11/16/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Thursday, November 16th

Sen Al Franken is being accused of kissing and groping Leeanne Tweeden. There is first hand evidence in a photograph of Franken sexually harassing her which is repulsive. Meanwhile, Roy Moore denies all allegations against him and disputes that a note alleged to be written by him in a yearbook was ...


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When we listen to the radio we never agree on the station class. Rock hit I cut explains the one thing we do agree on we all want an awesome free phone that's when we switched and MetroPCS. Stuff by MetroPCS with the whole family get four free bones of your choice for brands you look like Samsung Motorola and LG when you switch MetroPCS. Wireless figured out. Covers and two of them are still stuff and included a price for the record what was numbers on the Tivo moment or. He's over until the terms and conditions. When it comes to a brick and. Hello everybody mark lament here are number 8773813811. 877381. 3811. Now. For days and days and days. I've been system. That Mitch McConnell on Paul Ryan reveal the names of individuals in the senate in the house. Who are known predators. When you actually had the United States senate vote on a resolution. Compelling its members. To participate in mandatory anti sexual harassment training you have a problem and an institution a hundred people. I understand the staff and so forth I'm talking about the elected officials. I said the same thing with respect to Paul Ryan and House of Representatives you had two members of congress. One with specific experience Jackie spears Democrat from California. Saying that she happens to know of two specific members of the house one Democrat one Republican. Who are known predators. Who are involved in sexual harassment or happen. We read about something called a creek list that goes around some fifty people on Capitol Hill who are known. Harassed. A predator. There was a petition signed by over 15100 former members of congress former staffers former interns and so forth. Consistent. That's something be done in the United States come. Now this is particularly so given. Given the attention that these members of congress have paid to Alabama. Alabama. Will pay attention gallop to Alabama the Alabama Republican Party not Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. We'll determine what to do an Alabama. The make a decision so people will like some people won't like the voters will make a decision send people outside Alabama will like. Some people outside Alabama will not like it's up to Alabama. It's up to those folks. Not CNN. Not MSNBC. Not anybody else. And it congress is the responsibility of those. Who ran the place. Mitch McConnell is in control of the senate for all intents and purposes the speaker. Paul Ryan is in control of the house for all intents and purposes and both places are apparently out of control. He CNN story I wrote rich you last evening said that it. The problem over his sexual harassment is quote pervasive and quote. Jackie speer said it's a breeding. Ground breeding quote unquote ground. So we're not talking about this case or that case we're talking about many cases. I've also said that we need to know the identity of these people. Who are the her ashes who are the predators we have our right to know. They may be our representatives they may be among our senators. We have a right to know they work for us we pay their salaries or pensions and healthcare benefits. Now. The right scoop. Marc living calls and Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan to resign over sexual harassment. Washington ties mark within the last code of silence protecting sexual predators in congress. Hot air mark clothing GOP leaders must resign over sexual harassment send a conservative reviewed over and over and over again. I know we have today's revelation. Today's revelation involving United States and Al Franken. Upon learning of the yes I immediately posted a FaceBook and Twitter statement. And I said is Mitch McConnell. Going to move to expel. Al Franken from the United States and Cory Gardner. Who is say Sarah get a lap dog for Mitch McConnell. He the other day was saying that if Roy Moore is elected to the United States senate he should be expelled the moment it puts his foot. On the senate floor essentially. Okay that's the standard that's the standard was set forth. By Mitch McConnell surrogate. Cory Gardner got it that's dissent. And can't. Surely can't just be a standard for a a Republican. That's got to be standard across the board right. So. Charges are now made against Al Franken. I Lian tweet. I don't know her well I've met her a couple of times I believe. And they freedom concert. Once or twice I don't remember where exactly very very nicely you do remember that very proper person. And down. She's made an allegation you've probably heard it all over radio and TV she's been a number of interviews and she did a press conference. But in order to explain the broader picture in order to explain. Where we should be headed with this it is necessary to hear some of what she has to say about Al Franken. And then what Mitch McConnell. And the Republicans in the Democrats wanna do that. And I know it's not expulsion. Even though there's an actual photograph. There is first hand authenticated evidence. If Al Franken putting both in his hands. On her breasts while she's sleeping. Returning. From a year. From an event honoring our military. His which he had to say about it I'll cut one. No he's like what we need practice that kissing scene and again and whatever and I just sort of loan loss because I didn't think we don't need to practice kissing scenes is a quick little thing you know. And they need persist things I know we really need to practice kissing scene and OK Al you just turn your head right I'll turn my head right we got it you know whatever and he kept persisting in going out this isn't SNL we. Not really and says so we don't really have to practice. And he just kept persisting and it just reminded me of like the Harvey Weinstein taping her the girl and she was wired up for our senior island NYPD any disks. Assistant and badgering just relentless you know. And so I just like okay fine to say that show that you know. And he just sort of came around me and Amy did the line and he came out mean for you know any kind of get close and he just put his hand on the back of my head. And you mast is facing is aiming it happens and passing is NASA's his lips against my faith. And he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast and all I can remember is that his lips were really let him flying me. And in my mind I called and this list the rest of the trip because that's just what it reminding me I'm not gonna lie and I think it's time now my. My mouth and I remember I pushed him off. With my hands and I just remember I almost punched and so can every time I see him now like my hands Clinton as the answer is probably lying and I said if you ever do that to me again. I'm not anything nice about the second time. And just walked out away from him and I and I walked out and I just want to find a bathroom and I just wanted to ring my mouth not because I was just discuss it. You know. Now she is say news anchor. On the morning show on ABC radio. And I believe we all find this. To be repulsive. And Al Franken says is that we'll get to lady doesn't remember it this way. But he doesn't deny knowing her because I would be an impossibility. Many people saw them together as they did these so. He's serious military plants. There's another problem. For Al Franken. Cut to go. I'm sleeping up against the side of the plane and and in the photo you see the photo beside me is mark wills country singer he's also sleep. I'm I'm sleeping I teammate and I think I sleep anywhere. Any time so I'm asleep. And and their photographers on the trip and I'm pretty sure that probably. The photographer of the tour that took a picture. That they didn't CDs as you leave that have you know I'm taking photos of view on the entire tour that they immediately leave. And I get this an open it up when I get home. I found it that the next day. And in the photo of Al doing his you know there's some my press lately and the cameras can't smirking and smiling like Haley you. Mean and I took that as the you know the final leg packed like I got the last laugh. You know and he knew I wouldn't see it until. Until I got home in. You know I was away from everybody else and and you know like I said the need to know it in the context of the entire trip in what way it happened in the entire two weeks. Is is telling to me and in just their. The fact that pets and he decided to get away with it and that it was OK. That was. Tiny. I'm. Gonna go out that goes on president. Now. Roy Moore vehemently denies all the allegations made against. There's an peace one piece of evidence as they write in legal insurrection. An alleged handwritten note I'm morning yearbook and he disputes. That that's his handwriting and it is pending a forensic examination. If Gloria Allred will allow that yearbook. It'd be independently review. In the case of Al Franken. There is actual photographic evidence. Of assault. That's assault. I'm may not taking parallels in terms of morality and I'm making parallels of that sort. But here's a parallel I love. Mitch McConnell insists that. That if the people of Alabama decide. On what's been presented them by the media what's been said. By the various women what's been said by Roy Moore and so forth. That if the people of Alabama nonetheless decide to elect Roy Moore to the senate and I don't know that they will the let's say if they decided it. That. Roy Moore is to be expelled from the senate. Al Franken. In a photograph. It's seen. Assaulting. A woman. I hear the left would there conspiracy theories that this was Photoshop they hit the left saying it's not clear that he's actually touching. She says he touched. And it sure looks like that to me I'm looking at photograph him. This