot succeed without the other. And I've made this case time and again I wrote about it most recently in rediscovering Americanism. It's important to remember. And property you see is even more than her real property near even more than the money you learn on the job. When your business. In James Madison explained this in another brilliant us. 1792. He provided even more comprehensive explanation about the relationship between. The individual liberty and property. He wrote the term property in its particular application means that dominion. Which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world and exclusion of every other individual. And it's a larger in just remaining. In embraces everything to which a man may attach a value and have a right. And which leads to everyone else but like advantage. In the former sense a man's land our merchandise. Or money. His called his property. In the latter sense and then has a property and his opinions. And the free communications. He is a property peculiar value in his religious opinions. And in the profession and practice dedicated by his property very dear to him in the safety and liberty of this person. Here's an equal property in the free use of his faculties in the free choice of the objects on which to employ them. You know word. He may and is said to have her right to his property. He may be equally sad to have a right in his rights. When excessive power prevails. Property of another sort is duly respected. No man is safe and his opinions his person his faculties. Was possessions. You can think of Venezuela. Where there is an excess of liberty any means by this anarchy the effect is the same. Though from an opposite cause anarchy mob mock receipt pure democracy that sort of thing. Government is instituted to protect property of every sort. As well that which lies in the various rights of individuals. Does that which the term particularly expresses. This being the end of government the purpose equipment that alone. Is a just government which impartially situation every man what ever is his own. According to this stated America the praise of affording me just securing the property. Should be sparingly bestowed on government which however scrupulously guarding the possessions of individuals. Does not protect them in the enjoyment in communication of their opinions. Which they have an equal. And in the estimation of some more valuable property. Saying government should be involved in the stuff. More sparingly should this praise be allowed to a government. When man's religious rights are violated by penalties. Or failure by tests are taxed by a hierarchy. Conscience. Is the most sacred of all property. Excuse me. Other property depending in part on positive law the exercise of that being a natural and an L winnable right. To guard a man's house is his chance. To pay Republican enforce private debts the most exact faith. Can give no title to invading man's conscience. Which is more sacred than this hassle. Are to withhold from Mitt backed debt of protection. For which the public faith has pledged by the very nature an original conditions of the social pact that he's what he's saying here is. That was sold you the conscience. Of a faith you have values your principles. These are your property to. If the government has the power. To control any of them. And to control your your physical property. Then that leads tyranny. That is not a just government excess. Norris properties secure Andre with the property which Amanda has in his personal safety and personal liberty. Is violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the rest. And he goes on. And they all go on and you can read it from Aristotle Cicero. You can read it from Sydney and locked in my at this view. You can read it from the founding fathers you can read it from Milton three minute Thomas Saul and kayak NBC's and all the rest. Adam Smith and they all be right. They said it in their own way. But they said at the right way. Which brings me back. The Republican tax proposals. This class warfare nonsense. He's deadly to our society. This class warfare nonsense when we talk about. The zone workers. To the exclusion of what all other citizens will what are the rest of us. The focus shouldn't be on. Don middle class a phrase invented by marks and his ilk there aren't a class act passed in America. And this notion is played into not only by the left by by this suit our right as well. There'll always be a leaks there will always be Porter they'll always be people who are more in the middle. Rather than less in the middle. That's okay that's how it works. The problem becomes. Went almost everybody's poor except the ruling elite. The problem becomes when you have Zimbabwe. In Venezuela. And Cuba. North Korea. And other regimes. Or even. Social democracy. With a common denominator is they pour our population. Is a sicker population. Is a less safe population. Britain. France increasingly Germany and so forth. These kind of societies are to be mimicked. There to be rejected. And so when we have Republicans talking about the that we came up with a plan that's really gonna help the middle. That's. That's the propaganda of snake oil service. What is the middle. Even in the house and senate proposals the middle changes. Some families that are in 200 to 500000 dollars in Iraq stick to that direction exactly right. That never used to be the American mentality but since the new deal it certainly is since the progressive movement before it certainly has. Really they're gonna get hit the hardest. Apparently they're gonna get hit the hardest. The lunacy almost no tax reduction in the gonna see potentially significant tax increases. These are people who work hard to their workers. Quote unquote they pay a lot of taxes. If you have a man or woman. There remarried and they earning. The families earning 3121000. Dollars a year. And some of these proposals the alimony payments they're taking making. Are no longer deductible. The interest on their homes over 500000 dollars and amassing 500000 dollars in interest a 500000 dollar home let's say they have a 783000. Dollar home. The extra 283000. Dollars in interest and applies to that is no longer deductible. The property taxes they plan on their home no longer deductible. The state income taxes they pay no longer deductible. Those people as well as many of you who may not be in that category are gonna get slammed. Science. And at the top rate. The Republicans are managing to do something that Barack Obama can only drank enough. Driving up the