isn't even a recollection this is actual. Physical evidence physical evidence. Why isn't Al Franken being expelled from the United States and if that's the standard that Mitch McConnell. He Cory Gardner. And quite frankly all the other senators for the most part to raise their voices if that's the stand. And really we're told forget about the process. Forget about that. When the evidence is overwhelming evidence is overwhelming okay the evidence is overwhelming that he assaulted her when she was asleep in a plane. Is it not mr. Madison. Could you could you perceive them better evidence than that photograph. I couldn't. And I when asked if she sound credible. We're not talking about decades ago. We're talking about maybe a decade ago little less. No actually it was 2006. Little more. But the photograph itself. She's sleeping. And so I ask you. My fellow citizens I ask you the American people. Why the double standard for Mitch McConnell. Why the double standard from the United States sent. Dakota secrecy how they protect each other while pretend they're gonna go through really important anti sexual harassment training. When they won't even reveal the names of the predators among them and they know in many cases who they actually are. And it's been going on for a long period of time according to ms. spears and ms. Gillibrand. Been going on for some time. And today we have Republican leaders. We have a Republican leader in the senate. Was spending more time. In the race in Alabama. Many years as Republican leader repealing obamacare securing the border. Balancing the budget addressing that debt. Finding the military and all the rest because this is about his power. And yet. And yet despite the photographic evidence that same Republican leader Mitch McConnell says. Are all are added we're gonna send this over this instrument. Jolie actress and it was so much dies. And the code of silence goes on. I predict there will be more. Just a matter of time and you know I predict that. Not because I'm Nostradamus. Because these senators told us that. Because these house members told us that. They said it's a breeding program. The CNN said it's pervasive. Well then there must be more than just Al Franken. And I wanna know why he's not being expelled based on the McConnell standard. Why isn't he being expelled. I'll be right back. Overly sexual predator. He has seven. Photograph. It is hard and fast. I'm equipped. And he's not just a sexual predator the photograph is a photograph of assaults. The sexual assault she's sleeping in these grabbing her breasts. I'm sorry if you young kids listening but I have to explain this and likely get tawdry and I never do an integral well but. That's as far as I'll explain that that's what it chose. It's been choked and he's smiling. And the best the senate can do is say we're gonna send this to the ethics we basket question. But the members of the ethics committee it's evenly split among Democrats Republicans in the lawyers and there I think in and trouble discerning what that photograph shows. Why is this kind of message. The photograph is a fact it's not a dispute. His face is the fact it's not in dispute. The placement of the hands that's a fact they're not in dispute. This isn't he said she said. This is he did. In color. So my question to you ladies and gentlemen is this. They're saying it to the ethics committee why would they send it to the ethics committee an allegation was made. The proof is there. An apology was made and he needs to be shown the door. Al Franken should be expelled and Mitch McConnell he should still resign. How to write back. Love that now America is tyranny huh. Call and now it's 773813811. Look I said the other day and I'm gonna be cleared so people all allegations aren't. Legitimate call allegations aren't true. They're people who have been key accused of sexual harassment and everything. It's a difficult thing to prove it to difficult thing to disprove. Except in this specific case it is not. Because there's photographic. Evidence. Of sexual assault. When you touch a woman's breasts. Without her approval. Like when she sleeping. Inch piece once nothing to do with who and she has explained. Herself all throughout the day. And then at the event that she spoke about. Well. The US so well. End book and which they hear the the statements in part that Al Franken put out I respect women I don't respect men who don't. The fact that my own actions have given people a good reason to doubt that makes me feel ashamed. So he's not denying his own actions I was it's kind of hard when you have a photograph in that particular instance. Franken Frist issued an apology writes the LA times between in which he said that the photo was clearly intended to be funny but was and I shouldn't have done it. This clearly intended to be funny. To whom. I'm asking that an ethics investigation be undertaken and I will gladly cooperate so here we have. The fallback position for senators. McConnell says there should be an ethics investigation. Schumer says Gillibrand agrees sort of be an ethics investigation they all agree. And then he agrees that there ought to be an ethics investigation of himself. Now to determine. I guess certain aspects of what mr. Wheaton had to say. But to determine the authenticity of the photograph is that in down. Is it in doubt. And Elizabeth Warren spoke up. A close colleague of franks called his behavior unacceptable deeply disappointed. Really. Unacceptable. Deeply disappointing is that the best she can do. Unacceptable deeply disappointed like Susan Collins this is fair. Her Twitter post sexual harassment and assault and no place in any workplace. Reports involving senator Franken are disturbing. His belated apology was certainly wanted to. Tuesday. That's the best you can come forward with. We've been hearing about expulsions and on and on and Donnan. And a mandatory anti sexual harassment training and this is the best Susan Collins can come up with at his belated apology was certainly wiretap. Why it's. Really. And then there's Elizabeth Smart and as I just pointed out Elizabeth Warren. Who ironically. Six and Ted Kennedy's senate seat his old senate seat. The sleazy yes. Woman abuse are probably to ever serve in the United States. Not to mention Chappaquiddick. A lot of the senate. Carolina the senate. You know never did this same Obama McCain Kerry praising him on and on and on. Here's Elizabeth Warren. Woman who come for our brave and deserved to be respected. We're not going to fix the problems of sexual harassment and assault on some and take responsibility for their actions and change the bank. Aren't those of us aren't you who don't do these things she's sick and tired of being lectured what is Elizabeth Warren going to do about it. Machine called on my dear friend left wing Kook in college. To be expelled from the United States senate of course not. Did she ever condemn Ted Kennedy whose senate seat she now serves and. Of course not. And they had a very very high tolerance level for Bill Clinton sexual abuses. And assaults. Now they're reconsidering it. Not really. But I throw this to the ethics committee ladies and him. The ethics committee. This is why McConnell has to go for so many reasons he's just a complete fraud. And so basically it continues. The code of silence on Capitol Hill. It continues. Al Franken on the floor of the senate in 2010. Just seven years ago. Calling tweeting beautiful co host. Cut five go during. All I would I was kind of cohosts will. Beautiful. Woman. Me and cleaning and let me stop there. This is going around this was dug up. To provide evidence that while Al Franken must be predator not gonna tell you something this is evidence of nothing. Zero. He called her beautiful woman but look at her pictures she is a beautiful. That doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean anything. Let her allegations backed up. By a photograph. Where he sexually assaulted her while she was asleep. Now that. Means something. And he doesn't deny. That that photograph is legitimate penalty. And I'm sure Gloria Allred would agree with me. Where is Gloria Allred today. She's no. But it's all very disappointing. As senator Warren puts it. Joy they harm the nut job left wing Kook on the field as so many are. She's very disappointed in her dear friend Al Franken to cut six out. Disappointing to hit is about Al Franken and I cannot back it up and now he's a he's a very funny comedian was. During his time here and I just Canada from Minnesota he's a great job as advocates for them. Women. And other you know the male lion my name it's just so disappointing. Disappointing. Such passive where it is and it ladies and gentlemen disappointing now I'll play this. Again if you accused of sexual harassment whether you're male or female you accused of sexual harassment and here innocent. You should fight. He should fight back. You should fight. Does it sound like he's fighting. Now he's not training. He's caught red handed. He's accused of being a predator and he is a press release was. He also happens to be United States senators whether all disappointed. And they didn't have an ethics committee investigation. To investigate these allegations. Even though he hasn't ninth. Just not exactly is he remembers that but of course the photograph taking mention. Is none undisputed leaders dispute. Great disappointment to disappointment. And now. According to other publications. Another woman has come before a in immediate equalizer in this is from heavy dot com. Melanie Morgan who I know quite well mulling Morgan was a broadcaster KS and for our husband was the program director there. She's a wonderful wonderful lady. The second woman has come forward allegations of harassment against senator Al Franken Melanie Morgan who is co-founder of media equalizer. So Franken harassed her after she appeared on an episode of politically incorrect with Omar 2000. And then they listed number one Melanie Morgan was an ABC radio talk show host when the alleged incident happened in 2000. She was working as a radio talk show host for casts a phone San Francisco. Which he paid as a guest on Bill Maher politically incorrect show according to media equalizer. Which broke the story today. She appeared within comedian and writer Al Franken actor bill Baldwin and then lieutenant governor Joseph Rogers and argument erupted over some budget numbers. She said I made a statement about the budget numbers Franken challenged me I challenged him back it was about spending priorities actually. Just a Monday discussion but he assessed over. Melanie Morgan said Al Franken argue with her after the show on the continued its harassed and even calling her home and home. He approached me backstage angrily called me out on those numbers insisted he would prove he was right he wouldn't leave me alone he kept following me. As a woman has presence in proximity to meet some very threatening and intimidating. I didn't realize is creepy behavior after the show minute we'll continue in the days to come. You coach Carroll the show's producer donated my home phone number which was a clear violation network protocol. I thought that was the end of the story and was shocked when he started calling my home. Badgering me repeatedly. I became fearful when call Carol the complaint and administrative talent to back off but he made another call after that. I thought he might have meant that split end of stalking me at my home in northern California it was that bad by the third phone call I was outraged and terrified. As he is really disturbed she recanted. Melanie Morgan said the harassment finally stopped after she threatened to call the police. She said she would be willing to testify. About Franken is alleged behavior. And it goes on. Soon. Then we have this from Mitch McConnell. The cook but I have to deal with everything. It's just incredible as it now. Amid tight with the house did today in. You know the the Iranians are becoming far more aggressive war in the Middle East in the region is is a he serious possibility. The Chinese are on the move in the South China Sea. There's so many other things going on and yet here we are. McConnell ethics committee should review Franken allegations I'm man Mitch McConnell this is the hill newspaper. He's calling on the senate ethics committee to review allegations that Franken kissed and grow the woman without her consent and 2006. He's been groped a woman on that photograph shows assault. If you grow a woman who's asleep without her consent. That's assault. McConnell said in a statement. That's all credible allegations of sexual harassment or assault. I believe the ethics committee should review the matter I hope the democratically you'll join me on this. Regardless of party harassment and assault a completely unacceptable in the workplace or anywhere else but you think this guy is. There's an observer to what's going. He's an observer to the scene right. He's the leader the United States senate. Parnell ordered their presence committed no way no I'm Bob partisans about. I am a black partisanship audited are going on here that whatever I have left I'm not part is that that led. If committee he say that with respect to Roy Moore now. Expelled. Let the people of Alabama decide I will decide. And he gets to the senate. Cory Gardner. McConnell slap thug says expel him. This arrogance. The pseudo conservative. You don't get too precious here isn't part take you know it's overwhelming evidence about time that's a standard that it stop pregnant. He's a credit to the evidence is. Unequivocal. Least the photo graphic evidence not spell that's the standard that it wherein expel up. Our current ethics committee and that was an advantage to me. And so. Input and is the ethics committee that Franken himself has said. He once the send them south to the ethics committee. McConnell push for the ethics committee to review the allegation against Frankie comes after he warned Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore. This is from the now. The Republican that he would face it ethics broke. He wins next month's special election over allegations of sexual misconduct puts teenager and we didn't he said he should be expelled. 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The Medicare annual election period Grimes who only September 7. Speak to a trust that license GMAC agent. To discussion needs learn more at www. Aim act that US that's www. AM EC dot. US. I think like talking about the stuff. I can't stand talking about this stuff. My mind's in the history of philosophy and economics and labor radiant. And to have fun on this program and substance and retain and so that this is an entertaining this is grotesque. And yet. And yet. We get a deal. Let me ask you folks who question. The Washington Post went all the way down Alabama. Send reporters. But they resource is going down Alabama many of the major. News outlets are down there now CNN. And a you can name New York Times. Networks so forth. Whenever I kept sending down the street is Capitol Hill. Down the street from the Washington Post the Washington Post is the Washington DC local newspaper. CNN has a major major. Studio. News operation. Which is even closer to Capitol Hill may be a mile maybe if Obama. And the others do too. What are they kept send. Why did you go to the capital to get the names of the predators. But they didn't get the names. Of the credit. In fact in the CNN's though they said they had some names but they couldn't verify items that they weren't gonna reveal. You know that's fair. Except they don't do that in every case did. No they don't. Al Franken was out of by AM. This million tweet. He was out. The photograph doesn't lie. He doesn't deny it. He has assigned himself to the ethics committee. The ethics committee. I mean is he question. You men out there who are members of congress. If there was a photograph of deal. Grabbing a woman's breasts. When she's asleep. On an airplane. And she reveals that program. The thing they've retreated some ethics committee. No they wouldn't. I don't want the statute of limitations has run into I guess it depends on the state and so forth but. Let's say it hasn't run but they referred to an ethics committee. Now they would refer it to an ethics committee. They referred to the cops. What's a local prosecuted. We're very disappointed and Al Franken. Joined bay high. Very disappointed Elizabeth Warren very disappointed. In Al Franken. The Democrats are varied very disappointed. The Republicans they're disappointed too has a single Republican called for the expulsion. About frank. Has Cory Gardner of Colorado who called for the expulsion of Roy Moore hasn't even elected yet. As he called for the expulsion. Of an elected senator. With photographic evidence not I haven't heard from Cory garner today have you ladies and gentlemen. I'm just pointing out it's not passing judgment on guilt or innocence and just analyzing the evidence. I'll be right back. This silent they switched to cricket wireless and get a free forgy LTE Smartphone with no annual contract. Even so yeah. Lauren. Million. Okay great cricket pilot. To smile about it. Requires the reporting service activation in the third I was from a publicity over 23% to restarting its recognition it between five dollars with tax trojans went on between twenty property. Hi everybody Markel event here are number 8773813811. 877381. 3811. You know as one friend wrote me. There's a difference you know about goofing around. You know banter that sort of thing. And grabbing somebody's breast. There are allegations that are made against men and battling against women to know. That'd dishonest. Better flat out lies. For all kinds of reasons all kinds of motivations. And so I try not to jump to conclusions but ladies and gentlemen when you have a picture of a guy with a hands on somebody's breast in their sleeping. That's not goofing around that's more than two. And he apologized for. Okay. So I just wanted to point that out. I'm not one of these people who thinks that every allegation is true and offer their heads. There needs to be processes. For evaluating these things. But what I'm trying to point out is that Mitch McConnell didn't believe that yesterday. Cory Gardner didn't believe that yesterday. They believed in expulsion. Even before election they believe an Xbox. They do not want the people of Alabama make their own decision. People of Alabama will make their decision the people Alabama intelligence. People of the state will decide the represented is going to be. And the will be elected or they won't be elected and then the senate will take a look at a situation if it feels that it violates the rules are at six or what have we about what I'm saying here is. In the case of Al Franken. What are you supposed to conclude with a photo like that. There was an interesting interview today believe it or not on CNN believe it or not by Wolf Blitzer believe it or not. With Gloria Allred. Cut fourteen go. Can you say flatly to our viewers right now Gloria that dug deep signature when you wrote in that your book in 1977. According to her can you say flatly that was not. A forgery. Now stopped they're talking about the signature the V8. The sentence or comments that were written in the yearbook. Allegedly by. Roy Moore you remember that was brought up at that press conference here that day with a lot of Gloria Allred and a client. And some people than looking at that writing in the in the signatures and sent doesn't look exactly the same really and Roy Moore denies it's his right. And the purpose of already bringing that opposition so that. In fact. Roy Moore knew who she was and that. He was flirtatious. Here is Gloria all its response go ahead. Odd thing is we won't permit and independent examiner of DE writing. To look at exemplars but I'm a former judge. Try to you know somebody at a Alabama supreme court judge ordered out of the ethical. Violation. Now I only was remote I had nothing to a sexual ethical issues the go ahead. Pediatric. Two activity and that's paid. We will allow all of this to be asked and answered. Act they're hearing. Stopped at the hearing so what