top rate it. The top rate. From 39 point 6% to 45 point 6% another three point 8% of obamacare on top of that. No citizen in this country should be starting at a rate of 50% no citizen in this country just remember when Adams said just remember what Madison said. Just remember your common sense I'll be right back. And I am prepared to debate all comers. The more than merry we've Georgian Potomac Maryland one of the wealthiest places in the country and a great WNAL go. Well first off what is your favorite or do purchase. I'll let you know would you vote for our group most or bring Syria I do thank you. It is wrong about the new wisdom over eliminating it production secular state mogul who mortgage posters seduction. Richard lower taxes but I think that these are subsidies to sit there look and blow the budgets and. Sununu tell us who tells out these tax returns the states for the individual. Kirk turned OK so you're tonic guy who lives in Potomac Maryland who's taking the deduction. No because that's a subsidy to your state means he questions there. They're not turn that a flat tax. Across the board they're not talking about a fair tax. They're fairly adjusting rates by the way there that think that we boosting rates for some people and increasing them by limiting I wanna keep you on bodily. I eliminating deductions. It's an about subsidizing Blue States not a lot of people in red states make these same deduction you Wear them. Different more OK Oklahoma we have wanna explore this for us we'll be right back. He's square liberalism. In news at liberty begins. Paul mark bourbon show at 8773813811. Not one penny that's how much funding Hillsdale College receives from the government that even indirectly in the form of student loans or grants. Not one penny. The vast majority colleges receive around 30% of their revenue from government funding loans and grants. And makes them dependent on the government. Taxpayers like you on meat for them to stay in business he contrast hills still refuses every penny of government funding why. Because money from the government comes with strings attached. Do's and don'ts restrictions and mandates that dictate how a school operates and educates. But from the beginning in 1844. Hillsdale has provided a world class education. That upholds America's founding principles and preserves the blessings of civil and religious liberty. Everything else does from the financial aid 97%. Of its students received to be completely free online courses that offers. Depends on generous donations. From donors who recognize the worth of independence. Not one penny preserves the integrity of a Hillsdale education. Not one penny a choice that heals up to continue to be a beacon of independence. For all its students across America. I want you to check amount you can learn a whole lot more you can have a lot of fun thereto or at Levine for Hillsdale dot com that's LE VI and for Hillsdale dot com. All right I wanna get back to George so George you're the year premise is luck. Hey we've million most of the time mark but I disagree with you on the east adoption she shouldn't be able to did not property taxes and state income taxes because in essence than the federal government is subsidizing the Blue States is that correct. You there with. Not a broad boosters yesterday yes took. Subsidizing the State's senior statesman pay. Federal income taxes right. Good individuals through various state income taxes and Ben brutal horrendous pit federal protect. So how are we subsidizing the state. Well let me give you an example who have sort of an example my. Well let me ask you a one company's depreciate. Assets equipment and so are they getting subsidies. Well look the business expense is unit. Well yes I'm asking you is that. But they write it off on their taxes on the federal taxes that a subsidy. Well and it's come a gritty area are you. If there's only gray area. If your if your position in this. That money is being taken out of the federal coffers. To help Blue States or states because individuals who deducting their property taxes are there state income taxes. In order to benefit themselves that is in order to keep more of their own money that never belonged to the federal government in the first place. Then the logic does follow that if businesses are going to deduct. There are going to have depreciate their assets in order to get. But deductions on their corporate income tax sheets that's a subsidy by the federal government yes you know. I'll give you an otherwise what channel well I'll let you speak but I wanna get them all out there. Charitable country of contributions contributions to churches and synagogues or. Or I'm by no kill you know animal shot or whatever it is that's a deduction. And that it it's generating revenue for ten years but hypothetically I would say that these federal. First let me stop you right it doesn't matter if it's generating revenue that's not your point. Your premise is that these deductions whether they generate revenue are not that the east adoptions. Are are assisting Blue States. Or stay experience go ahead. But. I've looked at my own suited Maryland increase my taxes by one out straight you Maryland's treasury either general fund is getting an extra thousand dollars every year. Now her problem my state and federal taxes how much more net and acting is slow them in the point 5% per minute point 5% bracket are being 750 dollars more. Where does it 250 dollar difference come up where it is now don't get the other two trips to. Maryland's let me Tyson if we had no federal income tax whatsoever. None. You'd still be paying state income taxes and state property taxes. So you're the beneficiary. Of the deduction not to stay. The companies that beneficiary. The of of the depreciation. Not anybody else's total amount that charitable organization is the beneficiary but look if you're argument is mark wouldn't be better. Tell across the board have a much lower right slash the rates or to have a national sales tax in exchange for these deductions I would agree with you. Because I care about what the space they got the feds think I care about the individual who's earned not money. Now let me ask you another question. About a I'm not picking on me I just find this interest. Are do we subsidize Medicare. In order to interpret federal court or not people pay the payroll tax but. That's not enough to cover. Noted on Medicare and the people who are medicated day they never paid enough to cover the expenses they have now they know what but it's it's set up president. It's theoretically an insurance program ranked. You hear over number but it's not we know it's not so people who are working today. By subsidizing people on Medicare today just as people on Medicare today we're subsidizing people on Medicare yesterday right. There. Are okay. And the same with Social Security man. Okay so why would we pick on people. Who have homes. Who made investments. Who are paying taxes payroll taxes. Federal income taxes state income taxes state property taxes. Interest on their markets and why do we say to them you know what everybody else is subsidized. Your language theoretically. Thank you know now. Did adoption we're gonna take away. It doesn't mean there were there are a hundred or are comparable order. I'm saying that's right and they're not even they're not even flirting with the idea. And that's why say these guys don't wanna cut government gonna tell you what they've done. They are screwing the individual. Income tax pair. In many of their so called categories and income. Except they're creating more non taxpayers though type. You know like your first 24000 college you don't pay once senate taxes. Let me tell you what that's going that's increasing the number who pay no federal income taxes from 47% to 50%. It means there's a bigger burden on the people who are already paying taxes and then you get the Marxist propaganda arm Marxist type propaganda from. From I'm Paul Ryan is Canada but the rich have these loopholes and up with a little pulse what doesn't define the loop holes what the polls exactly. Is Paul and are not our Paul Ryan talking about. You never tell. You have to learn to social reproduction we state and local taxes and deep. Mortgage interest so you've. So let me ask you quite then let's talk about even further. So if you buy a home. That's five million dollars. 500000 the first 500000 you paid on your home the interest related to the first 500000 is deductible. Or arrested it's not. Tell me how many five million dollar home it'll have some effect. On people buying five million out let's make it easier and I have some effect on people buying one million dollar contract. Or what is the the great. The great positive affirmative policy in doing that. Lose any game that need for women in the motor industry is sort of a downward arc perhaps a lower. Course it well and not only that who does that affect. Do billionaires build homes. Are they don't want to putting roofs of their homes piles on the wall carpet on the floor. Fossett are they though are they the plumbers and electricians and the rovers in the construction work if they're not of those. US construction worker and an electrician or plumber. They love working on the expensive homes it's a big time up. OK so why would the speaker of the house the using class warfare likeness. Crosscourt girl her. Well it's getting away chrome who would sit there and senator what's her game where it all by itself. A musician what do you and black of reductions and loaded good Bancorp also. And Morton. I'm my attitude is the more money individuals can keep. The better however. Our politicians have to be responsible enough to start cutting government. They will not do it the you know. That the deficit this last year at this last fiscal. Government here which tries to that September 30 and I know it ought to be an accounting year that they do everything we hear it it's not a calendar year. He runs from October 1 to September 3-D you know it was higher than a year before. And there are Republicans were in control for two thirds of the year. And that. This year's concurrent concurrent senior rebel I don't pump you know I you know lack. What did you say you know what about 1970. You have to have good food deficit the budget it good expenditures and higher every year and up. I'm just acknowledge that deficit is and higher every year. They're deficit. This year. When that House of Representatives has been controlled by the Republican since 2011%. It's been controlled by the Republicans and 2015 and with a Republican president. The annual deficit as opposed it overall debt lumped under the whole nation here too is higher this year than it was under. The last full year of Obama. Rare earth aren't all that's the problem so basically they're saying we need more revenue AMR revenue so the purpose basically if taxation. Is not the fun the legitimate activities at the federal government under our constitution. It's the funny illegitimate activities of the federal government the progressive agenda and redistribution of wealth. That's what the vast majority of this goes. It doesn't go to national security and defense most of it it doesn't go to infrastructure like roads and so forth most of it. It doesn't go to those things that only the federal government can do it goes to many of those things that anybody and a I'd say look you've been great. I don't like DSCR TV living TV. Right I echo bill clearly an article it was. I wish you would really consider cutting cutting production and Newt do you agree with the crisis with the good if you have a relative speed limit. We hit cutting rates and cutting production blues he would have been better to have the right word sort brother doing it scorers. What date was a test depending deductions and they're cutting on a way where the rates are not coming down to the people who are paying most of the taxes. And that maybe that hold on now the so I don't find a political gimmicks to answer your question. So I recruited emperor George he would do you deduct your property taxes. Women are correct spirit yet you live and platonic malady you deduct your income taxes. Yeah our fingerprints are crap ones remotely better but I just want to know that. Yeah okay just was curious if you're out there that I lead but I believe it's so good thing bureaucratic thing spirited will present the sort of there aren't. Knew all along America Costello who lost. I want it heard it moved to Virginia Oregon who depend. Hallowed record in his attic control now so. I guess for mute is the next place I have my friend thank you for your call will be right back. Because things some of these. Supply side and I like that say I'm a supply side in many respects to. What they're not really comprehending as they talk about all the growth that's going to be created by cutting the corporate income tax rate from 35 to 20%. Which I think is absolutely right. The problem is ladies in general if he can't afford your home any longer. All that growth won't matter. Because it takes time for growth loot to occur maybe