she's saying is we're not gonna release this. This annual this a yearbook we're not gonna allow even for a writing expert to look at until there's a congressional hearing. There's a congressional hearing definitely. So she wants congress to serve as judge and jury in a matter like that. Why doesn't she just allow the yearbook to be analyzed by a writing experts. And get conclusion she introduced it in the public arena she introduced this annual this year book. And why not just do that if you're so certain I would that's okay yeah fine what's a problem. Now we're at a hearing first in congress that sounds like a duck to me does it sound like it that you mr. produce and it also sounds like slow walking this again it may well be his right. I have no idea. But I get suspicious when somebody talks like this she is a lot of Burleigh bravado. She brought out this a year book. Or she. Alleged it was his writing aren't. And now when it comes to actually testing the writing. She's got conditions go ahead. It's still lives well it's it's it's all odd thing is that it would not tonight we're not admitting we're not addressing we will not be distracted. And we will also pursue. I just three adults are why. Isn't that not one not denying we're not admitting. We're not addressing. I don't get because at the press conference that yearbook was presented as evidence. That's something that certainly was presented as evidence of his camera and she says we're not denying we're not admitting that he should be saying that's his handwriting we stand by. And yes I will have writing experts look at. Have an independent writing expert look at facts CNN you're depicting handwriting expert she doesn't say that. Just pointing it out because I don't nobody else well everybody is. Scared to death of even being an honest. You know broker and even in the even having an honest look at this. Yet. But let's move on to a few of the things. So the House of Representatives. Just approved a quote on quote tax reform bill. They tax reform bill to a 27 to 20513. Republicans are among those who voted against it but it's a pretty big win quote unquote. For the house leadership and for the administration. And the president United States the vice president United States went to Capitol Hill. He gave a talk to the Republican members and as I understand they were very very well received the president United States was very very well received. My problem is. Not with the corporate side of this I'm all in favor reducing the corporate tax rates from a 3520%. I think it's insane I have among the highest corporate income tax rate in the world. If not the highest. He kills our jobs skills competition. It's a way around the neck of our businesses that are trying to compete why because the government wants more and more money. Such a stupid I also think it's wise to bring several trillions of dollars. Back in this country. To stop the double taxation. No other industrialized country in the world double taxes and and and and we do. And so they park their money overseas as they shut. Because they have employees they have stockholders many of the US stock coding you know in a knot in your pension plans. And invest in mutual funds and so forth. Why in the hell would you bring your money back to the united states of its tax new York and then taxed again in the United States. The British don't do that the French don't do that the Germans don't do that nobody else does that. So it's Smart. The repatriate the money that's what it's called. But on the individual side. That's the corporate taxes but on the individual federal income tax. As side of the ledger. It's a mess it's an absolute mess. They should have just cut the rates across the board even modest rate cuts across the board just kind of across the board. Now what an avenue extra irate friend now. He had managed to get. Out get the bourgeoisie. Get those rising let's get Ira let's get the four X let's go get up. Is that what you want from your Republicans. Your employer to be taxed so heavily. And here she can't expand that he or she can't pay bonuses that he or she has the lay people off. It's ridiculous. Business equipment on the corporate side business equipment expenditures would be able to be taken all at once under the house plan rather than amortized. Now. For the individual side. Items among the plants this is according to a fortune magazine items among the plans highlights include. Reducing the tax packets from seven a four. Raising the lowest rate from ten to 12% the standard deduction would also adopt bought personal exemptions would be eliminated. In addition many popular deductions would be eliminated including does for medical expenses mortgage interest in state and local income taxes. On the business side. State and local taxes would still be deductible nothing about that according to this article. On the business side state and local taxes are stalled deductible on the individual side when you fill out your tax return. State and local income taxes would not be deductible. But how about is that the stupidest thing in the world. And how it goes to the senate. The second stupid spot in the room. So we'll see what they're up two of my own view is. Slash the corporate rates and leave the rest of us along because these people are Scruggs. The screw ups that's what they are. Don't. But it passed in no we'll see what the we'll see with the you know. The senate doesn't I don't trust those guys I really don't. I'll be right back at. There's really no. Good time doing. Show the great this is true. So I'll just address. And I just read this not too long ago. There was an op Ed in the near times today. By a fellow by the name of Brett Stephens he should go back and look at a number of his articles also when he wrote at the Wall Street you're doing some very nasty human thing. He writes. Very very viciously. And he's a character access. That's what he has. He's characteristics. And many people who worked within the practically one or two who have talked to me Tommy he's a very nasty guy. And here's a headline. Steve Bannon is bad for Jews. They can see a lot of things about Steve Bannon. But that's not wanna. And so what he does. In. He's very evil and slick like fashion this Bret Stephens in this piece. Just throw names around titles around. Cherry picks history. In order to Pakistan. Then is very pro Israel. He's pro June. I haven't talked him a long time but I know this for a fact. But in addition this Bret Stephens trashes an organization called the Zionist Organization of America. Headed by a very decent man Mark Clark. Any trash is an organization for giving an award event. Now this gutless wonder this Howard. Bret Stephens would never. Write an article titled. Barack Obama is bad for DB for the Jews. And then you're at times would never write an op Ed title like that they would never let it fly Barack Obama's stand for Jews. No powerful man. In the west. More specifically in the United States. Has been more vile and vicious toward the State of Israel. And the prime minister of Israel. And our former president. Barack Obama not. And Barack Obama's deal with the Iranians. Has seriously put Israel and by the way the Arab gulf states though. In any situation where their very existence is threatened the potential nuclear war. And this clown this buffoon this Bret Stephens. Is focused on Bannon. And Zionist Organization of America. The title should be Barack Obama is bad for the Jews. Let me tell you what Barack Obama did and and it did not him. Barack Obama. Conducted. Espionage and the prime minister of Israel. Barack Obama conducted espionage from members of congress who disagree with them on the Iran. Barack Obama conducted espionage on Jewish organizations. That disagreed with him. On the Iran deal. And Barack Obama lied about the they have secret society. Barack Obama was part. More than part was a leader in an effort to can today 150. Billion dollars to the world's number one terrorist state. Iraq. Barack Obama conveyed one point seven billion dollars. In foreign currency. To the regime in Tehran. In exchange for hostages. He didn't want it to be known so a plane without numbers flew in the middle of the night landed anti Iran. And foreign currency was. But this full Bret Stephens. He doesn't write an article on titled Barack Obama is bad for the anxious. He lies about plan. And you lies about the Zionist Organization of America. Flat out lies as he twists the facts as he throws around labels. And it's disgusting and because there are real anti semites. And the truth is the vast majority of them are members of the Democrat party the vast majority of them. Can be found at the DNC because in my view the deputy chairman of the DNC he could have written. He could have written this but he didn't. Would this associations with conned with his anti Semitic statements and so forth and so on Keith Ellison key facts if you will. That he doesn't write about. That he doesn't write about. What's going on on our college campuses. Would they boycott movement. Against Israel. Mac that doesn't deserve attention. Apparently band and is such an anti semite that they opened up in Jerusalem office and bright. They did Bret Stephens on a visit. He used to be an editor I was at the Jerusalem Post. He has had many jobs for summaries. So when are not so clever piece. He smears. He rewrites. He character assassinate. Because that's what this cute guys. And he hates hates Donald Trump despises Donald Trump. Nor does Twitter account. She's kinds of fights he gets into Sean Hannity among others. He's such a lightweight. I want to thank the Zionist Organization of America collected. You can't let one column. My guess halfway. Can't let one column by halfway. Perfection. You know want this column will be forgotten in any short period of time. I thought I would pointed out. My ladies and gentlemen lots to go more to cover I'll be right back. Where Americans speak to defend liberty. A defeat tyranny Coleman Mark Levin show now at 877381381. Martin. Let me ask you folks question. Are you familiar with the role the near times played drawing board to. To conceal the existence of the Holocaust. The New York Times some time ago. Did a study of itself kind of like the senate passing an anti sexual harassment. Training requirement for itself. And it's. And rather thorough going examination and others have written about it who have the New York Times. It is very best to downplay the Holocaust. It had in frequent reporting. Yet often. Pushed the stories to the back pages. Any irony is that Bret Stephens works for the New York Times the Bret Stephens is paid by many times. That the title in New York Times puts on this piece Steve van is bad for the Jews should really read vineyard times is bad pitches brought you by the near current. The near times doesn't support Netanyahu than yet times doesn't support Likud or the more conservative. Political elements. In Israel many times supported the Iran deal. Which is a direct threat to our country in Arab countries and Israel. And this for Bret Stephens is. Thrilled to be writing for newspaper. That during the height of World War II. During the genocide. The Jews. Sought to downplay it. In many ways cover it up push into the back pages. And they've admitted it. The paper of record they still call it the paper of record. We're still supposed to believe what's in the newspaper. And they hired. Guys like Brett C. To inform us you know. Who'd alike who not the like. Who's a hater who's a lover. Zionist Organization of America has done far more than Bret Stephens ever could dream that the the Bret Stephens is a hate. He can't just disagree with people he can't just disagree with tropic disagreement Hannity. But disagree with the award or disagree with the CO answer known until another anti semantic but just think about that kind of perverse thinking. The Zionist Organization of America according to this clown. Is an anti semantic what is he like. Anti Semitic zionist. Organization. And I doubt he was even drunk when he wrote that line. Very very troubling. And here's another irony that this clown woman runners. Donald Trump. Is more supportive of Israel. Then George W. Bush ever want. And that George H. W. Bush atlas. Got that. It true. I'm convinced before the end of this term he will move. The American Embassy. To Jerusalem. I'm convinced before the end of his term he will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel that would never happen under bush. And they would never happen at any of the people who Bret Stephens likes. Had been elected president United States. Why not pointing amounts since 98 point 9% of you never heard of them checked that 99.9. Percent of you never heard of because he needs to be exposed. For the character assassinate he has and for his. Illiteracy when it comes to not just history about modern history. He writes for newspaper. The near times. That I would argue they Hitler's dating. I have not covering up certainly downplaying the back pages of the inside pages of the newspaper. The absolute. Slaughter. In humanity genocide against the Jews. In this guy who's a Jew is writing to attack the Zionist Organization of America. Just show you how perverse thing. They hate for trump the hate for anyone or anything attached to trump. It's just incredible you can have disagreements which prompted gonna disagreement with the policies and so forth and so on luck. I'm a constitutional concern I don't claim to be a nationalist populist so why we debate the ideas we decide you know by about a you don't start comparing people to act. Anti semites. Because they happen to disagree would Bret Stephens. When their record is absolutely the opposite. And I know this crept back. Break fat. Now watch the panel say that I'm an all right. White supremacist. Tried that Brett. Didn't make she's a very very hefty bank account. And take crap from jerks like you. You know guys if you're workplace is business casual. A else study found that simply dressing he level up there in June greater respect and success of work. Bottom line Smart guys are dressing for success by upgrading their business fresh and business casual wardrobes. 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Yet can you get off the speaker Tom Brennan announced news. I'm sort work. I I I agree with our look when you talk about. I humans and out of pocket that are Warren. And excited but this is to try to limit but I can come pick it moral equivalency between Franken and and war because. Why you say there is and there are doesn't need to. But I don't think he should wearing flak that I don't think our incorrectly actually broke out on. We have to market to keep holding me being there are up more idiot but he's quite excited that you're particularly when a pretty girl walk on has. Ladies and gentlemen you'll look at the photo and draw your own conclusions aren't. Now in a debate whether it was he touching them almost touching them. Kind of touching them I see the photo op and he looks like he's touched him what do you think Mr. Big is it coming your honest opinion. He's grabbed groping. The guy headset. I'm listening to every every syllable. Not I don't think back. A bit that you could comedian act remarkable cool which. Guess my comedians don't get passes. Comedians don't get passes and they don't get the use comedy is a thickly. And I and I am trying to tell you I'm not one of those it's neat trick about this stuff that has any accusation is in fact. They truth. I don't know that to be the case. They have but. That's you can always a comedian he's only kidding rap sorry comedians have the follow the rules to. I. At least in my opinion if you don't think he's touching that's fine how about when she says he he forcibly kissed her does that do anything for him. Well all of the port reportedly tipping admitted. He piece regarding our our show at. Rehearsing. Rehearsing for his show. Are you did it but he didn't clear why why would you have to tongue kiss somebody to rehearse for a show Jerry. What more you know what I've just completed the Arctic warm war period it I don't say prosecute them. I said he should be expelled. From what you know what I I I think the problem and I. And I think those like you who think growing more if he's elected should be expelled. Should be consistent. It's not that they Gator may have done or maybe didn't exactly the same thing you get a photograph of a guy grab and a woman's breasts and you're denying that that's what it shows. Why I don't like each already sort of wearing. A flak jacket and. She is wearing a flak jacket. And he's grabbing her dress that doesn't mean I think that's enough thank you for your com. Harry Louisville, Kentucky Sirius satellite go. Mark I don't look back room up why did you write longer draw the moron. In beta and airspace. Earlier. Well whatever what earlier they had little confrontation she let it go let me know that you don't really care or she's asleep. He goes over whether or not to seat belt he hates he's taken a picture ever. I part of our concern. They need to let the court system deal. I let me ask you this. And answers he's the United States senate. Let's play along with Jerry all right Harry let's pretend he didn't touch her but he's protect the touch any mighty close because to me looks like he's ground. Is that okay. Well it's not particularly when he wants the bookstore and everybody else. Well. What wanhatten you know what else dealers so right at our park mall. I Harry appreciate with a diesel gasoline with our analogies wow one hand I mean wait a minute. I don't mean to say that. There is there's too much of that to we have to be now so careful. So careful what police say that if you Graham and somebody's breast and that's what the photos certainly looks like demeanor that nine out of ten people. That is not a matter of being careful that's a matter of being a predator. In my humble opinion. Let us continue. Let us go to Joseph in Bellevue Nebraska how are you did you. Great mark thanks for taking my call. Hey yeah. Mr. Rick called derelict in his duty. As a leader. You know so I truly here would sit Franken on the side not donate to an ethics committee. You get what Schumer sideline net guy. And and then find a way to 660. Him. From local listing McConnell has reached all the way in Alabama to trying to control the outcome of that race that's what he's done. Records any shouldn't he's the Republican leader in the United States senate frankly it's the business of the people Alabama the Republican party of Alabama. The and they wanna decide that they wanna send the guided the San and it's up to them they wanna decide they don't that's up to them he's all about and meanwhile on his own backyard. Where he's responsible on the yacht and zone United States senate so you know I guess into the ethics committee. That is the least. That action that they could possibly take a senate to the act ethics committee Roy Moore are. Whatever they did that. The fact is nothing's been adjudicated but in the case Roy Moore even before is elected they wanna talk about expelling him. All I'm saying is what you believe about all the facts we now are standing. I stand a chance. If an allegation is potentially legitimate. Or it seems legitimate access accorded a management pack that is set. Mitch McConnell took his position before the additional women came forward will you when you remember that. You're up there was just based on the Washington Post story. You don't McConnell you're busy being a tyrant and consolidating his power I'm not sure. Why or how it's trying to consolidate its power but he's more intent on Mac been focusing on his duty as the leaders leaner. And I really I gotta go off we'll be right back. It's a stressful. Even worse on the IRS's nephew for back taxes. You agonize when the show see your bank account put a lien on your homered garnish your wages. It was even worse for Lori Lori was engaged. But new bringing 25000. 