they'll take a year to three years in the meantime he got to pay your mortgage. The meantime you have to pay your taxes. And you may not be able to catch up to that growth if you're affected by that growth and it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have a 34589101000. Dollar. Salary increase. Or increase your bottom line if you're running a small business. So once again you have these these masterminds who speak more. Erratically than they do. That's specific cases in the final thing is I'm accused of that. But my focus. Reagan's focus Smith Adam Smith's focused higher acne seized freed is on the individual. Dislike the founders of the country it's on the individual not. Fictional only organized. Income groups or dot com you have an average of this of this group. When you pay your taxes cannot interest in an average of this of this group. You know what you pay for your past you know when you took a sharp pencil to make determinations. On what you can and cannot afford. And a lot of people. Who are not filthy rich. Who may have purchased a home that's where 67800000. Dollars. And all of a sudden they're being told the interest on any of that about your 500000. That is the interest on the 500000 the interest on the remaining 25300000. Is no longer deductible they might lose their home. But they might lose their home if they can't fully deduct their property taxes and a state income taxes again. They could have been enormously many of you responsible sat down figured out what you could afford a what you can't afford. And I have been told don't Larry two trillion dollars is gonna come in from overseas. Through corporate relief don't wary. But corporations are gonna get a 35 to 20% deduction. Look this are not talk about class war from talk about economics. This has to be a anymore. Sort of a horizontal growth. Across all revenue streams. Across all income streams. Corporate and individual. Small business international corporations. Small group partnerships. And wagers. Across the board slash. Instead they say after the satellite saw Lansky. Dividing content class warfare and other rich they have all these loopholes. Looks like this. Who talks like this I'm considered rich. I'm considered rich. Not super duper incredibly rich I'm rich. I deduct property taxes I deduct interest on a home. I don't I'm gonna have any dependence anymore so I'm not the deducting them. Or what are the great adoptions Motorola low post I don't know maybe some people park their money overseas and do this that in the other but how many people do that so I'm not aware. Of these make deductions. I'm just not aware of the. And yet. There's Paul Ryan satellite Bernie Sanders. What are you forced to pull the trigger. You know exactly what to say when the police broke arrive but these are important things every responsible gun owner needs to know. And you'll find all the answers in the US CCA's complete concealed carrying friendly defense guide. But you're about to miss your chance to get yours completely free. In year 164. Page guide. And free audio book you'll learn how to detect attackers before they see you the safest and most dangerous places to sit in a restaurant. How to responsibly own and story got even if you have little ones and a lot more. But they're only offering this to you my listeners for a few more days that's it so if you want a free copy you must Harry. If you act fast believing get a bonus home defense checklist. Simply head over to defense then dot com right now to get yours before it's gone. That's defend them dot com defense then that town. Okay. Let's take a look. I Eaton town New Jersey they Greg WABC don't. Good evening marker greeting guests sick people who how are you you're welcome congratulations chat much luck. There are a career. I would. Just calling to in my created you could feel like I owed Kodak article here. The 200 to 500000. While you any lacked. Yes so I talked it over my account and it's it's looking locally and here's a thing not only are people like he's going to get whacked nobody's gonna Camp Lejeune numbers are now. Our small compared to other numbers in terms of the and that's an Irish. That's what I was going about it might create deeper feeling that might not have adequate worker in about. My creating a feeling like that they are middle to upper middle credit is what I needed it. Category right now on port yes audio and I don't know why I don't know why since we paid most of the taxes in this country. That would not only that British straightened. And what about on a great democratic society. The more the middle crescent diminished and squeezed. We are on the road to a collapse. On the likes of the Soviet Union on the likes of the Romans. Middle class societies. Are the greatness. Of any democracy. And it just feels like they wanted to squeeze us out of existence. Sign my friend. I asked I get your pain trust me. We'll be right back. I giant shoppers. It's your show cashier here to tell you about a new way to save even more on shell fuel really. Now you can link you judge count to a few words account. Which means you can combine your gas rewards points with the words earned from shopping online dining out and more. Plus tack on the additional every day stating that show in the business we call that a big savings opportunity but you can call it. Now this is a few awards dot com slash giant for details and how you can start saving even more on shell fuel today. Is it feels it is restrictions apply. Hello everybody mark the event here. Our number 8773813811877381. 381 month I mean even talked about the immorality. A consistent toy Texas. Put aside the eight green I Shays in the pencil pushing. The morality. Number what I've told you in the past. Remember what took place in the Boston Harbor. Taxation without represented a mile mark we have representation today we'll do we. So many of the decisions in this country are represented they're not even involve them. Federal regulations. More more of the federal courts nationalizing more more areas in which they seized control of the decision making. Even putting and a sign. And when she remembered. That there was a call for a convention he meaning. Before that which took place in Philadelphia. Several months early. The states were concerned. They were concerned about. The lack of commerce and trade taking place between and among the states along with other government. Because of the rules that were in place. One state punishing another. One state punishing. The residents of other states trying to do business in their own thing. And you reached a desperate point. In so there was a call for a meeting. To discuss this to resolve this in Annapolis Maryland. And I write about this briefly in rediscovering America's. Now that most demeaning and all that and lets you listen to this program. Well truthfully. Not a state sent enough delegates but some delegates were there including. Alexander Hamilton who wrote about it. And so. They call for another meeting. Which took place in Philadelphia and you know the rest and pretty much. So the intention of the first meeting in Annapolis. Was to advance. Concentrate. The second meeting that took place in Philadelphia. Among other things but they included in their proposed constitution was this clause that we call the commerce clause. The purpose of the commerce clause was to promote commerce. Today the commerce clause is used by the federal courts in use by the federal bureaucracy in the executive branch to destroy comers to destroy private property rights. To destroy trade. And this is where Bernie Sanders in the national populace are way off because they talk about. Now we got to do this and assist parents in this is that this does this and so forth and so on the purpose of tariffs. Is to provide funding to the federal government is Lisa was before there was a federal income tax as an example. Does that mean that politicians old in new haven't been protectionists of course not. But that wasn't the purpose. What we've done with the tax code. Is not raise the monies needed for the federal government to conduct itself. As provided in the constitution. What we've done with the tax coast is to creating maze of rules. And if you trip (%expletive) go to prison. If you don't pay enough money in the government you can be heavily fine and penalized. But more than that. It is a massive document the purpose of which. Is to create winners and losers. Not simply fun the the necessities of the federal government. None of us would argue against. Some level of taxation Adam Smith even makes a point of saying of course Hayek makes the same point of course. And Taylor vanity. When favor a constitutional as a you and I. None of this is discussed. If you read my book plunder and deceit you know. The disaster is looming in the decades ahead for your kids ingrained kids in generations yet point. On the size of the government. The size of the debt all the barring that's going on it's not addressed it's never addressed. And so they talk about we need to make this revenue neutral. It's not revenue neutral. He only looked. Spend one penny trying to pay down that it's just assumed it's gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger and when they're getting gone so bit. So be it. I look at these tax proposals I find it would be insane. Quite frankly. I know people are very excited right now tolerates 35 the 20% on cooperate. That's kind of great growth great. For some people it'll be beneficial for some people want. Because what they're doing on the individual tax side. But for all of us because they woman address the massive debt particularly the unfunded liabilities. Which exceed 200 trillion dollars. It'll be a disaster. And the supply siders seem to think we can grow ourselves apparently over 200 trillion dollar. I'm far unfunded liability debt really well the entire economy seventeen point six trillion dollars. So we can take every single penny. How does the economy for the next twelve years. And pretend the debt doesn't growl. And then you can pay off that debt but of course of the next twelve years the unfunded liabilities could be 30350. Trillion dollars. There are increasing by five to seven and a half trillion dollars a year. A year debt on top Ed debt. On top of debt. IOUs on top of IOUs on top of IOUs. Let me ask you question his one feel mr. producer. If they had massive tax cuts and then as well with that say that country. Now wouldn't. If they applied right now supply side economics of that country when it survive no wouldn't why because the civil society has collapsed. That's why. Because this civil society has collapsed. Which means it economic system. Is not an economic system at all. The entire society has to be rebuilt. It's more than a tax issue. At that point. This is my point about these things being inextricably linked. If we're not gonna argue for reducing the size and spending in government. When it comes to tax reform a burnout I really push for when it comes to lifting the debt ceiling. Or mellowing and debated and discussed it. Never apparently. Everett. There are things that can be done. At this point to try and address these issues. Have growth. Strengthen the private sector and not just through. Corporate tax cuts but individual tax cuts across the board. Which would strengthen the housing market strange in the retail markets. In on and on and on it has a resonates throughout the economy he'd be a domino effect. But we must get spending and I concur. And even when we spend. We spent on the wrong things. The Chinese military is on the rise it's enormously powerful. Despite the fact that some radio host and TV hostess dismissive it's no big deal like how small they are compared us short. The Brit said that about America to a one point. Everybody said it about Germany at one point. Nominees are Russia via superpower one point. You know look down the road. And see the trajectory these various civilizations and countries. Some people would argue that we are trajectory is beginning to decline. I think they're probably right. If we don't reverse course I know the right. Because we are embracing all the wrong things about a society. And attacking all the right things about the society. That the Chinese don't care about that the Chinese Government. They are hell bent on having the most powerful country on the face a year and they're headed in that direction. And we sit back. And we refuse to rebuild our military we use our military's a social experiment we're talking about using our women are ladies. Your mothers your wives your daughter's whomever. On the front lines of combat and in this this is evidence to me and a decline in society. Where are values around a killer. So I look at this tax code argument there that tax reform argument and I have. I have to listen to Republicans. During the class warfare stuff. We we we listen about this no. Massive movement. The nationalist populists and now they add the word conservative movement. It is it is it is not even. Define in a coherent way. The extent I understand it are just way too much