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To this clown the commissioner. In standing up to the bureaucracy that is the uniform. If they go lefty Jerry Johnson trying to silence some of the other owners. Gore probably troubled by what the NFL is doing or not doing as well. So I just point that out. If the NFL seriously is considering. Going after Jerry Jones. In order to protect the commissioner who is a lightweight. Who has allowed the players union walk all over him. Who treats the fans are second class citizens. Well. That's my view of it. There's really a handful of owners who are really discuss the violence. Jerry Jones I believe Dan Snyder is one of them I don't know will the rest of mark. But she got the owners of the Atlanta Falcons I'm sorry this guy what's his name blank. Arthur Blank. Who is one of the three men. Who became enormously wealthy off of five Home Depot. Arthur Blank is a lightweight account or. That's right that's my opinion. I'm not attacking the Atlanta Falcons are the Atlanta Falcons fans. I'm trying to protect them. From a guy who would sell out. His fancy guy who would sell out the lake that's my opinion. I'm right when in my uptick I don't read anything do I know. Let us. So too do Caroline. In both dark Missouri on the mark Lou Anna how are you I'm very. Very well thank you. Why aren't they can do about our picture. And to me now watch. I've got a picture with what they've got a hand man Franken. Peggy at that cricket and only eagle on SNL skit on this senate. You know I didn't see it. I have the that no this coming Saturday do you think they'll do an SNL skit on Franco monster well and I'm sure I have the end I have the perfect person to play Franken. Go ahead. And well let me cut or not it's you know. The heat they had big picture looks pocket and to me the whole. The whole idea that what you think is that he wanted to humiliate her and the picture bad that did it looks like yet whether he would not. And he did died on Stuckey either going to humiliate her to reject that interact via any. And that's the way she saw two. You know. Definitely got pretty obvious that writer look he he's not denying most of us. Say you know he should just resign he should man up and resign go back stay senator and I realize. We complain it is by Alec Baldwin. I man I appreciate your call I appreciate all the calls you take care we'll be right back. This silent they switched to cricket wireless and get a free forgy LTE Smartphone with no annual contract and even so yeah flew a million. Okay great cricket pilot. It's not about. Requires the reporting service activation in the third I was from a publicity over 23% to restarting its reputation it between five dollars retail tax trojans went on between twenty pretty. Hello everybody Markel event here are number 87738138118773813811. If they. He gets worse. For the United States senate. Judge declares mistrial when New Jersey senator Bob Menendez bribery trial NBC news. Newark, New Jersey the bribery trial New Jersey senator Bob Menendez and an inning this trial Thursday afternoon. When juries recant deadlocked and a case that threatened and the democratic lawmakers political career. What do you bet if this guy where Republican in New Jersey he would have been convicted. Just a thought. Juries run and unable to reach a unanimous verdict the second time in four days you know they reviewed evidence slowly and kept. Defense attorney Abbe Lowell told US district judge William walls. We'll also Jerry's had a strong difference of opinion since deliberations began seven days ago. While said he had no alternative but to declare a mistrial adjourn later told reporters that deadlock was ten to two leaning toward acquittal on all accounts. Ten to two. Leaning toward acquittal on all counts. This is a very poorly written sentence let me ask a question ladies and gentleman who was tend to leaning toward acquittal on all accounts meaning. Ten were leaning toward acquittal on all counts and two said no. What ten to two leaning toward acquittal on all counts the two were leaning toward acquittal I can't tell but anyway. Defense attorneys asked the judge to give them until December 15 the copy for acquittal. Prosecutors meanwhile gave no immediate indication whether they seek to retry the senator. Menendez was briefly overcome with the emotion outside the federal court and in Newark new skate with his teeth. Has he thanked his attorneys Stanley fellow senators including New Jersey senator Cory Booker South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham for their support. So Lindsey Graham testifies as a character went. Took a swipe at the FBI and the Department of Justice for pursuing the case in the first place. I wonder if now he will take a swipe at the leadership the FBI. For pursuing a non Russian collusion with trump case. This over the Senate Judiciary Committee led by republic. System anymore information. From Jared Kushner. Why don't you fools leave this family the hell alone. What are you clowns in congress catcher don't act together. And leave the trump family that help a lot of. How do you think they did. Seriously what do you think they did. If they did something that affected the election for God's sakes what we know by now fort. At congressional committees investigating. Every news operational and investigating. An out of control Soviet style prosecutor. Roaming the illegal landslide looking for his stuff. How they want. Trump gets elected president. He brings in some family members say help I'm not a that's not been done before Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy and. They're chase in the kids they're chasing him a taste and this one to chase and that know what it while we know it's a white men. But what well ladies and gentlemen. President service turn the great bench he can't. See what they can get through this there's got off a Republican congress the Democrats blocked it they block it and that they don't yet at the trying to put people in prison. Yet I constantly harassed them with docket let me ask mr. Grassley questioned the guys in his eighties. He can barely complete sentences I don't up he's got tossed eight but it seems like they're about the fall out of his mouth when he saw combine a microphone. Did you want. 'cause his memory. Where it is documents. By the way I had another question. Everybody wants to know little of the trump can't page at me with a ration did you see your ration did you meet with a ration did you see Iraq and OK I have a question. How many Democrats met with the Russians and the last five years how many Democrats in congress. Met with the former ambassador to Iraq is curious how many Democrats in time and time with an alleged. 5678 years went to Russia. If the fact of an inner action what they Russian not even the substance. Is it up the trying to get an attorney general on perjury. I would like to know about all the interactions that Democrats with the Russians. Then you bring up. The new clip at the end. The Iranian DO uranium water and that's a nomination that's intended to deflect and non issue that's a non issue. But Jared Kushner his last name now. That's the crime of the century. You know not a special leader for anybody I'm just looking at the. How the world is so upside down. Judge declares mistrial in New Jersey senator Bob Menendez bribery trial. While uneasiness he is say he's innocent until proven guilty. Republicans you're guilty until proven innocent check that conservatives are guilty until preeminent. Menendez the lion of the senate. Oh excuse me I was Kennedy the lion of the senate by the way. As I mentioned on all of MTV. There is going to be there than TV tonight I hope you'll watch it there is going to be. An actual movie on Chappaquiddick and Ted Kennedy. And reportedly SA reportedly obviously I haven't seen it it gets into some of the details in his not particularly flattering. Of the line of the senate. Praised by Obama praised by John. McCain praised by McConnell praised by Carrie praise praise praised all over the place. This guy makes Al Franken. Looks elephant. This take Kennedy he was rabbinate coconut type Shannon drinking and drinking and drink and. Our own worries though lion of the senate. Excuse me what is more I can't wait it worked with a all that out by a quick story. I first came to Washington DC. Toward the Reagan administration. My great dad he drove all the way from. Philadelphia. Dallas Texas where I'd been working. Where he flew. From Philadelphia Dallas Texas had a little Toyota Corolla at the time which they were actually pretty small at the time. And I loaded everything I could in this coral. To drive from Dallas Texas. History called Stillman street right. And is in a little apartment. To Washington DC who worked in the Reagan administration. I was offered and accepted a job by Tom pocket a really great guy who is well known in the in conservative circles and Texas. So I left my job in Texas Instruments and grew up. I didn't have a place to stay I had the thought of it. When I don't live coming gonna pay for a lot of Uggla. I come from. In my foes very very modest means. So didn't didn't know where will instead headed nowhere else was things that. And then. Friend of mine who I met. On Capitol Hill when I was an intern at the Supreme Court. Kia. He offered me his. Sofa to sleep and I slept for myself for ten months. But that's decides to. Told my parents are sleeping none of them was sleeping on the sort of very generous of them felt Keiko brick yeah anyway. So my dad and iron. On Capitol Hill on the street I don't remember the name of the on the streets where in this restaurant were just having a quick launch. And Ted Kennedy's and it was some kind. And he was in there for about you know he he was finishing his launch and we were there we just got to. Is that these he had glasses so why why the glass so why I want I don't mean these little glass of wine glasses I don't drink much so. Don't treat any hard liquor every now and then and a simple wind because my wife who orders a want us out take a separate but anyway. Eat chocolate that stuff I mean it was like drink and ice war chest bone and then the next one moment to any got. They got up and wanna set to TC did that yep unbelievable. Unbelievable. This