from the left. And rejects. Wait too much in terms of constitutional Republicans. Not the Republican Party Republicans. There's certain things that are right and certain things that are wrong there's certain things that are true and certain things that are false we noticed. Based on history. We also know what instinctively. We can never have a pure democracy. And you would never want one. If we are pure democracy if this was truly a populist country and we want it populism there'd be no electoral college and Hillary Clinton will be president they're. You know masses would there be no need for federalism. You don't want these states to get in the way of true populism national populism and nationalism for that matter. Federalism gets in the way of nationalism the whole point of federalism is to get in the way of nationalism and central as a and the word nationalism is confused. Because I think what many people mean when they say it is American is America first Americanism. Americans. The first nationalist populists with a progressives. The mid eighteen hundreds all the way to get mad. And that tax cut now were arguing. I Bernie Sanders like populists. While Lisa rich will get them on the little pulse. I get the low polls on the rich will take care of the middle class. Using Marxist jargon it's just grotesque it's repulsive to me. It's repulsive to me. Proposals coming out of the senate and the house has applying to. Individual human beings individual families. In my viewers disaster. The reason why Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell in this guy Kevin Brady and all the rest cannot say all of you'll get a tax cut. Is because all of you won't get a tax cut. It's something you'll get a substantial tax increase. Don't pass the ball claim they doing it for the working people quote unquote the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. Sound familiar. And in the end. You're gonna have a lot of pissed off people because you're being lied to this is to set the. And when you start to bring this stuff up that says. The president needs a win the president needs a win the president needs a win now the American people need a win. The American people need a win. So I've come to the conclusion reluctantly. As somebody you initially said this is 85% good and 15% bad that that's exactly wrong. It's exactly the opposite. It's exactly the opposite. It's 15% good and 85% bad. So I oppose both of these plans as they been articulated Upton now I know they're they're playing within on the yen. On the edges and so forth. But as they articulated top us. There's a lot of bad in these proposed. Because they coming out of the wrong way. And they do not want a cut government. They do not want a cut government. Let's go to aren't in Atlantic City, New Jersey they gray WP GG Harry is there. Boat just slide margolies enjoy listed Chia. That they didn't I've noticed it's a couple Asia got right we're right on the noted that news got distracted it missed a couple of points about the deductions and about the technology news. Yes well other systems analysts I studied this and I've crunched the numbers for decades now and you barely know all I have probably could better appreciate the most. One of the things is that that. The deductions are basically every direction of bunch that it's that he panicked the government your pain and it's their favorite party but more. According to match hello unless one. Current value of the one I deduct my property has an opinion to a favorite party. We talking about. Well to keep more money am I paying it to anybody it's a deduction. Well you're still spend money injured it's going to be. The town or something like that. If I'm paying today if you're saying the net effect is that the town in the state. Gets their net. Difference between my deduction in the tunnel you're exactly right but the deduction itself is in a payment to a party. Yes yes that's correct I stand corrected on that par on that point. The thing is is that the federal and stating compaction based on the same. Part of which is almost as found by create the court since. The beginning of the country. That thing is. It's past time there were no federal and state income taxes at the beginning of the country. Well basically prior to 1913 they didn't have the contacts and their sixties and I was asked to clarify it. These are. You know what happened was during the civil war. There was an unconstitutional. Temporary income tax immediately after the civil war actually believe I'm doing off the top and I had 1868. Of their. That was dropped in fact Lincoln's Treasury Secretary even said it's unconstitutional. But we need. But the civil war was not the beginning of the country in any event go ahead. Well what basically. Are no way to look at as I used to work very church and banks and that's sort of thing. His so look at the court should say it ain't come as a proctor gave her a corporate privilege which is sort of like an insurance policy. And that actually is basically the dividend where we don't want this since one minute. Okay well basically what it comes down to it is Philadelphia tried to asset income tax and they were admonished from a so they pay they passed the wage pact which is not account. And we mixed it too. We confused at points. Because of indoctrination. All right my friend I appreciate trickled by the way. We used to have a place in the Berkeley there right on the edge of the Atlantic City invent nearly spent many many wonderful Summers there I'll be right back. Excellent living TV tonight just saying. Yes and. As soon I think I think a lot into and I think those of you who subscribe and watched Clementi I think you even joy and I mean we we really do spend a lot of time on it and we do our very best I enjoy it. Darlene truck Eric Kentucky serious satellite quickly go please. Yet Smart they keep you can't in my can't use that and I was Kelly your company mr. Goddard. And lot of people drink this it may but if they keep our action saying. Corporate it has courts they're here yeah all the people get better then that means. And you start paying on them yet you hear it Conger good stuff but they're a large. Keith yeah that's not a bad idea he should be in the US senate from Kentucky may be a run against McConnell. Lower the corporate tax rate bring in the trillions of dollars from overseas get rid of the death tax basis for among others farmers and so forth. Leave the rest of us along because you're screwing around with the individual tax rate in very bizarre ways. I like the dialing plan we'll be back. This is the nation's town hall meetings. And you can join and they had 8773813811. He detail those something you notice I haven't talked about Roy Moore. All show pretty much. There are people now or backtracking. Practically prominence. On TV radio with web sites and so forth. I don't have to backtrack. The things I've said all along. I consistent. About the reporting that the timing. I never declared an innocent and never declared him guilty. I never declared the women innocent. I've never declared them guilty I made the point over and over again that it's up to the people of Alabama none of the Mitch McConnell and Cory Gardner and the rest. People of Alabama or make a decision I have faith in the American people to trying to sort these things out this was dropped in the lap of the American people up. Particularly the people in Alabama and then having the sort of thrill. There's all kinds of politics being played all kinds of stuff going on in the shadows. Gloria already shows up that's always interest in and so forth and so. But when things like this happen and unfortunately these these events they should that happen more often than not. In my chest claims of sexual harassment and so forth. Ask mr. that this would only tell you rich I don't need to be the first one man. I wait. I look at it. If there's an article like the Washington Post I read a few times are trying to analyze it caught trying to figure out what's going on. I'll try and figure out if there. That are not revealed to us what's the agenda the newspaper and puts the agenda the Republican establishment I frankly what's the agenda the more campaign. And so forth and so. So I'm not in a position where all of a sudden I have the reverse course if the leak stuff to the media had to do. I don't do that stuff. I try to be as honest is weak is with you as I can and I trying to figure out what's going on sometimes I'm right sometimes I'm wrong. And no brag just fact most the time of right. Nothing newest come out today and I'm aware of on Roy Moore. I think they said he was banned from me much smaller or something of that sort he denies it. The the lady who was with them already talked about. Being assaulted. After having waited waitress at a restaurant. And more says he's ninth tonight with a restaurant. I I it is impossible for me. To be that judgement here and so I'm not the tragedy here. But it's not impossible for me. To look at what's taking place. Both the article. The claims. The environment the circumstances. The politics. And analyze it. Which is exactly what we've done it's I don't need to reverse course I don't mean debt. Saying I was thinking this when I meant to think that it suggests. It's unnecessary. Unnecessary. While that's for whatever towards. 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How much you pay in taxes. It's incredible bullets you make over 250 here in California have been here at thirteen point 9%. On top of the federal not a and it we've got your first per homeowner like myself but you'd be careful while you protected by prop thirteen home. I know you know what that is but it are pure audiences both were protected by these radical increases. The property taxes because the property values are so intrigued here. Then there's this argument that they wanted to get rid of prop thirteen which would probably double triple quadruple people's property. And of course they wanna get rid aren't because it's it's a governor on the governor's. It's just it's just completely insane and and I got to tell you they're they're the big part of me that just wants the deepest hole being blow up. Those people finally realized how out of two I I don't know what it. They won't they won't they won't finally realize. In fact this is how many of the more radical elements. Take over when the civil society collapses but. California is unfortunately the one party state. The Democrats rule with a iron fist. They have control of virtually every corner of the state there are few safe havens a few pockets but even those are shrinking. You know the San Francisco area that if Sunni San Diego where they used to be hard core Republican you can see it shrinking. Irvine Huntington Beach those areas are sinking Orange County in many respects has sunk. It's it's horrible it's karma it's not gonna get better because the very people in control your government or ensuring that the policies in place. That in power than even further. Bull market I think you're gonna via an exodus that bit the people that are paying a big course taxes then you don't really get us there are any other I mean. Yeah it's just it's been great. It think before you book rediscovering America read that over with some indication that they did give me a lot of hope that that should be required reading for our school and college students. If I'm a rather replace. While they're inside appreciate it you take care. I'm not sure we just scaring Americans in the tenure progressive isn't gives hope. What it does is. And maybe this is what defenseman it would provides. A basis of information. That I doubt most do you have ever been present it was certainly not in one place. And there have been many many wonderful book reviews that have been written that we discovering Americanism. And I read them from time to think Kevin Williamson national review had an outstanding reveal. In my opinion if I can reveal Arabia but there were many. Many. End. I'm not a hawk in the book I mean it's not that's not a new book at this point loans less than six months all their other people who books out now but. I think this book and most of the other books that I've written will be around a very very long time probably. Beyond my AM mortal existence. Jess. Pomp and lakes New Jersey serious satellite go. I feel that peace love tax plan the Republicans are very similar to. The book or. Either Republican support they need obamacare repealed and that they are Shockey. Sobbed hard pill that. It's trashed and little hail and popular opinion doesn't end their reason for doing so is they wanna be able to save an outsider president's overall failure. They don't care passes they don't care which is success. They don't care if we get hurt. I disagree that I think they desperately wanted to pass and they're gonna trying use it in the election to Iran. The effects of that won't be fully felt until after the next election cycle. But they're gonna go on and then they're gonna they're going to be almost schizophrenic in their language and rhetoric they're gonna be talking