guy abused his wife. Cheated on his wife not once twice but hundreds and hundreds of times. Cheated with staffers. Strangers. Lobbyists. They manner. Abused women left the wind. Everybody knew that everybody knows that today. And a question at the quake is the worst of the word. Drives a car. Off the bridge. It didn't have guard rails into the canal. He gets out of that car even though since I go back and I go back which he didn't do. Mary Joseph compact mentally she was 27 years old she'd been a staffer to Robert Kennedy. She was left in the car. If she was alive. There was a little pocket there. In the back corner either the left of the right of the car. And she swam up to the pocket of the air. I was breathing the air. From that little pocket of where there was she was a line. But eventually suffocated. Ted Kennedy didn't report the fact that car in the canal. For almost ten now. For almost ten hours. And it's extremely likely she would have survived if he'd contacted. Authorities. Soon. Quickly. He can issues breathing air and that air pocket. He should have been charge with at least involuntary manslaughter. For which he would have gone to prison. But instead. They controlled obviously the courts they controlled everything that took place there. That family did. And they have plenty of money. To spread around. And they had the media. In their back pocket the meat. Same media they have their back pocket today. He gave his speech a week later to the people of Massachusetts. Which is online you can see it I cover much of this and living TV tonight but and that other things. In which he mostly talks about himself his heroic self Elliott what are in his lungs county. You know this that in the other and you look at this guy. Evil absolutely evil ice water in his veins. Orrin hatch is best friend in the sense. John McCain brought the tears feeling in the eulogy. Barack Obama going on for fifteen or twenty minutes praising the man. Because of course Kennedy got behind Obama against Hillary Clinton and helped him win the nomination. One after another after another the line of descent. That's why I've been pounding away ladies and gentlemen congress. As hard as I had. When they're passing resolutions. It statutes. Asking their members to stop groping each other and so forth and so on. I'm telling you this is an epidemic I don't believe it's an epidemic across the country I believe the elites want you to believe it's an epidemic across the country. I think most people in the workplace know. But the line is picking candidates and joke around a little bit. I know not to step over it I think these members of congress of power hungry and by the way not all of them through some really really good members of congress. Problem is there's too many that go the other way. Too many predators. This is another reason you should be enormously skeptical about all the power and money that flows through their paint. He should be enormously skeptical about whether they're capable of telling you the truth. They lied otherwise and husbands and lie to their own family man. I think that's very very important to understand who we're dealing with here. There are virtuous people in congress I know this for a fact. There are. The problem is. There's enough scum as well. I'll be right back the. Couple calls Cindy atomic calls Marilyn Sirius satellite go. How are you doing mark. Very well thank you. I moved her into it I wanted to turn it back not. And we're catching every other word. Turn your head but the phone hello let's see if that helps a Nebraska head at sensed that. I didn't say it's the main light. That people and malware. Are you you know after a year of having this new administration. They still feel like they're operating. Undercover. And Mike what they're doing isn't obvious to people now I understand that not everybody lives and to. Patriot radio and mark were men and all the others why us and and made idea out. He would pick I know I'm stunned. If you came in Moftec that would there are capitalists that put any let and. You don't need to I have my mother in law she's the best it. I love your mother okay that supported that now I feel like with every bit of news that comes out. Like I'm giving you couldn't be right. I hope more and more things come Larry and Mitch McConnell saying that you get elected he is going to be asked him resign immediately very and then the air with. Top ranking comes. They're gonna do an investigation. Are wide. I'm not gonna go to the ethics statement come. Back. I don't I don't understand it meant maybe Mitch McConnell can help explaining he won't come on into. When is they're due process and when isn't it depresses. Why are we to believe and when are we aren't completely. Is this week disparate treatment depending on the senator whether the senators like they dislike whether the senator is a Democrat or Republican. Whether the senators a liberal or conservative whether the person's a senator yet running for the senate and senator Mitch McConnell has since blamed an active. And what they hang out at one point. You went back act and did the research with the New York Times that what they had said that the at at a global black men are awful lot because the public okay. But are instead back and and it. Cleared your collection now and I. Pat down down down. I'd sending got to go. Can use the S word. Rich truck or in Pennsylvania Sirius satellite Harry is there. Good evening mr. lived adventure taking my call well and my clothes. I woods listening to what your callers in dark period agitate it. Would that may have that thought it was a good idea or he wasn't touching the woman. It's that really bothered me because. I teach high yield we we know we're not supposed to touch other people. What I a look at that picture do you think he has since. I ain't all just gone five what I heard because I was struck at how I want every one that decides to themselves there's. When everybody did. Take a look at the picture. To me rich it looks like he it. And she said he did. It's a photo. Enjoy your own conclusion looked pretty conclusive that many thanks Rick Carr brother I'll be right back. You're listening tool. Denali. 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Planning to reverse the ban on importing elephant hunting trophies from two countries in Africa. The white house Press Secretary serious and it said the move was not final. Trophies from elephants hunted in those two countries were banned by the administration of Barack Obama 2014. The African elephant is classified as vulnerable. On the international union for conservation of nature's red list of threatened species which means it's considered to be facing. A high risk of extinction in the world. Now the president has said in the past that he knows his son's. Are hundreds but he is not. This is an upset some of the units gonna shock some of you. I support this plan. I don't wanna see the elephants gone. I support the ban. On importing into our country these he's elephant and it's the the trophies if you. I think there's a majestic animals he elephants. While marking your posts tiny idea I didn't say that. But there's certain animals yes I objective. Being hundred and the elephant. Is at the top of the list. They are also very intelligent animals. I've seen some video that is absolutely heartbreaking about how these. I don't know what they call and have a baby if the people who are stealing poachers. Stealing the baby elephants that camps. Not corral in them five or six together. Another panic in how they're stressed. Having and separated from their mothers. And their ship off the people to places like China and so this this is inhumane and terrific. Terrific. These idiots who think tusks. From Al offense sir. A rhinoceros and so forth that somehow that's gonna increase share libido or whatever the hell it is screw that. So to speak. So no I don't. I hope they don't lift the benefit anyone in the administration lifting listening to me this is one Obama decision you know leave in place. Leave the offense a lot. I can't stand watching these video weather shot. Nor their babies are taken from Ike I can't stand it I just can't stand it. Call me whatever you will. Link. Rounds Lil car again serious satellite go. I gesture or have a question Ari fish. How this you know I think it'll actually cheat. For quite few based outgoing article about this new text yeah I think let's go yes. Our. How would say I don't know. Eat in northern California. I don't know all year years you're situation on the California. Do you do you deduct property taxes on your but as an itemized item on your taxes. Yes my eight taxpayer doesn't. Now all but let. I don't mean who physically doesn't do you did not the property taxes you pay for me tax form. Do you deduct the interest on your market. Well depending on which plan goes through you'll be affected depending on how much you pay. Let me ask you this here in California you pay property taxes. Yeah. Yeah you pay state income tax. Do you pay state income tax okay depending on which Republican plan is is adopted. Those won't be deductible either. I think that's ludicrous. They should just cut their rates across the board by a few percent. Go ahead and slash the corporate rates because their way to hide. And leave well enough alone because. These are not Greg and I proposals right and I proposals would be slashing their rates by more than a few percent. And we would be hearing about war we're subsidizing the Blue States we're not subsidizing any states. Let me ask you question Rick you're Republican. And you live in aren't right. How are all right let's say you live and argue and I you live in red bluff California. Those. IG tax returns the governor you. Okay when people say oh wow look at this we're subsidizing Blue States nothing to do is subsidizing Blue States in this cracks coming from Republicans. You're an individual taxpayer you're paying your own taxes you're not part of a middle class group you're not a part of the rich grow your taxes or your taxes. You eerie they're punished are