about. How they got the rich and it's for the middle class so they're gonna sound like leftist but on the other hand. They're gonna pretend that this is all about. Unleashing Nia the economy in them and supply side and and individual. Growth and all the rest of it. So they they're they're gonna be caught up in their own propaganda. And you don't pick in third overall goal is to pointed back at the the president and say see. I don't think at all I think their overall goal is to pretend they're doing something really historic when in fact they continue to grow the government. I don't think it's about trump. Other quick note mark by the way I did hear today regarding. Dudley Moore at that. Handwriting experts have said. And I assault on one or two web sites that's Prius on that it's not his handwriting. I believe it is his handwriting. I'm no expert. But I believe it is his hand and let's say this is handwriting and does that prove that he molested some money of course not. Will not be you know what I don't think we'll ever know. And that is the handed Dan the ball a part of all lists his brought up. Close election it's not brought up 6810 months ago five years ago eight years ago. And we're told it's because people were afraid to come forward and unafraid to come forward now. I mean. It's just that they just certain things here I have had our. Trouble. Including the allegations by the way the substance of the nets they're true but. What bothers me is is is the manner in which they come for the inability to really rationally make determinations. He got people say. While persuaded by this or not persuaded by that also lot. And many people have their own agenda they wanna be seen is. On the right side of the answer but they don't want to defect their reelection chances. Are now all I know I don't now but that's inconsequential to me. I just I appreciate your call. Madison. De bois Pennsylvania serious satellite go. Mark I am nervous I am not the thought Leo. Tom yeah ban arraf is in it remarked we're considered rich I'm not read. Right out out slow announcement. May I ask what do you and your husband do. Love the smell it scary and Gil are two different position that this bank got it potentially at two different jobs at the thank company. And I am not a truck driver. I am an independent contractor on the got to bring your utility threatened hurricane harbor. OK so you are a driver. He is retired military and has another Joseph opportune. Pena you're considered rich this is my whole damn point it's ridiculous. Spent 270. Days only average a year away from my home with my husband in my adult. And you know a bit pat I don't know I'd call that got when you're gonna well probably a lot to our armed robbery they are hungry and top credit they're not here. No it's not. And the point is why why should people who pay no taxes get me. An increase. In in their subsidy. And why should there be more people who don't pay taxes why should more why why they growing the government that that's getting bigger and bigger. Now they wanna have family leave they got a thousand ideas on how to spend our money but that's what it's Armani. And now there's 50% of us are paying the taxes and out of the 50% most of the people paid in the top 5% you may be in the top 5% by the way. And the way they talk about these percentages in the east they're rich they're low post let me ask you something Madison. You loopholes. Not know how they talked about. And back in our you don't stuff but well that's not a little hole. It is not it. Either I'm. All right my friend. In hang in there I'll be right back. If you want to protect your home this holiday season listen up. My listeners you know you now have early access to simply State's biggest Black Friday sale ever. 200 dollars off their holiday security system. 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All bark and markup diario well it's a pleasure for you thanked me. Well I've got news story dispersed on Monday only get period are many get to the point. For a small one off thank you for your book autographs. Over there to Ronald Reagan. Florida where you want an old. You know does it help cement my sons. As I knew in my nephew bowl parole there. They got your are wrapped fishers and he has your picture with them. Stood right next Ronald Reagan. Oh my gosh that's wonderful are so much to. Get real background were recovered from morning ordering one call on. Because. We'll my experiences. I've had a I've had it. Would all least actual issues and what what the House of Representatives Russo is doing. The butcher up a soul called. Cash reform. Yes well they already butchered up. Once again Leo Obama. Held really an issue but I don't firebomb a strong supporter. Strong supporter once again. Since the wrong in the Reagan administration. About. Fair. Three tiered tax basis. Let me ask a question mark let let me ask the question is Ramos had attacked. I'm sorry I think they should just take in the Reagan plan and in the end and did it again. All wish. Good because this is a joke this is this is not this is very complicated what they've done here. Yeah well that's just step that's what's wrong with Capitol Hill. There her whole mindset is to complicate. And complicate and complicate. The generate more. Barack. Aaron my friend I gotta go no offense got Iran ladies and gentlemen my point on this is simple. They keep saying it's the biggest tax cut in American history okay great then why not do they read it text. Slashing across the board. And by the way slashing taxes on corporations that. But they do that. And it wouldn't be the biggest tax cut in American history. But the reason they didn't couldn't because it would have been the biggest acts in American history and it would have been very very easy to understand. And explaining the American people. This is not that. This is not that I'm sorry I rejected. I'm not trying to be the the wet blanket here but I rejected. Ladies and gentlemen Luis. Let our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. I am so blessed to have you out there I wanna thank you very much check out of MTV in two minutes. And I OCU. On the radio so tomorrow god bless. That is smooth and clean and Yana don't count my and that's. Just as this move to guide him and saving you money. Geico also gives you 24 sevenths access to licensed agents on nine and son Colin can I kind of and finite and I'm nineteen and I mean I am also a ninety big fan of Barbeque potato chips. Maybe you know. Loss making mesquite. Geico expect great savings an awful lot more.