you benefit on your own. It doesn't matter what state you live in people who live in red states have to do the same thing interest deduction. Deducting state income taxes if you have them property taxes and so forth this propaganda what we don't want to subsidize the Blue States anymore. We're talking about what is right for the individual taxpayer what is right for small business what is right for corporations. I'm all for slashing 35 to 20%. I get it I guess that's it broke met the growth mechanism. I get it creates jobs and well I get it improves our ability to compete with foreign companies I'm all for it. But why I would guess grow the individual and families along the way. With these phony claims that they're going to be tax cuts I just saw some congressman from Pennsylvania. On TV. And he said I've looked at to date and almost everyone's gonna get a tax cut that is simply not true. It is simply not true. And he's responding to a host is obviously and who has class wife dressed up all the while most of isn't fair but putting the class warfare stuff aside. You either. Do the right thing or you don't do the right thing at this point my view as diet. Did slash the corporate income taxes and leave the rest of us along because otherwise you're gonna screw around thank you for you calls. All right let's continue. Jeff hills Borough Oregon. The great KUF spoke out. LaMarcus and he'd just hit a nerve when you start talking about Clinton white guy and a little bit. It is good that we just don't need to hunt for trophies. I mean Ellis turns. Grizzly bears I think are all my life. And I just I ate dirt there are some animals I just would never move harvest. For the fact of having a trophy. And an admirer in my home. I hit I eat yeah it struck a nerve when he's talked about that today and I and I. I just hope the administration hears us. And does not lift this ban I really did otherwise. The killing in the poaching the LA just gonna go on and on and on it's gonna it's uneven. It's gonna accelerate I just. I tell you I watch these these things on the Internet. And it turns my stomach. He just turns my stomach. Eat beef burrito you know unique thing that you wanna kill it because it's an animal. I mean I I I like the harvested deer and and tell us kernels are then and I used the meat and an M and a and I enjoy it. But both course. I've got to there's a hundred are found a couple of I buddy Danny and so forth that they have a property and there's a zillion dear and so forth and so on. And it's actually a rational reason for thinning out the numbers since I got all that. There's no rational reason for killing in golf and other than you want a big head on the wall. I remember when I was when I was the seventh grader and I am a big guy I did I did a whole analogy to a reporter. In one of my classes on elephants and I just adored and had almost as some players. But anyway mark you really struck a nerve thank. Listen listen Jeff and you're a hundred and I've got five weapons I don't have a problem hunting. But. I feel the same way with the big cats. Those big now lines in those big maintenance over the what is the point of that. They're that they're there there's no point except your your kind of crude what your manhood. I think I I don't know I don't understand it. I Jeff thanks for your call Mark. Brown would Texas serious satellite Iran heads there. Good market in Europe greater authority on so many thanks Bob but I. I'm a rancher and I'm not saying I'm an authority on this I'm just getting in my opinion I don't pretend to be an authority on this. OK but ya I got a hundred acres of land and I've got to Intel the pull on it. And a year later I'm gonna have twenty shelves in the bullet and I got this company was. I don't have a problem with that. I don't have a problem and a but that's not the situation with elephants they don't produce that finished. But yet not without its but they're our habitat. And I've been over two after about twelve top up and helped. Built some orphanages over the air into those people in Zimbabwe able to area. People need to come over here and answer they have a much of our crops elephants destroyed a terror there how they they kill people. And thus you have a rampaging elephant I get that I understand that we're really not talking about it. I just at the poachers coming here and when you don't have arming that you already know they animal. Poachers coming Aaron and I think if coaches should be shot we think that Mercury absolutely. I'd rather. I appreciate your client. Stand there's disagreement on this I really do on this given yet maybe I'm knee jerk on this but so be it that's my opinion. Not one penny. That's how much funding Hillsdale College receives from the government. Not even indirectly in the form a student loans or grants not one penny. The vast majority colleges receive around 30% of the revenue from government funding loans and grants. And that makes them dependent on the government and taxpayers like you and me to stay in business. Now contrast is stark contrast. He'll still refuses every single penny of government funding why. Well because money from the government comes with strings attached. Dues and don't restrictions and mandates that dictate how a school operates and educates. But from the very beginning and 1844. He'll still has provided a world class education. That upholds America's founding principles and preserves the blessings of civil and religious liberty. Everything Hillsdale does from the financial aid 97% of its students receive. To the completely free online courses that offers. Depends on generous donors who recognize the worth of independence. Not one penny preserves the integrity. Hillsdale education. Not one penny intrusive Hillsdale can continue to be a beacon of independence for all of its students across America and feel. Did you check and a television for Hillsdale dot com that's LE ZI and for Hillsdale dot com. Okay do like he's very GUAW. And now Harry is there. Good certificate so much for taking my call most importantly. Well I think political let's go to through your speech you over the last. Two years or stroke you're near future there for myself in March 2 young boys club where we look to the constitution purse. And try to go from bear and I want you to know I voted for Obama twice. Didn't pick. Armed air drop through listening to EU you you really changed our entire family and I think thank you so much why aren't coming up. Yes sir that's what you're really know that. Before you go to bed at night there's probably millions of people out there like me and secondarily the next thing the whole hunting in you said I'm sorry. You're viewed as just simply common sense. And I don't see how anybody else to think of it any other way. You know. We don't lie hundred yes yes sir but I've always been about all my life my problem was on our. Arm and we Cole all a lot of white tailed deer we take Turkey take up. But we eat every single bit of it and that is what we do. And so are a diluted net I mean I live in Virginia I won't be until black spare in the now. So there's just not. Why would I there's not that many of them. And indeed you know all of you to make it taste good it it takes a lot of work so. You know that that's just how I look at it I just don't know why anybody would wanna go to old are your art Alexander a rhinoceros or even a crocodile. I just don't get it. RR I friends wait we agree on this. People so we are not consistent well it's a lot that's just our deal. Thank you for your call when that was very very kind of you all your very very nice words I appreciate it Carlton. San Francisco California the great assets out go. On one of them thought did a great one Jane Q weren't always great to do that. Thank you but I'm the same way as your last call it like we've done ours let it go why Pickett open access. All really. I mean you know you are you a hundred erection it all right. Water it's graceful. Why kicked out all why destroy I don't know him all animal and Melanie is here you hunter. Well I've got a mile wide net and I would I put my gun there are actually papered. My garden will take gain barrel and then I will tell you at the spot. Once you've got to love boy who led ago. Lou let ago the issue and you know I hope I hope the president keeps the band don't you. Might lure of dark here. And really just like all that. Most NRA members agreement me. I'll bet most Connors agree with me. I think it is an Irish there's some big hundred so I could shoot Elkins I got a president oak ranch up in Montana and Barney that's good. Go ahead and do that Beijing or who lead nature alone so that way couldn't be punished as well. All right my friend. Appreciate your call. I just saying I can't bear watching these elephants be shot and I can't bear when their camps are taken from the mean. And sold to a China and so forth and so on and you can see how stressed out there. If I pitch as stiff and if you have a heart and I know the vast majority of people in this audience did you go holy macro. And stay a step above and beyond. Above and beyond. Lot of you wanna talk about this may be initiative. Committed them more time to. What they feel it that way about most big gains came up big game hunter wow big deal. A draft. Why would you wanna kill the draft. I wouldn't wanna kill adrift for. When he Killinger ran. Don't bother anybody. Ladies and gentlemen. We salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency prisoner and I salute you. The greatest audience of audiences the smartest audience the most compassionate audience and I am blessed thank you for letting me in your lives. I'll see you tomorrow Czech television TV tonight I think we gonna like it. Take okay. An. Old truth round. Well. On eight Moneyline still. No well see. Well there's a mommy and daddy are eight and see when they call Geico. They could save a bunch of money on insurance open airy and panic so. Does that make them very happy. All kids. Well I'm glad we can have this talk sunshine. Geico because sitting 13% or more car insurance is always a great answer.